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The Key to Handling Competitive Objections and Landmines: “Why?”


An account executive on your sales team, Jen, is chatting with a prospect. The conversation is going well. The prospect doesn’t seem to be evaluating any other vendors. Sales Enablement

The great divide: Separating operations and innovation


This article was co-authored by Duke Dyksterhouse , an Associate at Metis Strategy. After transforming their organization’s operating model, realigning teams to products rather than to projects , CIOs we consult arrive at an inevitable question: “What next?”


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5 Ways Data Analytics Helps Investors Maximize Stock Market Returns

Smart Data Collective

We have previously talked about the reasons that data analytics technology is changing the financial industry. One of the most significant changes has been in the field of stock market investing.

What is Audience Segmentation? How Can Audience Segmentation Enhance Your Inbound Marketing Efforts?

Weidert Group

“If you build it, they will come.”. That may work in the movies (thank you, Field of Dreams), but to get the attention of today’s online buyer, marketers need to wisely attract and engage them.

Win 87

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

Web Scraping in Python – How to Scrape an eCommerce Website with 20 lines of Python code

Data Hut

Do you know that 20 lines of Python code are all it takes to build a basic, but fully functional web scraper for an eCommerce website? In this blog, we'll demonstrate how to build an eCommerce scraper using Python with exactly 20 lines of Python code.

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Top 7 Data-Driven E-Learning Trends Changing the Face Of Education

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Big data has led to some major changes in the field of education. We have covered some of these trends in the past, but new changes are still emerging each year. You should pay close attention to developments in big data in academia. Keep reading to learn more.

Informing and Empowering Agile Teams with Embedded Analytics


For software developers, the agile methodology is not a new concept – it’s been around for decades in one form or another. In 2001, a group of individuals wrote The Agile Manifesto, outlining 12 guiding principles for the agile methodology and cementing the practice in the industry.

Top Productivity Metrics Examples & KPIs To Measure Performance And Outcomes

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Are Productivity Metrics? 2) How To Measure Productivity? 3) Productivity Metrics Examples. 4) The Value Of Workforce Productivity Metrics. For years, businesses have experimented and narrowed down the most effective measurements for productivity.

KPI 78

IFS to acquire enterprise asset management firm Ultimo


To help meet demand from enterprises that are shifting asset management methods from legacy applications to cloud-based technology, ERP provider IFS has signed an agreement to acquire Netherlands-based enterprise asset management (EAM) software firm Ultimo.

Developments in AI and IMF Positions Can Make Bitcoin Legally Tender

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has been a disruptive force in the financial sector for the past decade. We have discussed some of the benefits of AI technology in mainstream financial sectors like banking.

Top GRC Platforms & Tools in 2022

IT Business Edge

Modern companies, both small and large, require more software and tools to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. A particularly valuable tool is software that handles Governance, Risk, and Compliance, or GRC.

Best Practices for Creating a Successful Prospecting Funnel


Sandeep TM, Head of Inside Sales, Outplay - the multi-channel sales engagement platform - shares his top tips on perfecting your prospecting funnel. Tell me how you got into sales. I started my career with Goldman Sachs. I was in an operations job, but I wanted something more exciting.

Sales 73

Identify Consumer Drivers Hiding in Your Data Pool


Consumer drivers, the emotions and behaviors that signal consumers’ intent to buy, can feel like elusive creatures some days. But what if what you’re looking for is right there within your own data pool?

19 Harmful Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


What is influencer marketing? In a nutshell, influencer marketing means that a brand or company works with an online influencer to help promote its products or services. Why is this relevant?

Measuring Power Query CPU Usage During Power BI Dataset Refresh

Chris Webb BI

Some time ago I wrote a post about how optimising for CPU Time is almost as important as optimising for Duration in Power BI, especially if you’re working with Power BI Premium Gen2. This is fairly straightforward if you’re optimising DAX queries or optimising Analysis Services engine-related activity for refreshes. But what about Power Query-related activity?

Microsoft Drops Emotion Recognition as Facial Analysis Concerns Grow

IT Business Edge

Despite facial recognition technology’s potential, it faces mounting ethical questions and issues of bias.

IT 61

Winning Your Independence from Manual Processes


. Consumers are dynamic, your consumer and market intelligence should be as well! Manual information gathering takes more time and doesn’t offer the insights that a dynamic tool provides.

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10 Email Newsletter Templates Subscribers Will Love


Email is no longer a tactic for the tech-savvy. Instead, it’s an essential part of any small business marketing strategy, and it shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten in favor of more “trendy” channels.

Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform – July 2022


The post Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform – July 2022 appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog. Uncategorized Contify Product Updates

Pathmatics Named “High Performer” in G2’s 2022 Summer Reports


Last Spring, Pathmatics was previously recognized as a leader in the marketing analytics and competitive intelligence space by reviewers in G2 , appearing in eight grid reports. News & Announcements

Investors Seeking Sustainability-minded Healthcare Options


As the push to create a more sustainable existence expands, healthcare finds itself at the center of the mix, with calls for universal access to quality healthcare gaining momentum in global sustainable development goals (SDG).

Transforming the Hybrid Work Environment with Business Process Automation


For decades, businesses were largely office-first, leaving little room for employee choice in how or when they work. As employers adjust to the post-pandemic future of the office, today’s fast-paced workflows and client demands have changed how knowledge workers access and use data.

Analytics, A Game-Changer for Mid-Market Private Equity firms


Private Equity (PE) firms primarily focus on these three parameters.

The Right Mobile BI App Can Produce Results!

Elegant BI

Your Enterprise Can Leverage Mobile BI to Achieve User Adoption and Enterprise Results! Gartner has predicted that ‘augmented analytics will be ubiquitous, but only 10% of users will use it to its full potential.’

Cracking the ROI Code with Social & Media Data Intelligence


Successful brands have realized that leveraging the insights provided by social media listening can shine a light on brand health, consumer behavior and emerging trends. And that this intel provides exceptional ROI. Learn more below!

Why Isn’t Privacy by Design a Panacea for Data Breaches?


In his latest book, “Why Privacy Matters” (2022), Neil Richards connects privacy with the social power human information provides over others.

Getting to know our Chief of Techie Stuff

Wink Intel

Wink’s CTO, Vince Lozada is one of three Wink employees that worked with our CEO over 20 years ago.

Ep. 559 — How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Play a Role in the Insights Industry with Sebastian Syperek, Head of CX & UX Research at Kaiser-X Labs

Happy Market

This episode is in collaboration with MRMW Virtual Summit 2022. Today I’m joined by Sebastian Syperek, Head of CX & UX Research at Kaiser-X Labs. MRMW Virtual Summit 2022. Website: [link]. Find Sebastian Online: LinkedIn: [link]. Website: [link]. Find Jamin Online: Email:

How to Conduct a Competitor Audit: The Complete Guide


The biggest mistake for most brands isn’t trying to win, while remaining oblivious of the competition. Rather, it is identifying their competition and leaving it at that. See, it’s not enough to identify your competitor by name only.