Executive Briefing: Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report


Unit 42 is Palo Alto Networks’ world-renowned threat intelligence and security consulting team. The key headline of the latest Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report isn’t about the most sophisticated attacks.

5 Ways A Content Brief Template Can Level-up Your Content Marketing & What to Include


Grab a cup of Joe and join me as we explore how a content brief template can bring deep joy (Marie Kondo, anyone?) Table of Contents: Benefits of a content brief template What forms the base of a content brief template? Benefits of a content brief template.

AM Best to Host Briefing on 2022 Outlooks for U.S. Insurance, Global Reinsurance Markets

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insurance industry’s major segments and the global reinsurance industry, as well as what the rating agency foresees in 2022, in an online briefing scheduled for Thursday, Dec. To register for the complimentary briefing, please go to www.ambest.com/conferences/USMB2022. The post AM Best to Host Briefing on 2022 Outlooks for U.S. OLDWICK, N.J.–( –( BUSINESS WIRE )– AM Best leading analysts will review the state of U.S.

How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief Your Writers Will Love


The solution in both of these scenarios is a content brief. However, not all content briefs are created equal. What’s a content brief? A content brief is a set of instructions to guide a writer on how to draft a piece of content. What makes a content brief “SEO-focused”?

A Brief Marketing Break: #NicheAmnesty and 14 Things About Me

Digital B2B Marketing

Stacey Herbert started a Niche Amnesty challenge on DIYBlogger last week and asked bloggers to share a more personal side for a change. To stop with the sales, the marketing or the technology, and share a bit more about who we are when we don’t put on a public face. Thank you, Stacey, for sharing this challenge, here is my #nicheamnesty contribution. I am a Christian, a family man, a marketer and a gardener. But don’t expect to hear a lot about my family.

Pride Month: I’m Not Afraid Anymore


For PRIDE month, I want to share a brief glimpse into how LGBTQ+ employees may feel at work, including the path I took to discovering PRIDE in myself Work is stressful. At times, we all feel overwhelmed, be it because of a growing workload, a shrinking deadline or a hefty quota.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Competitive Intelligence Tools and Services: Part 1


The HERE MI team has a broad remit of tactical (Battlecards, Industry Briefs, Buyer Analysis & Perceptions) and strategic deliverables (Industry POVs, Value-Chain Assessments, Market Sizing, and Scouting Reports). The following post was written by Bill Strugger.

Tools and Resources to Boost Market Intelligence Team Value and Efficiency: Part 2


The HERE MI team has a broad remit of tactical (Battlecards, Industry Briefs, Buyer Analysis & Perceptions) and strategic deliverables (Industry POVs, Value-Chain Assessments, Market Sizing, and Scouting Reports). The following post was written by Bill Strugger.

Taking A Fresh Look At The Annuity Portfolio

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A new Issue Brief from the American Academy Of Actuaries takes a deep look at today’s annuity options and strategies. This issue brief provides clarity by explaining the various types of annuities available to individuals and their potential uses, as well as discussing some relevant tax implications. Excerpts are presented below. Access the full report at www.actuary.org. . There are many different types of insured annuities in the U.S.,

Leveraging Google BigQuery functionalities with Looker


This blog briefs about two different real-time business scenarios which use Google BigQuery and Looker.

The CIO’s guide to mastering IT trends


In our digital age in which technology trends create opportunities and can materially change competitive circumstance, I believe CIOs need to formalize the IT trend communication process — much like the President’s Daily Brief. Monitoring IT trends is no trivial task.

The Business Model Canvas


This practice brief describes the process that Lisa Goldberg, Senior Director of Market Intelligence. NEW Practice Brief - How Ellucian Drives Excellence, Innovation & a Competitive Mindset.


Geopolitical risks could present new opportunities for CIOs: Gartner


Although CIOs can’t have much say over governments in this matter, Gartner said they can advance the executive team’s understanding of cross-national competition for control over cyberspace and the impacts to their enterprise’s operations by leading an annual cyberspace environmental update briefing.

Actuarial Group Posts Individual Annuity Guide

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The Lifetime Income Risk Joint Committee — an arm of the American Academy of Actuaries — posted the issue brief on the academy website late last month. Annuity experts have published a new guide to the most popular types of individual annuities available in the United States today. Actuaries are people who have taken tests to prove that they understand the kinds of math needed to analyze insurance and pension risk.

What Is SVM Classification Analysis and How Can It Benefit Business Analytics?


This article provides a brief explanation of the SVM classification method of analytics. What Is SVM Classification Analysis? SVM classification is based on the idea of finding a hyperplane that best divides a dataset into predefined classes.

How Value Stream Management is Fueling Digital Transformation: Real-World Examples


To learn more about how some top enterprises have made VSM work in practice, be sure to read the briefing paper from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, “ Using Value Stream Management to Speed Digital Transformation and Eliminate the Silos.”

NICE CXone Hiring Market and Competitive Intelligence Manager


The competitive intelligence manager will position the company to win against key players in the market by creating programmatic competitive briefing materials for use by key business leaders. ArchIntel™ -.

Why Are Customers So Unhappy With Life Insurance and Annuities?

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After a brief surge during the height of the pandemic, overall customer satisfaction with individual life insurance and annuity plans have now reverted to their previous long-term trends in which customer satisfaction declines as tenure with the product increases,” Robert Lajdziak, director, global insurance intelligence at J.D. Customers’ satisfaction starts to decline relatively soon after they buy individual life insurance and annuity products, according to two new studies from J.D.

Q3 Earnings Season: Key Takeaways From Top 26 Companies

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Starting Oct 18, with Netflix’s earnings call, through November 10th with JOYY’s earnings, we’ll dynamically update this page with the relevant takeaways and respective earnings transcript snippets designed to give a briefing of the company’s earnings call.

Is Becoming Data-Driven Worth It? Yes!


Read the Dell Validated Design for Analytics – Data Lakehouse Solution Brief. . Data intelligence helps organizations create new customer experiences, accelerate operations and capitalize on new market opportunities. It also gives them the agility to pivot when the unexpected strikes. .

Competitor highlights: Leidos


Brief History of Mergers and Acquisitions. Figure 1 – A brief history of Leidos acquisitions and sales. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos is a technology, engineering and science solutions and services provider serving the defense, intelligence, civil and health markets.

Win 130

NAIC’s LATF solicits feedback on options to address concerns related to AG 49-A

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The four options include a brief revision to amend Actuarial Guideline (AG) 49-A with the possibility of opening up NAIC Life Insurance Illustrations Model Regulation (#582) to revision as well as a more extensive revision of AG 49-A.

8 ways to convince your boss to choose Aqute

Aqute Intelligence

Their challenging research briefs and exacting standards push us to excel every time we tackle a research brief. Okay, so you’ve had a read of our website, and you like what you see. You think we can help your team understand the opportunities and threats presented by your competitors.

5 pitfalls to avoid when partnering with startups


Not only a lack of bandwidth but also the brief that the startup receives from the enterprise and passes to the third party gets lost in translation. Enterprise technology leaders are actively partnering with startups to help make their organizations more innovative and agile.

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Maintains Stable Outlook on U.S. Life/Annuity Industry

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insurance industry’s major segments, the global reinsurance industry and the delegated underwriting authority enterprises (DUAE) segment in an online briefing scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. To register for the complimentary briefing, please go to www.ambest.com/conferences/USMB2023. OLDWICK, N.J.–( –( BUSINESS WIRE )– AM Best is maintaining a stable market segment outlook on the U.S.

Arrow Electronics Announces Opening for Market Intelligence Analyst


Candidates are also expected to be able to develop and present formal briefings concerning government IT and other relevant topics before large audiences. ArchIntel™ -. Arrow Electronics announced that it has an opening for the Market Intelligence Analyst II position.

How to Create a Chatbot With No Coding Experience in 4 Simple Steps


If this sounds like your objective, build a chatbot that can answer common FAQs, set up calls and appointments, and even run brief tutorials. If you really want to drive customer engagement, learning how to create a chatbot is a great place to start.

Identifying and solving fundamental problems in Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence. Everyone wants it. We all hustle to understand our competition. We obsess over databases accessed and rumors shared. Information is shared informally and through haphazardly crafted documents. Doing competitive intelligence (CI) effectively is difficult.

AI is not limited to those with deep pockets


Download the new IDC Analyst Brief to learn more about what is separating AI leaders and laggards in the mid-market. The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are not limited to the largest enterprises with the deepest pockets.

Resume makeover: Transforming a career post-mortem into a C-suite future


Keep it brief and strategic One glaring issue with Edsall’s original resume is that it was far too long and, according to Van Vreede, was “more appropriately used as an academic CV instead of a personal marketing document for corporate roles,” at seven pages long.

Ameriprise Celebrates Fed Interest Rate Increases

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Jim Cracchiolo, the Minneapolis-based company’s CEO, worked to find a balance between concern and optimism Tuesday, when he briefed securities analysts on the company’s first-quarter earnings. Executives at Ameriprise Financial are trying to tell investors how bright the future looks for life and annuity issuers right now while being compassionate about the problems facing the world as a whole.

What Are Simple Random Sampling and Stratified Random Sampling Analytical Techniques?


This article discusses the analytical technique known as sampling and provides a brief explanation of two types of sampling analysis and how each of these methods is applied. Click to learn more about author Kartik Patel.

An expanded attack surface: The cybersecurity challenges of managing a hybrid workforce


Joe Locandro says Fletcher Building’s management team and its board are briefed monthly on cyber statistics, activities and events.

Liberis CTO Georgina Owens on the power of mentoring and apprenticeships


I love visiting new countries and exploring different cultures; I visited the walled city of Dubrovnik in one of the brief gaps between COVID-19 lockdowns and was privileged to have been there when it was almost empty. CIO: What is your role and responsibilities at your current organisation?

Chatbot ROI: What You Need to Know and Expect


To understand all the pieces of the formula, here’s a brief breakdown of what each piece means: Gains through bot: The total amount of financial savings you’ve received through your chatbot. Chatbots have become an increasing fixture for businesses in recent years.