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5 Tips for Better Customer Case Studies (+ Examples!)


Teams are constantly looking for ways to stand out in crowded markets. Customer case studies may be just the differentiator companies have been seeking to give them that competitive edge.

Transforming Trend Tracking: The Future of Trend Intelligence


In this age of disruption, the ability for organizations to accurately predict, monitor, and act on future trends is increasingly important.


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Why Your Next CEO Should Come From the CI Department


As industries become increasingly competitive and companies experience unprecedented levels of disruption , the role of Competitive Intelligence (CI) has never been more important.

How to use APIs to update and enrich your data


Data decays over time—phone numbers change, companies shift locations, or people move jobs. Data changes, and stale data is expensive. It is estimated that, on average, organizations lose $15 million each year due to bad data.

Competitor highlights: Huntington Ingalls …(new and improved) with Alion


We last analyzed Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) in a June 2021 blog, examining their organization, M&A activity, and noteworthy federal contracts. Since then, HII announced the acquisition of Alion Science and Technology (Alion) for nearly $1.7

Tableau certification guide: Cost, training, salaries, and value


Data visualization platform Tableau is one of the most widely used tools in the rapidly growing business intelligence (BI) space and individuals with skills in Tableau are in high demand.

4 Must-Ask Questions For Your Win/Loss Interviews


Win/loss analysis—the process of determining why deals are won or lost—yields insights that practically everyone across your organization can use to their advantage. Sales reps get insights that they can use to improve their objection-handling tactics.

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How to Use HubSpot Adaptive Testing for Websites That Drive Inbound Growth

Weidert Group

Experimentation, constant adjustment, and continuous improvement are key aspects of growth-driven design (GDD) websites, an essential part of an inbound growth strategy.

CRM’s Have a Big Data Technical Debt Problem: Here’s How to Fix It

Smart Data Collective

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are very reliant on big data. As these platforms become more widely used, some of the data resources they depend on become more stretched.

3 Win/Loss Analysis Templates You Can Use Right Now


More than two-thirds of competitive intelligence professionals say their in-house team is responsible for win/loss analysis.

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"What is Legal Innovation?" A review of a recent paper


Occasionally someone publishes an academic paper which is of immediate interest and this one by Haim Sandberg caught my eye. What is Legal Innovation?" was flagged by my morning current awareness bulletin and I opened and read it straight away. The abstract states, Technology Book review

Hiring After COVID-19: Post-Pandemic Trends to Watch


The US economy is finally coming up for air. States that imposed lockdowns for the COVID-19 pandemic started lifting restrictions on businesses and public spaces in May 2021, and many major cities have reopened. However, as the New York Times observes, “it’s a weird moment for the US economy.”.

Weidert Group to Share Sales Strategies for Reaching the Post-Pandemic Buyer During Manufacturing First

Weidert Group

APPLETON, WI, July 2021 – Greg Linnemanstons, president of Weidert Group, a B2B inbound growth agency and Diamond Level HubSpot Partner, will share approaches for adapting and aligning marketing and sales strategies to thrive and grow in a post-pandemic business landscape.

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Cloud Technology: the Cornerstone of a Small Business’s Online Presence

Smart Data Collective

We have talked in depth about the massive benefits of cloud technology for small businesses. There are a number of compelling reasons that businesses need to turn to cloud technology to develop a strong edge against the competition.

Digital Ads Soar for Summer Spirits


Nothing screams "summer" quite like an ice-cold beer or refreshing rum punch — and this year, vaccinated Americans will finally be able to share a drink with friends. CPG Food & Bev


The Role of Cloud Marketplaces in Creating and Optimizing a Cloud Go-to-Market Strategy


Insights from today's post are from Nicole Wojno Smith , VP of Marketing at Tackle. Nicole has 15 years of experience in building brands, implementing programs that align marketing and sales, and championing team and revenue growth.

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Why ZoomInfo Chat is the next-generation conversational marketing solution


Chatbots have the power to create a truly buyer-centric experience for customers. But the technology has yet to realize its full potential — until now.

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Fuld + Company Helps Global Energy Company Benchmark its Production Operations Through Competitor Insights


Background. A global energy company wanted to learn more about how their competitors are structured within their production facilities to help provide insight on operational challenges and inefficiencies.

AI Chatbots Can Help Retailers Convert Live Broadcast Viewers into Sales!

Smart Data Collective

Do you remember the simpler times when we imagined: “one day, robots will roam the streets and act like people”? It sounded unrealistic, that something other than humans will be able to perform our functions.

Historical Olympic Medal Tracker


We wanted to get into the Olympic spirit so we started looking for data sources with Olympic results. Kaggle had a nice historical dataset we could use with data through 2016: [link]. We did some research around free sources with current Olympic medal data and it was pretty scarce.

3 Powerful On-Page Optimizations to Power Up Your Content


It’s not easy to write content that ranks in Google and drives conversions, but if you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to ranking, and to engaging customers on all types of devices

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Do Today’s Buyers Even Need Sales? How B2B Buying Processes Have Changed

Weidert Group

Bad news salespeople—just like the teenager/parent relationship, the modern B2B buyer doesn’t need you.well, at least until they decide they need you. And when that all-important moment occurs, it’s definitely on their terms—so you best be ready to meet them at their time of need.

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NetBase Quid’s 7th Annual Top-Loved Global Brands List!


Understanding consumer emotion is at the top of every brands’ “must understand” list – and if it’s not it should be! The global brands in this report have the pulse of consumers in their respective industries and it shows.

4 Ways Data-Driven Automation Enhances Merchandise Distribution

Smart Data Collective

The supply-chain analytics market is projected to be worth over $16.8 billion by 2027. This is largely due to the benefits of using data analytics to improve automation in merchandise distribution.

Increase Your Page Rankings: 4 Things to Change to Rank for More Keywords (2021)


According to business leader and best-selling author Farshad Asl , “Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting go of some bad habits every day.”

The “Amazon Effect” – Pharmacies, Healthcare, and Disruption


CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart control over 20,000 bricks & mortar stores, or some 40% of all U.S. retail pharmacies. But Amazon has sent shock waves through these incumbents’ corporate offices with its recent move into the healthcare market via PillPack, Amazon Pharmacy and Amazon Care.

AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund

Wink Intel

Alexander M. Betts, Jr. known to all of his friends as AJ, was a light to everyone that knew him, always laughing and smiling. He dedicated his short life to loving and helping others. To his family, he will always be remembered as the kindest human being they have ever known.


Tokyo Olympics: Top Advertisers Across Digital Channels


There may not be any spectators at the Tokyo Olympics this year, but the show will go on, and the advertisers are here for it.

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Why You Must Leverage Encryption for Data Protection in the Digital Transformation Era

Smart Data Collective

The race to embrace digital transformation is on and a lot of organizations are doing everything possible to ensure they digitize every piece of information; this is, however, putting at greater risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Taking into account that the global spend on digital transformation is projected to hit an astonishing $2.39 Trillion by 2024 , it’s obvious that data security challenges will hit new heights.

How to Use SERP Features to Inform Your Content Strategy


With a little digging, you can now mimic the keyword topics, style, and format of the SERP features for your target keywords, creating content that engages your audience exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey

4 Market Trends Shaping the Future of Cloud Gaming


Imagine a world where video gamers could untether from their PCs and Xbox consoles and play crystal-clear versions of their favorite games from anywhere. This is the future promised by cloud gaming – a rising technology that's seeing immense growth in 2021.

A practical guide to analysing the competition in a product category


In this article, we dive into a specific area of competitive analysis: product categories. Find out what it’s all about, if it’s useful to your business and if so, how to do it the right way. Analysing the competition of a product category.

2021 Tokyo Olympics: Week 1 Athletes & Themes Brands Should Watch


The Olympic games are finally here, and some fantastic stories are unfolding. Since consumer and media intelligence are the name of the game, we’ll be exploring how conversations are playing out over the next several weeks.

What Are State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks and Do They Use AI?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has played a very important role in modern cyber attacks. Although AI technology has been very important in creating safeguards to stop these attacks, it has also been used to make these attacks even more vicious.

Daily SEO Fix: Auditing for Technical SEO Problems with Moz Pro


SEO pros know that a comprehensive search marketing strategy should include p eriodic audits of a website’s technical health and its opportunities for improvement. But as you uncover these opportunities, how do you know which ones are most important

How Future Battery Tech Will Define the Future of Mobility


Introduction. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automotive sector, and not a distant one.

How Givaudan Active Beauty has grown globally by remaining locally-minded


When launching into new markets, or managing multiple different regions, having a one-size-fits-all approach has too often held companies back. Navigating cultural nuances as a global business can be tricky, yet taking the time to understand this can be the key ingredient to competitive advantage.

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