Product Marketing vs. Product Management (2021 Guide)


The difference between product marketing and product management is not an especially clear one. By the end of this guide, you’ll have an answer to each of the following questions: What’s the difference between product marketing and product management?

Jobs to Be Done: What Product Marketers Can Learn From Product Managers


If that sounds familiar to you, then allow me to make a recommendation: Take a page out of product management’s book, and instead of thinking about success as what can be achieved WITH you, think about success as what can be achieved WITHOUT you.


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Are You Using Email to Manage Third Party CI Vendors?


For decades, email has been central to the way we work and communicate. Professionals all over the world use email to share updates, schedule meetings, consume information, and much, much more. It’s no stretch to say that for many of us, working without using email would be close to impossible.

How to Effectively Manage Competitive Intelligence Consulting Vendors


No matter how sophisticated your market and competitive intelligence (M/CI) function is, it often makes sense to work with a third-party vendor.

The Product Manager / Marketer's Guide to Competitive Intelligence 


As a Product Manager (PM) or Product Marketing Manager (PMM), you’re trying to keep a number of plates spinning simultaneously.

Five Tips for Life Science Companies to Effectively Manage M/CI Vendors


The top life science companies work extensively with a network of external market and competitive intelligence (M/CI) vendors.

Managing the Data that Goes into a Business Competitor Analysis


Analyzing a competitor can feel like a high-stakes game of poker. You're watching out for any "tell" that might hint to their business strategy. They're keeping their cards close to their chest until they're ready to call. Competitor Analysis

Steps Companies Should Take to Come Up Data Management Processes

Smart Data Collective

One of the problems is that they don’t manage their data well. How Companies Can Manage their Data Better. The process of managing data can be quite daunting and complicated. Data Management is considered to be a core function of any organization.

How Automation Streamlines Data Management

Smart Data Collective

Managing data is a challenge. Today’s businesses rely on automated processes to stay competitive and for good reason – automation is a game-changer for data management. However, automation can help organizations consolidate, manage, and analyze data everywhere. Data Management

Competitive Intelligence questions to NATS Strategy Analysis and Development manager


Competitive Intelligence questions to NATS Strategy Analysis and Development manager This article is the fourth in a series. We talk to Henry Leoni, Manager Strategy Analysis and Development at NATS, providers.

Choosing Between Outsourced Vs In-House Data Management Strategies

Smart Data Collective

Companies use big data to optimize their marketing strategies, maintain better relationships with their customers, manage their financial strategies and improve human resources capabilities. Unfortunately, data isn’t always easy to manage.

Machine Learning Helps Improve Tronc Management Considerably

Smart Data Collective

A TRONCMASTER (person in charge of the tronc benefits) must manage a different payroll (PAYE scheme) from the one used to process employees’ hourly/salary pay and send the ‘tip’ information to HMRC.

Knowledge360? Adds CI Industry’s First Third Party Vendor Management Features


Cipher is excited to announce the first in a series of innovative new features on the Knowledge360? platform. We’re always striving to make Knowledge360 better, and we’re confident these new features will unlock new levels of value for users. Competitive Intelligence Software Knowledge360 Insider

What is the relationship between knowledge management and legal tech?


Knowledge management Innovative tech solutions Making the most of your resourcesThis year is shaping up to be the most sociable this decade!

Understanding Data Restoration Options for Disaster Management

Smart Data Collective

Moreover, you are to contact customer support managers if something goes wrong. The post Understanding Data Restoration Options for Disaster Management appeared first on SmartData Collective.

Server Management Best Practices for Data-Driven Organizations

Smart Data Collective

Unfortunately, managing your own data server can be overwhelming. You can keep reading to learn more about how to manage a data server. This is going to be vital for your data management strategy. Server Management Practices that All Data-Driven Companies Have to Follow.

Is Machine Learning Changing Our Approach to Asset Management?

Smart Data Collective

Wealth and asset management has come a long way, evolving through the use of artificial intelligence, or AI solutions. But is AI becoming the end-all and be-all of asset management ? What Machine Learning Means to Asset Managers. Risk Management.

4 Keys to Powerful Price Management for Online Retailers


The post 4 Keys to Powerful Price Management for Online Retailers appeared first on Blog. Pricing Strategy competitive pricing online price management price intelligence price management machine learning price management software price optimization

The Growing Role of Analytics in Business Knowledge Management

Smart Data Collective

In the current economic turbulent times, showing business stakeholders that your knowledge sharing and reusing brings business value works as a driving force for investing in a knowledge management tool. . But, how do you convince stakeholders about the importance of knowledge management?

Lever Opens Senior Product Marketing Manager Position


San Francisco-based human resource consultancy Lever is hiring a senior product marketing manager who will be tasked with showcasing the company’s solution to the market. The post Lever Opens Senior Product Marketing Manager Position appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Sales Account Management: Your Go-To Guide for Greater Growth


Sales account management, like sales, is selling. For the sales account manager, getting processes down can mean the difference between achieving massive growth and losing customers to the competition. What Is the Difference Between Sales and Account Management?

Sales 193

BetterCloud Seeking Competitive Intelligence Manager


BetterCloud is recruiting a new competitive intelligence manager for its operations in Austin, Denver, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The post BetterCloud Seeking Competitive Intelligence Manager appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Leveraging Data Science To Grow And Manage Your Team

Smart Data Collective

When applied to the hiring process, data analytics can help you strategically grow and manage your team with greater accuracy and success. The post Leveraging Data Science To Grow And Manage Your Team appeared first on SmartData Collective.

Ceridian Hiring Senior CI Marketing Manager


Florida-based intelligence company Ceridian is hiring a competitive intelligence marketing senior manager. Individuals who have prior experience in human capital management , sales strategy and other work for technology companies are preferred but not required. ArchIntel™ -.

Administering Data Fabric to Overcome Data Management Challenges.

Smart Data Collective

The increased amounts and types of data, stored in various locations eventually made the management of data more challenging. With the amount of increase in data, the complexity of managing data only keeps increasing. Advantages of data fabrication for data management.

DroneDeploy Recruiting Product Marketing Manager


DroneDeploy is recruiting a product marketing manager to work in its offices in San Francisco, California and in remote locations. The post DroneDeploy Recruiting Product Marketing Manager appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

What Artificial Intelligence can Help Businesses Manage Their Online Profiles

Smart Data Collective

A lot of organizations don’t recognize the role that AI technology can play when it comes to business management, improving customer relationships and managing your business’s online profile. How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Managing Online Profiles.

Adobe Hiring Senior Manager of Competitive Intelligence


Adobe announced on Monday that it is currently recruiting a senior manager of competitive intelligence for placement in its offices in Lehi, Utah. Prior experience in leading and implementing successful win-loss programs, as well as managing 3rd party vendors are also being sought.

Fleet Management and Big Data: Points to Consider

Smart Data Collective

Nowadays, managers across industries rely on information systems such as CRMs to improve their business processes. Within the industry, the management of data allows T&L businesses to take productivity, efficiency, and safety to a whole new level. Fuel Management.

Rethinking data management for faster time to value


As enterprises move ahead in their digital transformation journey, the massive trail of data from digital transactions is growing steadily, but for many organizations extracting intelligence from data remains a pipe dream. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story

How Corporate Investigations Revealed a Dishonest Managing Director


How Corporate Investigations Revealed a Dishonest Managing Director This is a case study called how Corporate Investigations revealed a dishonest managing director.

The Role of A Customer Insights Management Tool in 2022


Use a customer insights management tool to keep up with customers’ ever-changing preferences. Digital Marketing Social Listening Social Intelligence Marketing Strategies Customer Insights Management

BeyondTrust Seeks Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager


Cybersecurity company BeyondTrust has announced a vacancy for the role of senior manager of competitive intelligence. BeyondTrust is looking for candidates with at least five years of experience in solution engineering, product management, product strategy or product marketing roles.

Sales Pipeline Management: 4 Ways to Close Deals Faster


It’s what keeps your sales team organized and focused on managing opportunities to close deals. Unfortunately, many B2B organizations suffer from ineffective sales pipeline management. As a result, the pandemic’s impact on sales pipeline management has been profound.

Sales 165

Guide to Social Media Management


There are a lot of moving parts to social media management, and platforms are constantly evolving. Staying at the forefront of social media management takes determination, focus, and consistency. In other words, social media management is no “set it, and forget it” endeavor.