Is Your AI Model Leaking Intellectual Property?


The post Is Your AI Model Leaking Intellectual Property? Click to learn more about author Sameer Vadera. Businesses often employ AI in applications to unlock intelligent functionality like predicting relevant product recommendations for customers.

Modern Network Security: How Technology and Smart Practices are Reducing Risk


With the shift to hybrid work, data, applications, intellectual property, and personal information is no longer stashed safely behind a corporate firewall. Networks are under pressure like never before.


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Why Is Data Loss Prevention is Crucial for Business?

Smart Data Collective

Data loss protection comprises three significant business objectives – personal information protection, intellectual property protection, and comprehensive data usage reports. Intellectual Property Protection. Data loss is a serious problem for many businesses.

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Enabling productivity and scale through improved enterprise knowledge management


Employees complain that knowledge is outdated, if it is documented at all, and companies worry about tribal knowledge or the loss of intellectual property when employees leave. This article was co-written with Leila Dige.

LexisNexis Launches Platform for Consolidating Competitive Intelligence


The new Nexis platform helps users search, compare and analyze business indicators such as information on companies, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property, LexisNexis said. ArchIntel™ -.

Broadcom: From Silicon to Software


By Hock Tan, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Broadcom. The History of Innovation at Broadcom. The Broadcom Inc. we know today first began more than 60 years ago as a semiconductor division of Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, CA.

Sharing Responsibility for Data Security in the Cloud


Intellectual property is key to a company’s success,” notes Simon Leech, operational security lead for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services.

Hetherington Group Introduces Online Sleuths to New OSINT Tools


The OSINT firm described Biznar as a handy list of deep web search tools intended to simultaneously search several business-focused sites, publications and intellectual property repositories. ArchIntel™ -.

AI Helps Mitigate These 5 Major Supplier Risks

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Businesses that rely on the uniqueness of their intellectual property face risks in working with suppliers, who might sell that IP, counterfeit goods or otherwise dilute the market with similar products. Artificial intelligence is driving a lot of changes in modern business.

Why Big Data is Creating a Big Market for NFTs

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However, it must be stressed that you can’t purchase intellectual property rights or copyright of the underlying asset, except stated otherwise. Ensure that you must hold the intellectual property rights and copyright for the item you wish to mint before picking an item.

Limited resources: why the Canadian tech sector is starved for talent


For one thing, people leaving their existing roles tend to be those who have been in them for five to 10 years, which is a big issue because that’s where all the intellectual property happens to be, according to Lewis. “It’s

4 Ways Blockchain Is Transforming Marketing for the Better


However, this technology is so versatile and unique that its properties and ability to protect and verify all kinds of data in a decentralized network can be used in almost any industry. Four years ago, Toyota partnered with analytics firm Lucidity to track marketing campaigns.

Cyber Insurance Could Keep Your SMB Afloat Post Cyber Attack

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Cyber insurance does not cover the loss of physical property, such as “bricked” devices. It also does not cover the loss of intellectual property, such as loss of company value after a breach.

SOC 2 Type II compliance: the security of your data

Primary Intelligecne

Online storage of critical company information, including intellectual property, critical contact information, and strategic documentation has become the norm. More and more, our business processes, data, and backups are handled through remote access, aka “the cloud”.

3 Top Email Security Practices to Prevent a Data Breach

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Poor security can lead to data loss and leaks important information about a firm’s intellectual property, financial information, customer and employee information, etc. Cyber-attacks have emerged as a big threat to the world.

IP and R&D Spotlight: Jatin Khera


Many companies made large investments in intellectual property portfolios for established strategies that are now in danger of being replaced by emerging technologies. How have you seen emerging technologies change or shift in the past couple of years?

National Western Life and Achaean Financial Holdings Establish Premier Alliance with Plans to Introduce a New Product for Income Solutions

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Nasdaq: NWLI ), entered a strategic alliance with Achaean Financial Holdings (Achaean), an intellectual property and product development company, to launch a new and innovative single premium immediate annuity to the financial marketplace. AUSTIN, Texas , June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Western Life Insurance Company (National Western Life), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Western Life Group, Inc.

How to Remove Unauthorized Amazon Sellers

Data Hut

If they are selling your products outside of the terms of your contract, they are violating your intellectual property rights and have no right to do so. The internet has made it easy for anyone to sell anything, even if they don't have the right to.

Ransomware And The Defense Industrial Base

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The malicious actors behind these attacks often block access to sensitive government data, intellectual property, and even trade secrets until they get paid. The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is always under constant ransomware attacks.

Equitable Holdings Mitigates Remaining Redundant Reserves Associated with New York’s Regulation 213 Through Proceeds of Reinsurance Transaction

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NEW YORK–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Equitable Holdings, Inc. the “Company”) (NYSE: EQH) announced today that it has mitigated the remaining $1 billion of redundant reserves associated with New York’s Regulation 213 (“Reg. 213”).

Equitable Holdings Mitigates Remaining Redundant Reserves Associated with New York’s Regulation 213 Through Proceeds of Reinsurance Transaction

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NEW YORK–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Equitable Holdings, Inc. the “Company”) (NYSE: EQH) announced today that it has mitigated the remaining $1 billion of redundant reserves associated with New York’s Regulation 213 (“Reg. 213”).

How to protect your BI investments from M&A risk?

BI Hub

Mergers and acquisitions affect several key factors such as business, legal, human resources, intellectual property, IT, finance, and of course, business intelligence.

CIO 100 US: 9 award-winning government IT projects


King County secures and streamlines property tax exemption process. launched its online Senior Property Tax Exemption application in 2019, it gave seniors and disabled individuals the ability to electronically share photos of the documents required to show proof of eligibility for the program.

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MetLife CFO John McCallion Provides Second Quarter 2022 Financial Update Video

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NEW YORK–( BUSINESS WIRE )–MetLife, Inc. NYSE: MET) today announced that Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John McCallion has provided a second quarter 2022 financial update video. The video can be viewed on the company’s website at [link]. About MetLife. MetLife, Inc.

Data-Driven Business Applications Businesses Can’t Live Without in 2022

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With bespoke software, companies own the intellectual property rights to the software and save themselves from the ongoing licensing costs. There is no question that big data is changing the nature of business in spectacular ways.

What Are State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks and Do They Use AI?

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These threats result in; theft of intellectual property, confidential data, website takeover or destruction, and finally complete sabotage and espionage operations. Artificial intelligence has played a very important role in modern cyber attacks.

7 Benefits of Managed Print Services for Data-Centric Companies

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You will not be surprised because of the many intellectual property thefts or information security breaches. Data-driven businesses must utilize a number of different services and tools to operate successfully.

Pros and Cons of Having a Data-Driven eCommerce Business on Amazon

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Unfortunately, some sellers do indeed forge documents, sell low-quality goods, violate intellectual property rights, etc. There are many ways that you can use big data to create a profitable business.

AI Market Expected to Post Unparalleled Growth in Pandemic Era


Miedema has been working on intellectual property issues for a good part of her professional life. ArchIntel™ -.

Best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

IT Business Edge

With Forcepoint DLP, you can protect your data from accidental or malicious leaks, ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, and prevent intellectual property theft.

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How to Develop a Corporate Social Media Policy


A social media policy protects your company from a variety of legal issues including copyright infringement, privacy laws, HR violations and intellectual property ownership, just to name a few.

Predictive Analytics Drives Criminal Justice Reform with Recidivism Forecasting

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Contestants are encouraged to provide additional intellectual property regarding specific techniques, weighting, or other sensitive decisions. Machine learning technology has been instrumental to the future of the criminal justice system. We have previously talked about the role of predictive analytics in helping solve crimes. However, big data has also led to some concerns with racial profiling and other biases.

Top Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Solutions

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DLP helps protect critical business assets such as intellectual property and sensitive customer data from unauthorized use by detecting when they leave your company’s network perimeter — intentionally or unintentionally.

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North American® and Annexus Launch North American Secure Horizon Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) Suite

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While Goldman Sachs may sponsor one or more of the strategies used in the calculation of the Index, Goldman Sachs was not involved in designing or determining the methodology or other intellectual property used to administer the Index. Loomis Sayles determined and designed the methodology, and is the owner of the intellectual property therein, which is licensed to Goldman Sachs for use in administering and calculating the Index. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. , Oct.

BCG & Hello Tomorrow Track Innovation in Deep Tech Using NetBase Quid


BCG’s report reveals that nearly 70% of deep tech start-ups own at least one patent indicating a reliance on defensible intellectual property.