Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge vs. Wisdom


The world at large uses the terms data and information interchangeably. And sometimes the terms knowledge and insights are bundled with them as well.

Companies Need an Information Management Plan to Complement OSINT Tools


Security Intelligence offers readers information-gathering insights as well 10 open-source intelligence tools which it claims are compatible with commonly-used security software. Not all information is useful, the author said. ArchIntel™ -.


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Why Do Supplier Information Channels Fail?

Primary Intelligecne

Over 80% of B2B buyers use Supplier Information Channels (SIC) to research their buying decisions before they purchase. The Disconnect with Supplier Information Channels. Some of the ways your SIC might be failing include: Lack of relevant information. No pricing information.

OSINT Resources for Legal, Literature and Medical Information


The trio of OSINT resources hosts content on legal documents, literature and medical information. The post OSINT Resources for Legal, Literature and Medical Information appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Business information centres: Expertly curated collections for SMEs


As an undergraduate nearly thirty years ago, business information management was an emerging and almost glamorous(!) In 1992, Loughborough University appointed Derek Stephens to introduce us to market research and competitor analysis via Kompass, ABI/Inform, and FAME etc on CD-Rom.

Why should all legal information professionals attend BIALL 2021?


Welcome to the second conference post this month. Full BIALL is back! After last year’s shortened (but brilliant) online version, once again we are looking forward to a 3 day event. I am particularly excited about the BIALL conference because I am delivering one of the parallel sessions.

Information without Innovation is Just Data: The Modern Guide to Business Intelligence


We’re learning that although data is an incredibly necessary resource, information overload is a real thing. We’re starting to realize that data quantity doesn’t matter if you can’t pinpoint the precise information that makes a contact, well, human. This left organizations with little control over the types of contact and company information they purchased. Companies want a lot of accurate information about the prospects and buyers most likely to do business with them.

Information Systems Careers Are the New Frontier of Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Information systems careers are among the most promising. Information systems specialists will play an important role in building data strategies for growing companies. Big Data is Driving New Growth in the Information Systems Job Market.

Capturing Consumer Chatter to Inform Campaign Strategy with Quid Social


Brand messaging informed by site-specific conversations can connect you more meaningfully to these breakfast eaters, or whatever product your brand is dishing up. You’ll want to see how your campaign plays out as you progress, and use those findings to inform future campaign planning.

Why should we future-proof our library and information service?


One of the major aims of these types of projects is to ensure your library and information services are future-proofed.

Commonwealth Adds IT, Information Security Leaders

Wink Intel

Commonwealth Financial has made two key additions to its information technology and information security leadership teams as it preps for future growth. Mukund Ravipaty was named chief information security officer, while Garreth Speer was named vice president, IT infrastructure. The post Commonwealth Adds IT, Information Security Leaders appeared first on Wink.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for your library and information service


We continue to provide an excellent library and information service to our end-users. New Year, new you New Library ! Everything changed in 2020. Our current remote working practices have been thrust upon many of us, and we have been making a success of it.

4 Ways Big Data Systems Are Informing The Fight Against COVID-19

Smart Data Collective

Generally derived from conventional SQL databases, graph databases convert SQL information using GraphQL and allow users to better visualize relationships between individual data points. We learn something new about the COVID-19 pandemic every day.

In a world of information ubiquity, knowledge is the most valuable asset


When was the last time that a library and information conference inspired your intellectual curiosity? Why is it so important to think about information ubiquity? What apps should we be looking for? What should we be doing to support our end-users?

Practical ways to prove the value of your library & information service


I want to offer practical solutions to library and information managers.

Would you like a cup of information brewed according to your needs?

M Brain

The post Would you like a cup of information brewed according to your needs? appeared first on M-Brain Market & Media Intelligence Solutions. Blog posts Industry Trends

5 Reasons Why You Need Informal Training

Better Buys

LMS Informal Training learning management system LMS BenefitsHow do you learn? Stop and think about that question for a moment. What actions do you take throughout your day that result in the formation of new thought patterns, ideas, or behaviors? Many times, learning is a natural process through actions like: Asking questions – Online queries, in-person dialogues, research/reading and internal probing. Observing […].

How Mckinsey & Co. Is Managing Information and Transforming It Into Value for Its Clients


Is Managing Information and Transforming It Into Value for Its Clients appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog The post How Mckinsey & Co.

How Mckinsey & Co. Is Managing Information and Transforming It Into Value for Its Clients


In a recent interview with Martha Heller , Mike Wright , the Global CIO at McKinsey & Company, shared some insights on how they manage information and knowledge of its people to bring the best of McKinsey to every client. Tag information for search and retrieval. That’s because this information is not organised properly. To organise information for our customers and to make sure that it is retrievable when needed, at Contify, we implement customised business taxonomies.

Third-party vs. In-house Delivery: A Guide to Informed Choice


Plan SEO and marketing strategy for competing with corporate delivery Examine the welfare of and best options for drivers Help your brand or clients make a better-informed delivery decision. Ideally, you take it from someone weaker, who has less information. Posted by MiriamEllis ? ?.

AIG Partners with Beacon to Certify Annuity Information Through Annuity Switchboard

Wink Intel

Annuity Switchboard’s unique approach to automating the maintenance and distribution of annuity rate and product information ensure that an annuity provider’s distribution partners have access to 100% carrier certified information to support their sales and compliance efforts. Additional information about AIG can be found at | YouTube: | Twitter: @AIGinsurance | LinkedIn:

Third-party vs. In-house Delivery: A Guide to Informed Choice


Plan SEO and marketing strategy for competing with corporate delivery Examine the welfare of and best options for drivers Help your brand or clients make a better-informed delivery decision. Ideally, you take it from someone weaker, who has less information. Posted by MiriamEllis ? ?.

We’ve partnered with Lusha to provide contact information on Owler!


Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Lusha to provide contact information for key individuals at many of the companies on Owler’s platform. After that, Lusha credits can be purchased to access contact information for additional individuals.

Celent & Equisoft exclusive insurance research reveals: 91% of carriers are prioritizing the use of data and analytic technologies to inform decisions on pricing

Wink Intel

While giving customers more of what they want matters, knowing how to price for it optimizes business when things scale up; 91% of carriers surveyed are prioritizing the use of data and analytic technologies to inform decisions on pricing; The building of actuarial pricing models is where they are finding that data is creating the most value for their organizations. For more information about our products and services, please visit .

The Difference Between URL Structure and Information Architecture - Whiteboard Friday


Posted by willcritchlow Questions about URL structure and information architecture are easy to get confused, but it's an important distinction to maintain. I wanted to cover a little bit of the difference between URL structure and information architecture, because I see these two concepts unfortunately mixed up a little bit too often when people are talking about advice that they want to give. So there is a much broader study of information architecture.

Fuld + Company Provides Global Consumer Products Company Precise Market Sizing & Opportunity Assessment to Inform a Strategic Investment


Beyond supporting the investment decision, Fuld + Co’s research and resulting market analysis can inform future supply chain, pricing and marketing decisions. While most market sizing activities rely on secondary sources of information, Fuld + Company collected primary source information via field research, conducting 150 retail audits. Background + Challenge.

Intent Data 101: What B2Bs Need To Know About This Information

Smart Data Collective

Data is in the air businesses breathe and the water they drink; it is impossible to run a business successfully in 2019 without an ample amount of information about customers, competitors and more. Just as other types of business data can be broken down into sub-categories — for instance, contact data is made up of phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles — intent data consists of two varieties of information, each defined by the source of the data.

Competitive Intelligence Spotlight #38: Erik Glitman, Fletcher/CSI Founder & CEO


I’ve found that for a lot of company competitive intelligence departments, the purpose of competitive intelligence information collection. I’ve learned, over many years of conducting competitive intelligence, how accessible most information is. ArchIntel™ -.

7 Trend Tracking Tools You Need to Use Today


Competitive Intelligence Trend Tracking Tracking Tools Monitor InformationMonitoring popular trends in your industry is a great way to improve your marketing efforts. By employing the use of trend tracking, you can grow your audience with simple, straightforward tactics.

Product Data Management: A to Z of Inter-Departmental Data Sharing

Data Hut

This revolution in product information management helps you squeeze a data sets potential to its fullest. This blog will help you understand how product information management and inter-departmental decision-making go hand in hand. Now, how can you use this information?

Competitive Intelligence Spotlight #31: Bridget Medeiros, SVP & CGO for NCI


Bridget Medeiros , senior vice president and chief growth officer for NCI Information Systems , Inc. Knowing your network, your relationships and your experiences, then testing that against the information that is shareable in the public, can position yourself against your competition. .

What is STEEP Analysis - 5 Factors to Predict the Future


Competitive Intelligence Tracking Tools Monitor Information Insights Hub Predictive AnalysisWhat is STEEP Analysis. Marketers and analysts use a STEEP analysis to identify outside factors that can significantly impact an organization.

Cyber security in an age of COVID-19 - What your library needs to know


Technology Information security COVID-19Libraries have faced and successfully overcome multiple challenges in 2020. One of the biggest obstacles was ensuring that a remote workforce had secure access to the right technology.

AIM takes over third-party acquisition services for Bryant Information Group


Bryant Information Group of Canton, Michigan ceased operations at the end of 2015 and has graciously recommended AIM to provide uninterrupted service to its long-time clientele. In a message to clients, founder Bart Bryant wrote, “We would like to recommend to you the highly professional and competent firm of Allis Information Management in Midland, Michigan. The post AIM takes over third-party acquisition services for Bryant Information Group appeared first on AIM.

What a Shift to Self-Service BI Did for a Company’s Culture


The education technology company was in its startup phase and didn’t yet have a system in place that would allow those important figures to verify information they’d received second-hand. There was a time when Degreed ’s client-facing employees were in a tough spot.

Does Data Analytics Help With Selecting An IT Provider?

Smart Data Collective

However, it can also be used to help customers make more informed decisions. Analytics Big Data IT SmartData Collective Exclusive analytics choosing it provider data analytics information technology provider it provider it provider selection

IT 65

Fuld + Company Enters Exclusive Partnership with Last Mile Insight, LLC to Expand Sales Intelligence Offerings


Please visit the website for more information about sales intelligence and customer analytics services. We connect the information dots to provide engagement direction, ideas, and most of all, deep insight into high-value customers.

Sales 52

A New Era for the Intelligent Enterprise, with RISE with SAP

Timo Elliot

My updated, 10-minute summary of the different components of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise vision, with information on RISE with SAP, a program to help you become one!

4 Signs Your Business Needs Professional IT Support

Smart Data Collective

The more software programs and apps you have in place, the higher the need for professional information technology support will become. Transmitting and storing sensitive information is something most modern business owners are quite familiar with. Being hit with a virus can lead to your network crashing and in a lot of sensitive information being compromised. American small and medium-sized businesses spend nearly $700 billion a year on technology.

IT 55

Why Strategic Business Leaders Should Question Fifth Generation Technology’s Readiness


And, for more information on 5G myths in the marketplace, please contact Raymond Tetreault. Blog Posts 5G China Competitive Advantage Diversified Industries Information Technology New Entrant StrategyWe Debunk 3 Popular Myths Amidst an International Race to 5G. As the pace of disruption increases , Fuld + Company acutely monitors disruptors with the power to upend a variety of industries, especially those that bring immense transformation on a global scale.

The Art and Science of FP&A Storytelling

Timo Elliot

Ferrara candy used analytics and dashboards during a recent big acquisition and they were able to get all the information they needed to run the business in real-time, literally at their fingertips. It’s fundamentally about people, about your information culture.

Teleradiology Services Market is Projected to Reach $9.46 billion by 2026

BIS Research

Further, based on the segmentation by application, the market is segregated into radiology information system (RIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS), Integrated RIS and PACS, and others. Teleradiology is a technology that enables sharing of radiological images, such as X-rays, CTs, and MRIs of patients with, as well as amongst radiologists placed in different parts of the world for examinations.

AI For Talent Acquisition in Tech – Part 3


With conflicting information distributed amongst industry circles, it’s best for companies to be educated on how to best use AI. Stay agile, up-to-date, and informed of industry trends; Explore Fuld + Company’s blog on organizational change and understanding how agility influences a company’s ability to compete. Blog Posts Infographics Artificial Intelligence Change Management Diversified Industries Human Resources Information Technology Modern Workplace The Race for Talent