An Analysis of Marketing In the Education Industry (2021)


Back-to-school season is always an exciting time of year. Classmates come together to trade tales of summertime adventure (and, eventually, employment). Teachers brainstorm new ways to engage and empower their students. Parents wonder how their kids are getting so old. Competitive Intelligence

Creating a Better Educational Experience With IoT

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The impact of the ongoing pandemic on education and schooling has been nothing but catastrophic. However, in a time of an unprecedented crisis, the field of education has found a savior of sorts in information technology. 4 Ways IoT is Changing Education.


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7 Tremendous Changes Artificial Intelligence Brings to the Education Sector

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In particular, it is disrupting the education sector at its core. Education Will Never Be the Same Due to AI Advances. A couple of years ago, we talked about the benefits and concerns of AI in the field of education. Identification of educational gaps.

Executive Profile: Matt Callis, Senior Product Manager at Guild Education


Matt Callis serves as a senior product manager at Guild Education , a company that provides an education and upskilling platform. During that time, his roles were general manager of product education and customer experience and general manager of competitive intelligence.

Top 5 Big Data Trends Influencing Education in 2021

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Big data is one of the most important technological advances that is shaping the education sector in the 21st Century. Technologies empower a student-centered approach to education. New data-driven technologies offer diverse benefits, making education more personalized.

Big Data Technology Is Crucial To Your Educational Pursuits

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Education is one of the most vital sectors in the developed world. But also, you need to acquire essential knowledge through education to guide you in the long run. Here, we will look at some software that can be of help to us when searching for education.

Big Data is Pivotal to the Future of Education

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Today, it goes beyond marketing purposes and thus can be helpful in many other industries, in particular in education. Big data systems can help educational entities to interpret this information and enable informed decision making. 5 Ways to Use Big Data in Education.

The US Education Sector Can Turn Disruption Into Opportunity


While the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented level of disruption to the United States’ education sector in 2020, analysts remain bullish about the country’s learning industry. Recent figures indicate that there are close to 138,000 educational institutions in the U.S.,

Finra proposes annual regulatory education

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Finra is proposing to increase the frequency of continuing education regarding regulatory developments while providing a longer runway for former brokers to reenter the industry as long as they keep up with educational requirements. The post Finra proposes annual regulatory education appeared first on Wink.

US Education Sector Learns to Adapt After Being Tested by COVID-19


education market is expected to be growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7 Put in context, the global education market’s worth is estimated at some $4.5 the education industry is second only to the health care industry in aggregate size. ArchIntel™ -. The U.S.

HubSpot Certifications: The Best B2B Inbound Educational Tools

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Many think of the inbound methodology as a “marketing thing.” If that sounds like others in your company, it’s time for an organizational shift.

Advisors Embrace Financial Education for Students: Survey

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Many advisors have risen to the opportunity to deliver financial education to students as a core component of their business model, according to a new survey from MoneyGuide. Seventy-eight percent of respondents agreed that financial education for students is more important than ever as it can improve financial knowledge and lead to better personal finance behaviors. The post Advisors Embrace Financial Education for Students: Survey appeared first on Wink.

Transamerica’s Research Finds Retirement Plan Participants Embrace Virtual Education

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26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Transamerica today announced key findings from research centered on how retirement plan sponsors and participants have fared during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the requirement to move from in-person to virtual education has impacted engagement. Transamerica’s virtual education allows an employee to select a date and time that works for their schedule—including nights and weekends. BALTIMORE , Oct.

Understanding Annuities: A Free Educational Webinar

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The post Understanding Annuities: A Free Educational Webinar appeared first on Wink. . While annuities might look like a guaranteed investment, they’re a bit more complex than that. Make sure your investments work for you, not for a sales person.”. Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser. NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, July 31, 2021 / / — Alongside more traditional investment tools like 401(k)s and IRAs, you may sometimes encounter the annuity.

MozCon 2019: Acceptance. Education. Donuts


The Moz culture of acceptance and education stands to deliver a MozCon experience that will keep you going throughout the year. Posted by PJ_Howland We’re digital marketers; we make our living in a constantly changing (and consistently misunderstood) industry. It’s easy to feel like even those who are closest to us don’t really get what we do.

Northwestern Mutual to Host Second Annual Women in Tech Conference to Educate, Connect & Inspire Technologists

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“The Women in Tech Conference is about more than education – it’s about making an impact on our industry together, and giving women hope that they can ascend to the highest levels of our profession – even if they don’t always see someone in the room who looks like them.” The post Northwestern Mutual to Host Second Annual Women in Tech Conference to Educate, Connect & Inspire Technologists appeared first on Wink. MILWAUKEE , Oct.

How Data Analytics Reshape the Ed-Tech Industry

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Just as the internet revolutionized consumer commerce, data analytics has dramatically transformed the world of online education. Tony Sheehan, a senior data analyst at Gartner, observes that the pandemic boosted the process of educational institutions investing in and adopting ed-tech as most weren’t prepared to handle such a large-scale disruption in regular face-to-face teaching. This is one major example of how big data is pivotal to the world of education.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Higher Education: Promising or Perilous?

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What exactly is artificial intelligence (AI) and what business does it have in higher education? In saying so, the application of AI within higher education brings to light a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. Unsurprisingly, the application of artificial intelligence in higher education is not without its perils. AI Applications Within Higher Education. Perils of Depending on AI in Higher Education.

Guidelines for Writing Stellar Research Papers While Utilizing Big Data

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Check out their educational background and how long they’ve been in that field, etc. Big Data SmartData Collective Exclusive ai in education big data in education research paperAn essential tool for grading college students is their research papers.

National Forklift Safety Day 2018 fulfills its educational mission

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Washington event featured speakers from government, industry, and a safety advocacy group; attendees also met with legislators to discuss safety and trade. Lift Trucks

Every Single Middle School Student Can Benefit From Financial Literacy Education According to New Study

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–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Newly released findings from a two-year study of the efficacy of financial education on middle school students affirm significant knowledge gain in the subject matter, and advocates more such learning be provided to students in this age group. Based on our study of the FutureSmart program, this research offers strong evidence that financial education is effective – and necessary – for all middle schoolers across the country,” said Jeremiah Johnson, Ph.D.,

Day Two of Modex strong on education

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Keynote by MIT researcher emphasizes a fundamental shift in business models, strategies. Material Handling

Study Shows Educators Would Save More for Retirement if Given More Choice

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NYSE: EQH ), K-12 educators who are given a choice of retirement plan providers are more likely to contribute toward their retirement and have better financial outcomes. The research, Benefits of Multiple 403(b) Providers , surveyed 800 K-12 educators. The research showed when educators chose their retirement plan provider, they: Were more likely to participate – When more providers are available, educators are more likely to save.

The Actuarial Foundation Announces $50,000 Donation from F&G to Support Education and Training for Underserved Schools in Iowa

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Specifically, F&G’s support will go toward developing educational materials and training activities to provide new resources designed for Title 1 Schools, engaging dozens of educators from underserved schools who will each coach at least two teams in the 2021-22 Modeling the Future Challenge. Title 1 schools seek to improve the education of low-income students across the country to ensure no student gets left behind because of their socioeconomic status. .

AR and VR Technology Enhancing Medical Practices and Education

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Medical practices and education are the two broad categories under which the AR and VR technologies find their applications. VR exposure therapy, AR autism treatment, and AR phantom limb pain are the major application areas under medical practices, while under medical education, there are surgery simulation and anatomy teaching.

Big Data Platforms Assist with Spreading Health and Safety Awareness

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One reason to invest in big data technology is to help educate the populace and key decisionmakers about health and safety practices. It has come up with a number of clever educational campaigns with the latest data analytics tools at its fingertips.

Virtual Reality: Know How Mimic Technologies is Transforming Surgical Education

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Mimic Technologies is one of the pioneers in the development of novel VR surgical simulators specialized for robotic surgery training. The firm is predominantly acknowledged for its eminent offering, named dV-Trainer, a novel technology which can be coupled with several procedure-specific modules to provide compressive robotic surgical training.

Big Data Should be a Priority in Every College Curriculum

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Throughout the Western World, grade school and high school educators have already begun requiring their students to start learning data science. These days, have an education in tech-related areas nearly guarantees you a job almost anywhere, whether it be a healthcare facility, law enforcement, agency, digital advertising firm, and the list goes on. As technology progresses, more companies are producing huge amounts of data as a by-product of their day-to-day operations.

Rural Local SEO: A Marketing Package Strong on Education


Basic Local SEO can go a long way toward helping with this, and even if package offerings aren’t your agency’s typical approach, a simple product that emphasizes education could be exactly what’s called for. It can be a source of professional satisfaction for your marketing agency if you offer these brave and hard-working business owners a good deal and the necessary education they need to present themselves sufficiently on the web. Posted by MiriamEllis.

MIT commits $1 billion to AI education, research, development

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Creates Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing to serve as focal point for interdisciplinary approach to studying computing, artificial intelligence and related fields. Technology

Transamerica Survey Finds Higher Education Institutions Turn to Their Retirement Plan Service Provider to Help Address Unprecedented Challenges

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BALTIMORE , March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Transamerica today revealed the latest report of retirement plan trends for institutions of higher education. More than ever, higher education institutions are relying on their retirement plan partner to offer strategies to help participants plan for a secure retirement. Income replacement ratios have become higher education institutions’ favorite indicator of plan success, more than doubling since 2016.

Nasstrac, CSCMP seek to combine advocacy, educational capabilities

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Nasstrac to infuse larger CSCMP with stronger transportation know-how. Transportation

Securian Financial Teams Up with BenefitEd to Offer Suite of Education Benefits to Workplace Retirement Plan Customers

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–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Securian Financial, through a collaboration with BenefitEd , is making a suite of education benefits available to its workplace retirement plan customers. The post Securian Financial Teams Up with BenefitEd to Offer Suite of Education Benefits to Workplace Retirement Plan Customers appeared first on Wink. PAUL, Minn.–(

New DoE Program Drives Demand For Machine Learning Programmers

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Machine Learning SmartData Collective Exclusive department of education Department of Energy doe energy machine learning machine learning programmers porgramming programmersMachine learning is leading to numerous changes in the energy industry.

What a Shift to Self-Service BI Did for a Company’s Culture


The education technology company was in its startup phase and didn’t yet have a system in place that would allow those important figures to verify information they’d received second-hand. There was a time when Degreed ’s client-facing employees were in a tough spot.

LMS for Education: 10 Successful School Case Studies

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Learning management systems (LMSs) aren’t just used by companies – schools use them as well. In most cases, an LMS supplements classroom teaching – for instance, students can access homework or tests from the LMS, or teachers can grade assessments. In other cases, an LMS can replace the classroom experience, especially online-only courses in higher […]. LMS Blackboard Brightspace Canvas LMS Edmodo Edsby Moodle NEO PowerSchool Schoology

How to Optimize Your Data Warehouse Investments


Business Optimization Data Success Education IT cloud software data duplication data federation data lake data protection data warehouse federated dataWith Domo, it’s easy to collect and connect all your data sources to create a single source of truth.

Data-Driven Learning & Development Are Keys to Employee Retention

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Companies have found that data-driven educational initiatives can be especially effective. Big Data SmartData Collective Exclusive big data in business data-driven education data-driven training

University Web Developer Programs Must Prep Students For Big Data Era

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Universities across the country are going to need to educate students about the future of big data. Joshua Eckroth of Stetson University wrote a white paper on the different factors that universities need to evaluate while educating their students about big data. In order to address these topics, educational institutions are going to need to overcome the barriers to covering big data courses in greater depth. Nevertheless, educators have a major blind spot for big data.

Women in Sales at Crayon


Women represent only 39% of the workforce in sales despite women making up over half of the college-educated workforce. As Crayon fiercely commits to our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, it has furthered our discussion around women in sales.

Sales 325

They are market research. We are competitive intelligence. Who wins?


blog competitive strategy corporate training education front page Market intelligence Uncategorized business intelligence competitive advantage competitive intelligence competitive intelligence training market intelligenceThis is a stupid question, but not completely without corporate context. Ben Gilad just finished teaching at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence winter core certification. CIP-I ) program with Troy Pfeffer and Heather Hallenbeck.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast? intelligence eats both


blog Business Development competitive strategy corporate training education Market intelligence training Uncategorized Academy of Competitive Intelligence competitive intelligenceArticle by Benjamin Gilad.

Increased Cloud Adoption Rates in Higher Ed: 4 Key Drivers


Nowhere is that more true than in higher education, which has adopted remote and hybrid (campus plus digital) learning models built atop the cloud COVID-19 has accelerated digital trends and digital transformation across industries and around the globe.