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OSINT Competitive Intelligence Gathering Can Be Ethical and Legal


The term industrial espionage has garnered an intensely negative connotation over the years, which is why to many industry players it is understood to be an activity that revolves around the unethical if not the illegal. ArchIntel™ -.

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Sales Organizations Use Data-Driven SEO for Revenue Maximization

Smart Data Collective

Loads of information are freely available, and you do not need to be engaged in industrial espionage. A data-driven approach allows companies of any scale to develop SEO and marketing strategies based not on the opinion of individual marketers but on real statistics.

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Competitive Intel: A Complete Definition and Guide


Or you’re the Japanese automobile industry in the 1970’s and you realize that the smaller and more frugal American family demands smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles; so you step in to fill the gap which has hitherto been unnoticed by American companies.