Is Big Data Transforming Our Broken Hospital Management Systems?

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Hospitals around the world are finding that data can have a profound impact on their operations. A lot of the emphasis so far has been on the use of big data to better engage with external third-parties, but big data can be equally valuable for managing internal hospital systems. Big Data is the Key to Improving the Efficiency of Hospital Management Systems? Big data could also save a lot of money for bloated hospitals. Big Data is the Key to Hospital Management.

Hospitals Make Massive Inroads on COVID-19 Battle with EMS Data

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COVID-19 has changed how hospitals and EMS services function dramatically. But how are hospitals using EMS data during COVID-19? Hospitals could be missing out on critical data before the patient comes through the doors. EMS provides hospitals with crucial data.


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5 Reasons Hospitals Need to Invest in Data Security

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world hold highly sensitive information about their patients. Protecting patient information is not just a legal obligation , but it is necessary to establish trust between a hospital and the patients it treats.

Global Hospitals Embark On A Worldwide Medical Data Initiative

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More than 15,000 hospitals around the world collect real-time data on their patients. Hospitals, medical research centers , health centers, clinics, industry, administrations, drug agencies, laboratories, health websites all generate large amounts of data, which will be key to the transformation of the health system. With ‘big data’, the idea is to foster a culture of measurement in hospitals. Big data is changing the nature of healthcare.

5 Technologies Massively Disrupting Hotel Customer Service in the Age of Big Data

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Big data is changing the future of the hospitality sector in immeasurable ways. This is particularly true in the hospitality field, where providing top-tier customer service is critical to staying in business.

Executive Profile: Kevin Johannsen, Senior Market and Competitive Intelligence Manager at Vizient


Competitive Intelligence News CI Executives CI Executives to Watch competitive analysis Competitive Intelligence health and life sciences Health Care Hospital Kevin Johannsen LinkedIn Manager market analysis market analyst Market Analyst and Competitive Intelligence Manager VizientArchIntel™ -. Kevin Johannsen is currently a senior market and competitive intelligence manager at Vizient, based in Dallas, Texas.

Better Together: Customers Talking about Innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform

Timo Elliot

Episode 9 : DAIMAINI tells us how they became the first global marketplace for VIP hospitality with a friction-free CX. Episode 12 : Heidelberg University Hospital talk about how they can work more effectively with other hospitals and make best use of their resources.

Travel Advertising: Airbnb & VRBO are outspending top hotel chains as holidays approach


In popular destinations like Hawaii, average daily rates are as high as $258.65, according to data from hospitality analytics firm STR. If hotel prices are any indication, COVID-19 surges aren't going to keep travelers home this holiday season. The average daily rate for a hotel room in the US is $143.30— up 6% from 2019. Holiday Advertising Travel

How Microsoft is Reactivating its Workforce During The Pandemic

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We use dashboards that show the incident levels, the levels of hospitalization, all the data, and we use that in the decision decision-making process.

IT 60

Southwest Airlines Ads and Facebook Digital Marketing | Facebook


While the airline experienced revenue gains in October, demand slipped in both November and December due to spikes in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, and related government orders.

Ceridian Hiring Senior CI Marketing Manager


Ceridian offers intelligence services to the retail and hospitality, manufacturing, health care, financial services industries and other sectors. ArchIntel™ -. Florida-based intelligence company Ceridian is hiring a competitive intelligence marketing senior manager.

November 10th, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates Coverage Expands to Over 500K Product Prices on We are constantly expanding our breadth of data coverage across all 35+ datasets. This week, the Products by Geo dataset got a huge facelift. We added product prices for stores listed on

AIM is an approved HCAHPS survey vendor for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Allis Information Management (AIM) has been approved by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to administer the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (HCAHPS) survey, making AIM one of only 27 approved vendors nationwide. This is another way for AIM to provide hospitals with mixed-mode data collection methods that will obtain the highest response rates and the most meaningful results.”

Importance of Data-Driven Cybersecurity for Medical Device Companies

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This is why hospitals should not use the outdated device for collecting and storing data. Scarily enough, the FDA found that many US hospitals were using outdated medical devices. The hospitals should train their employees on online threats and ways to deal with them.

Women are on the Front-Lines of the Pandemic. What Does this Mean for Their Careers?


Other industries altered by the crisis, such as hospitality, restaurants, retail, education, and paid care work, skew predominantly female. We’re trying to keep our heads above water. We’re trying to fight for everyone else’s life, but we also fight for our lives as well.

Will the unvaccinated still be able to get life insurance?

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The latest uptick in COVID cases has been dubbed the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with the average number of new cases over the last seven days up nearly 70% and hospitalizations up 36%. Yet, while some of those represent breakthrough cases, the vast majority of Americans falling sick or dying in this latest wave are unvaccinated, Dr. Anthony Fauci said earlier this month. Click HERE to read the full story via Fortune.

Mobile Infra Company Mason Seeks Product Marketing Manager


Mason, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, serves clients that are working to build patient engagement solutions in hospitals, electronic data capture for clinical trials and electronic logging for trucking, among others. ArchIntel™ -.

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Will Improve Healthcare

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Changes for Hospitals and Insurance Providers. Hospitals and insurance providers will also see changes – initially bad changes. Through predictive analysis, patients will be able to seek diagnoses without going to the hospital. Revenues will initially be lost by hospitals, insurance companies and pharmacies that have fewer patients and errors sending patients to facilities. Medical care has relied on the education and expertise of doctors.

Financial Sector More Robust When People and AI Work Together


The financial and capital markets have always proven hospitable to new technologies, which in the past few years have managed to redefine what “trading floor” means in the digital age. ArchIntel™ -. “$16B 16B of the $929B Aerospace industry output was Cyber related, A.I.

How To Generate Healthcare Leads With Surgical Precision


Healthcare is a broad industry with market segmentation that ranges from obvious sectors, like hospitals and private practices, to parallel but more specific categories like medical supplies. Let’s say your agency is targeting mid-sized hospitals.

Interest in careers as life insurance agents soars in 2020

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in hospitality, transportation, health services and construction were among the greatest hit by the recession. COVID-19 and social distancing measures upended many industries resulting in a record-high unemployment rate of 14.7% in April 2020. While the economy is slowly recovering, some market sectors continue to struggle.

How To Improve Your Facility Management With Healthcare Reports

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For hospitals, hospices, medical centers, homecare operators, and palliative care professionals looking to improve operational efficiency, producing and working with a healthcare report is the answer. Hospital KPI dashboard. Main hospital dashboard KPIs.

KPI 67

5 Ways Big Data Is Being Used To Understand COVID-19

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The software then makes accurate treatment recommendations, such as hospitalizing the patient or moving them to intensive care. Monitoring Patients as They Enter Hospitals. Big data can be a tool, a weapon or a currency.

The Role and Importance of Data Collection in Healthcare

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Hospitals and other healthcare companies are using big data to improve organizational decision-making, market more effectively and improve outcomes for patients. Did you know that global businesses are expected to spend $274 billion on big data this year?

Executive Profile: Anindita Niyogi, Global Business Analytics and Insights Director at Pfizer


In the role, she oversees strategic and cross-functional initiatives in the rare disease, inflammation and immunology, vaccines and hospital anti-infective businesses of Pfizer. ArchIntel™ -. Anindita Niyogi is the director of global customer analytics and insights at Pfizer , one of the pharmaceutical companies that has developed a vaccine for the novel coronavirus disease.

How Pharmaceutical Brands in APAC and the US are Building Their Brand Reputation on Social Media


However, the pharma industry has often been deterred from engaging consumers in open dialogues the same way other consumer industries like travel, retail, and hospitality have. Social media has become the cornerstone of most brand development and customer engagement strategies. This is even more so as consumers become increasingly engaged with brands, from sharing feedback, to seeking customer support.

The “Amazon Effect” – Pharmacies, Healthcare, and Disruption


In the middle sit the established family practices, which are either independently operated clinics or owned by hospitals and large integrated delivery networks like Kaiser Permanente. CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart control over 20,000 bricks & mortar stores, or some 40% of all U.S.

CORRECTING and REPLACING Reliance Standard Acquires Standard Security Life Insurance of New York

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Founded in 1907, Reliance Standard is a leader in absence and employee benefits solutions including financial protection, absence management and supplemental health, with a portfolio of insurance products that include group disability, life, accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, dental, vision and limited benefit medical. PHILADELPHIA–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Please replace the release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

Predictive Tourism: The Merger Of Big Data In Travel Industry

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How big data is helping the travel and hospitality industry change paradigms. Big data can greatly help in prepping up the overall customer experience for travel and hospitality industry.

Travel 102

New member benefit


Strategic Analytics Analyst (Hoag Memorial Hospital). A new partnership with Mercyhurst Univ. gives you access to great intelligence talent. TRAINING & CERTIFICATION. KEY TOPICS. ONLINE COMMUNITY (WORKPLACE). New member benefit.


Discover The Power Of Gauge Charts: Definition, Best Practices & Examples

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Hospital Readmission Rate. Our next example is the hospital readmission rate, one of the most important healthcare KPIs to track. This metric aims to monitor what percentage of patients returned to the hospital within a short period of time after being released.

KPI 73

Can AI Remove The Risk From EHRs?

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Many hospitals have even discovered that their systems work so poorly that using EHRs is a hindrance to patient care. These AI nursing programs can help prevent hospital readmissions and reduce return doctor appointments, saving everyone time and money. Run in conjunction with EHRs, AI developers hope to enhance how hospitals use their software in several ways. Another way that hospitals are combining the powers of EHRs and AI is to identify the source of major infections.

2021 Job Market: Watch for Funding, Flexibility, and Diversity


Women looking to make moves to management might want to consider certain types of organizations that have been more successful at closing the gender gap with promotions , including: Government agencies Hospitals Nonprofits and associations Schools and colleges.

33 (More) Reasons to Register for Domopalooza 2021


Take, for instance, the executives and directors at Regional One Health , the oldest hospital in Tennessee and the subject of this spotlight video that highlights the power of bringing data to the forefront of healthcare: .

What is truly important in life?

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Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liz who was suffering from a rare & serious disease.

Data-Driven EHR Systems Are Invaluable to the Patient Experience

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Exoft has been working with hospitals and clinics for a long time, so we have a deep understanding of the industry specifics. Such portals can significantly reduce the number of times when a patient has to contact a doctor or visit a hospital.

4 Ways Big Data Systems Are Informing The Fight Against COVID-19

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The same is true about other elements of treatment; hospitals located in low-income areas were far more likely to have major equipment shortages at the height of the pandemic than those in wealthy areas. We learn something new about the COVID-19 pandemic every day.

What Does Data Archiving Bring To Healthcare Intelligence?

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Hospitals and other providers are generally required to respond to certain types of records requests, so even if your organization has changed systems, you’ll need to have that data archived in a vendor-neutral way.

How AI Is Helping Revolutionize Elder Care

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People who are receiving inpatient care in the hospital are often scared, stressed, bored, and lonely. Elderly patients in the hospital need to see a friendly face.

Elevate Your Data Analytics Strategy with Top-of-License Practice Thinking


Today, COVID-19 remains top of mind for most hospital systems and health plans. The core concept of top-of-license initiatives is that each individual and task within a hospital setting are operating at peak efficiency.

An Introduction To Data Dashboards: Meaning, Definition & Industry Examples

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7) Hospital KPI Dashboard. Hospitals are the beating heart of the health sector – without them, where would we be? With so much activity to analyze and so many resources to consider, implementing data dashboard technology in hospitals is essential in this day and age.

KPI 98

NAICS Code Directory for Sales and Marketing Teams


423450 Medical, Dental, & Hospital Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers. 6221 General Medical & Surgical Hospitals – 622110. 6222 Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Hospitals – 622210.

Sales 159

Seize The Power Of Analytical Reports – Business Examples & Templates

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For example, a hospital has seen in their report that the average waiting time can be reduced by conducting specific actions. Healthcare: How to reduce the patients waiting time in our hospital?