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Scaling Your Competitive Intelligence Team? Start Here


What does the compete department at your company look like? Is competitive intelligence the responsibility of one person? Two people? A whole team? Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Unlocking the hidden value of dark data


IT leaders seeking to derive business value from the data their companies collect face myriad challenges. Perhaps the least understood is the lost opportunity of not making good on data that is created, and often stored, but seldom otherwise interacted with.


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7 traits of digital-savvy CIOs


Much has been made of CIOs’ need for business and leadership skills. To be truly transformational leaders, today’s CIOs must be adept at helming high-performing teams, guided by a keen understanding of how to co-create value with business colleagues.

Deadly Sins in Proposals: The saga continues


We’re back to bring forward yet more “deadly sins.” While these sins and examples might give us all a good hearty and exasperated groan, let’s learn from these errors so you can be a smarter bidder. This continues our series in win-loss trends.

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A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

Calling The Power BI Enhanced Refresh API From Power Automate, Part 1: Creating A Basic Custom Connector

Chris Webb BI

I love the new Power BI Enhanced Refresh API : it allows you to do things like refresh individual tables in your dataset, override incremental refresh policies, control the amount of parallelism , cancel refreshes and a lot more, while being easier to use than the XMLA Endpoint.

IT 113

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Competitor Tracking 101: Identifying the Competition and Your Biggest Questions Answered


The Olympic podium. Bookish teens jockeying for valedictorian. The couples on the cusp of a $50K payday on British reality TV phenomenon Love Island. There is nothing more fundamentally human than competition (except perhaps the desire to win ). Competitive Intelligence Strategy

9 investments CIOs should make before recession hits


With an economic slowdown all but inevitable, recession is top of mind for most business leaders. If it happens in the near term, it will be a financial cycle like none other. “We We have record low unemployment, with record high inflation.

Competitor Highlights: Systems Planning and Analysis…who are they?


Headquartered in Alexandria, VA; Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA) provides knowledge-based technical, operational, programmatic, policy and business solutions to support national security objectives.

How to Protect Data Within an App With RASP Security

Smart Data Collective

When data security within apps is discussed, most people think of WAF. However, a web application firewall is limited. A trusted security tool focuses on the traffic going in and out without considering what happens to sensitive information circulating inside the application.

The Value of the Metaverse for Small Businesses

IT Business Edge

The metaverse can be an intimidating term conjuring up visions of some futuristic virtual world, but it’s perhaps best viewed as virtual experiences brought to the internet, something akin to an interactive video game.

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How can smart #infopros make more sustainable vendor choices? 


A genuine commitment to sustainability is critical for organisations to remain relevant and competitive in this changing world. Much like digital transformation, driving sustainability requires organisations to transform their business from within.

Podcast with Scale2Market on How Agencies REALLY Evaluate Proposals


In this podcast, Brian Lindholm of FedSavvy Strategies discusses proposal evaluations and trends in wins / losses with Shirley Collier of Scale2Market. link]. In The Media Podcasts Win Loss trends

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Understanding Machine Learning Within an AI Context


Machine learning is ubiquitous in our everyday life. Whether or not you know it, the odds are that machine learning powers the applications you use daily. It’s the underlying technology behind many apps on your smartphones, from Siri to virtual assistants to Google Maps and more.

The Evolution of Social Media: An Introduction


Celebrating 15 Years of Infegy - Consumer Intelligence.

The Future of AI: High Quality, Human Powered Data

Smart Data Collective

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly altered how work is done. However, AI even has a bigger impact by enhancing human capabilities. Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that the interaction between machines and humans significantly improves firms’ performance.

Steps CIOs should take to protect customer data in Nigeria’s open banking systems


Due to Nigeria’s fintech boom borne out of its open banking framework, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has published a much-awaited regulation draft to govern open banking procedures. And at its core is the need to secure customer data through a robust set of requirements.

How to Remove Unauthorized Amazon Sellers

Data Hut

The internet has made it easy for anyone to sell anything, even if they don't have the right to. If you're an Amazon seller, you probably know that unauthorized third-party resellers are hurting your sales and stealing your brand's credibility.

What Is a Market Research Report? How to Prepare and Present Market Research


Brands come and go, sometimes overnight. In this fast-paced market, having staying power comes down to understanding what’s happening within the industry, how your brand is perceived by consumers and how you measure up to the competition.

6 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation That You Should Try


Everyone needs a source of energy to sustain life and stay productive. A person needs food, cars need fuel, Instagram influencers need likes, and businesses need leads. But to get such “nutrition”, you need to constantly act: buy food for cooking, come to the gas station, write posts.

Using Data Analytics to Optimize Your Cash Collection Approach

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has become very important for helping companies manage their financial strategies. Companies are projected to spend nearly $12 billion on financial analytics services by 2028. There are many great benefits of using data analytics to improve financial management strategies.

The CIO’s Hybrid Cloud Journey Incorporates Extensive Systems Thinking


Heading down the path of systems thinking for the hybrid cloud is the equivalent of taking the road less traveled in the storage industry.

Top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 2022

IT Business Edge

Keeping up with the ever-changing IT needs of a growing business can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why so many organizations have outsourced IT management to managed service providers (MSPs).

What Is Data Integration? Definition, Methods, and Examples


Many businesses have the tendency to keep their data dispersed in numerous locations after they have gathered it. Data integration changes this by combining an organization’s data to create a common customer and market view.

Loss 70

Networking Advances that Fueled Social Media


Series: The Evolution of Social Media. Does anyone remember texting back and forth with a friend, and then telling them you’d email them photographs when you “got on the internet”?

AI Technology Helps Facilitate Bitcoin Trading in Djibouti

Smart Data Collective

We previously mentioned that AI has helped make bitcoin mining more popular in the UK. However, developing economies also benefit from AI as they invest more in cryptocurrencies. Djibouti is a country in Africa that is starting to become more dependent on artificial intelligence technology.

AI for Decision-Makers: How to Win Trust from the Outset


In business, data science and artificial intelligence are usually geared towards powerful efficiencies and growth. User trust is often overlooked. This can quickly morph into a major problem, particularly when AI is introduced to support strategic choices.

Data Lake Strategy Options: From Self-Service to Full-Service

IT Business Edge

Data continues to grow in importance for customer insights, projecting trends, and training artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) algorithms.

IT 65

How to Prevent Sample Fraud in Market Research


When considering the potential pitfalls of market research, sample fraud is arguably the most destructive. In fact, it’s almost an umbrella term for a number of other pitfalls put together.

Professional Writing Services VS Content Marketplaces: Which is Best?


In the early days of digital marketing, the competition was low, and businesses thrived despite leveraging the myriad benefits of digital marketing.