11 Essential Sales Enablement Statistics for 2021


Sales enablement statistics are useful for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re building a business case for the formalization of a sales enablement strategy and looking for quantitative data that you can use to your advantage. Sales Enablement

12 Sales Enablement Assets & Materials That Win Deals


Sales EnablementMaking cold calls. Running demos. Persuading decision-makers.


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Sales Enablement Strategy: The Essential 7-Step Guide


If you can help it, sales enablement — the act of empowering your sales reps with the tools, resources, and competitive intel they need to win deals — should not be conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement: Definition, Benefits, Tactics, & More


Sales, in general, is a tough job. This imperative — communicating value effectively — is a key element of the topic of today’s blog post: sales enablement. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have gotten an answer to each of the following: What is sales enablement?

Sales Enablement Metrics: 7 Ways to Measure Success


Whether you’re a marketer or a sales manager, there are innumerable ways you can empower sellers to do their jobs more effectively. Sales enablement comes in all shapes and sizes—which means there are dozens of metrics you can use to measure the success of your efforts.

How to Definitively Prove the Value of Sales Enablement


High-performing sales reps are not born; they’re built. To be more precise, high-performing sales reps are not built in a discrete period of time; they’re built on an ongoing basis. Sales Enablement

New Data: Battlecard Benchmarks & Best Practices (2022)


Sales EnablementSadly, the impact of good product marketing is often obscured.

Sales Battlecards 101: The Ultimate Guide (2022)


Sales battlecards (also known as competitive battlecards, or simply as battlecards) give your sellers the facts, tactics, and materials they need to win competitive deals. Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement & How It Improves B2B Inbound Marketing

Weidert Group

When B2B marketers talk about sales enablement, what do they actually mean? Inbound Sales Sales Enablement

How to Revolutionize Your Sales Enablement Strategy in 2021


Among many takeaways — about sales enablement , forecasting , hiring , and more — one thing was certain: Sales has changed a lot since the pandemic began. That’s why putting plenty of focus on sales enablement will be crucial for 2021. B2B Sales

Your 2022 Guide to Incorporating CI Into Your Sales Kickoff


That means that your sales team must be prepared for competitive conversations in 2022. Sales EnablementCompetition is heating up in nearly every industry. In 2021, 53% of businesses said the majority of their deals were competitive.

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Effective Sales Enablement

Primary Intelligecne

What is sales enablement? Sales enablement provides salespeople with tools, content, and information that help them sell efficiently and effectively. After all, with the wrong sources and approach, enablement could end up being the blind leading the blind.

5 Sales Enablement Tools For Inbound Marketing & Sales Teams

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Here’s a simple truth: Without sales, there’s no business. That is to say, at least for B2B inbound marketing , the whole point is to pave the way for the sales process by helping the prospective customer. And does your CRM serve as a sales enablement tool?

4 Ways a Sales Enablement Strategy Helps Sales Teams Thrive

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Friction among revenue teams, especially surrounding their sales content and collateral, is an all-too-common phenomenon. Inbound Sales Sales Enablement

Create an Effective Sales Enablement Strategy in Seven Steps


Conor Bond , a content marketing and search engine optimization specialist at software-driven competitive intelligence platform Crayon, has written a seven-step guide to developing an effective sales enablement strategy. The next step is to create sales enablement collateral.

Effective Sales Enablement

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What is sales enablement? Sales enablement provides salespeople with tools, content, and information that help them sell efficiently and effectively. To be an effective provider of these resources, sales enablement must be careful in its direction and procurement of information to assist sales. After all, with the wrong sources and approach, enablement could end up being the blind leading the blind.

Competitive Battlecards 101: The Ultimate Guide (2021)


Competitive battlecards (also known as competitor battlecards, or more simply as battlecards) can add a tremendous amount of value to your suite of sales enablement collateral. Sales Enablement

Pre-Call Planning: Why Sales Reps Need Competitive Intel


Sales EnablementUnless you’re subscribed to the Crayon blog, you’re most likely reading this because you Googled “pre-call planning.”. If that’s the case, you probably noticed that there are a lot of blog posts on this subject. You may have even read some of them.

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6 Best Practices for Aligning Sales & Marketing in 2021


The more closely you align your sales and marketing teams, the better. Today, we’ll walk through six best practices for better alignment between sales and marketing. Sales Enablement

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Sales Battlecards: 8 Tips to Help You Win More Deals


The sales battlecard is an extraordinarily impactful tool for any business in a competitive B2B market. 71% of businesses that leverage sales battlecards say these tools have helped them increase their win rate. Sales Enablement

Content Marketing: The Unsung Hero of Sales Enablement


There’s no denying it — sales and marketing teams don’t always work well together. The two departments may see eye-to-eye and share unified goals, but it’s less common for sales to proactively help marketing perform better, or vice versa. But in today’s digital world, the line between sales and marketing is increasingly blurred. There’s no better example of this development than the relationship between content marketing and sales enablement. . Sales emails.

Why Owler Is a Powerful Sales Enablement and Content Marketing Tool: Marketron


I’m happy to share why I think Owler is powerful sales enablement and content marketing tool! Marketron offers products and services for broadcast and media sales teams that allow them to propose, price, and execute multimedia advertising campaigns. It’s not a sales pitch.

Top Sales KPIs for Your B2B Sales Reps


Unclear sales goals are costly. These are metrics that prioritize and improve sales performance and yield valuable specifics like percent of team meeting quota, average on-target earnings, and sales cycle length. KPIs should match the specific needs of your sales team.

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6 Limitations of the HubSpot-Salesforce Integration

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Tension between Sales and Marketing teams has always existed, especially over the quality of leads generated (by Marketing) and follow-up (by Sales). Marketing Technology Sales Enablement


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Building and presenting a proposal is an important part of any sales process. Getting the manufacturing proposal, Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) right can mean winning or losing a sale. Inbound Sales Sales Enablement

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Compare HubSpot and Pardot for Marketing Automation

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Marketing Technology Starting an Inbound Program Sales EnablementWhy HubSpot? And how do you even compare HubSpot vs. Salesforce’s Pardot? It’s a question we get from clients and prospects, whether they’re evaluating Salesforce’s CRM or they already use it.

HubSpot Sequences: The Best Tips for Effective Sales Follow-Up

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The most successful sales teams spend countless hours emailing, reaching out to contacts on social media, and making phone calls because they know it takes perseverance and several touchpoints to land the vital in-person conversations that close deals , even with sales-qualified leads.

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Pumptec Reduces Friction and Increases Sales By 39% With HubSpot CRM & Growth Suite

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Being forced to conduct business virtually due to the pandemic, Pumptec realized the need to improve their online presence and streamline their sales processes. Marketing Case Studies Inbound Sales Sales EnablementABOUT PUMPTEC.

How Personalized Sales Pages Can Help Close More Leads

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But personalization can also support an industrial or manufacturing sales strategy when you take it to the next level: dedicated, single-client targeted pages , purpose-built for specific prospects. Inbound Sales Sales Enablement

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How to Get Appointments in Sales: 8 Effective Tactics

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They’re what every sales rep wants more of and few can get enough of. Inbound Sales Sales EnablementAppointments.

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6 Outdated Sales Techniques That Hurt Your Productivity


If you answered yes to the questions above, your sales process may be out of date. Strategies that worked five years ago just aren’t as effective now—and if you don’t abandon your bad habits, your sales productivity will suffer. Keep reading for our top six outdated sales techniques, and learn how to remove them from your workflow and boost your day-to-day productivity. Outdated Sales Technique: Overselling the product. New Approach: Sales and Marketing Alignment.

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Competitive Intelligence Spotlight: Smriti Singh


In this edition of the series, we put Smriti Singh in the spotlight and learn how sales and marketing teams are relying on CI, and how Sales Radar will empower teams. . Overall, I have about 17 years of experience, mostly focusing on research and sales intelligence.

Product Marketing Advice In 2022 From the Experts


Product marketers have to juggle the messaging and positioning of products, lead product launches and help drive adoption, manage competitive intelligence programs, develop sales enablement materials, and so on.

The 3 Pillars of Sales Acceleration & How They Help You Win


Sales acceleration is a form of competitive intelligence (CI) in the sales enablement ecosystem. An effective accelerated sales strategy arms your business with timely data and insights that ramp up the velocity and relevance of sales conversations. Post-Sale.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Marketing

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When you know the decision drivers for won and lost deals, you’re able to apply those insights to your campaigns to better nurture leads before they get to sales. Creating Sales Enablement Assets. Eliminate these blind spots through sales enablement.

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