How to Get Started with Competitive Landscape Analysis


If you’re like most people, you can feel your market getting more and more competitive with each passing year. Competitive AnalysisNew startups emerge. Established companies steer into your lane. And all the while, you continue to go head-to-head with familiar foes.

Competitive Analysis Matrix - 6 Ways to Map Your Competitive Landscape


A competitive analysis matrix is a way to illustrate your competitive landscape and easily see where you sit amongst your competitors. It is a popular choice for intelligence teams because you see a great deal of condensed information in one glance.


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Competitive Intelligence Spotlight: Smriti Singh


Evalueserve’s “Competitive Intelligence Spotlight” series puts different competitive intelligence (CI) professionals in the limelight to share their experiences and unique perspectives. EVS: Within Competitive Intelligence, what drove you to focus on sales?

Win/Loss Analysis: Everything You Need to Know


Win/loss analysis is an essential practice for anyone who wants to better understand their competitive landscape and continuously optimize processes across sales, marketing, product management, and beyond. Competitive Analysis

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The 5 Best Brand Positioning Examples We’ve Ever Seen


We’ve talked at length about brand positioning on the Crayon blog—from creating positioning maps to identify where your brand exists in the competitive landscape, to crafting messaging hierarchies that arm your marketing and sales teams with a layered set of selling propositions.

10 Essential Examples of Competitive Intelligence


For those who conduct competitive intelligence, gathering insights in a timely manner can be an enormous struggle. On any given day, there may be hundreds — if not thousands — of signals generated across your competitive landscape. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Matrix Examples: 5 Ways to Compare Competitors


A competitive matrix is a tool that helps you map out where you stand amongst your competitors. A competitive matrix can help you visualize your strengths, weaknesses, and where you can grow as a solution provider. What exactly does a competitive matrix look like and what are the benefits? Analyzing your competitive landscape is key to understanding where and how you fit into the market of available solutions. Competitive Analysis

Three Frameworks for Processing Competitive Analysis Data


There are three competitive analysis frameworks a company can use to its benefit, according to Conor Bond , a content marketing and search engine optimization specialist at Crayon, the provider of a software-driven competitive intelligence platform. Competitive Intelligence News

BeyondTrust Seeks Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager


Cybersecurity company BeyondTrust has announced a vacancy for the role of senior manager of competitive intelligence. The role is focused on competitive and market intelligence , analysis and research across the cybersecurity space. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Tools Companies Can Use to Track Competitors


By employing a competitor tracking system, consumer brands could develop strategic plans and maximize their chances of success, Attest said in an article posted on its website, noting that monitoring the competitive landscape could be time-consuming. Competitive Intelligence News

Four Questions to Ask When Monitoring Your Competitors


The first question to ask when monitoring the competitive landscape and looking for new opportunities is: Who are the major players in the market? The competitive intelligence process always starts with identifying one’s direct competitors. Competitive Intelligence News

Epsilon Hiring Illinois-Based Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager


Outcomes-based marketing company Epsilon is looking to hire a senior competitive intelligence manager who will serve as a market intelligence resource for various stakeholders within the enterprise. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Anaplan Looking for Competitive Intelligence Manager


Planning software company Anaplan is looking to hire a manager of competitive intelligence who will work with in-house stakeholders such as customer success, pre-sales, product management and product marketing team members. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Five Factors Affecting a Competitive Intelligence Team's Efficiency


There are five big factors that affect the efficiency of a company’s competitive intelligence team, according to Peter Grimm , president of Cipher Consulting. The Cipher chief discussed the five factors that drive efficiency in competitive intelligence. Competitive Intelligence News

Moderna Seeking Competitive Intelligence Director for Global Commercial Ops Team


A director of competitive intelligence role is open at Moderna , one of the pharmaceutical companies that has developed a vaccine for COVID-19. In the role, the selected hire will be tasked with providing competitive and strategic insights to monitor the competitive landscape.

KeepTruckin Seeks Senior Product Marketing Manager of Competitive Intelligence


KeepTruckin, a fleet management platform provider , has published a job posting on LinkedIn for a full-time senior product marketing manager of competitive intelligence. The person selected to fill this position will be the company’s go-to expert on the competitive landscape.

Akamai Technologies Recruiting Competitive Intelligence Director for Industry Marketing Team


Akamai Technologies is looking for a director of competitive intelligence who will be part of its industry marketing team. The team is tasked with understanding market trends and analyzing the competitive landscape to provide insights that will improve the company’s go-to-market strategy.

'Extraordinary' Service Delivery is Driven by Human-Bot Collaboration


In his article published on VentureBeat, Karev said that the coronavirus pandemic has put businesses under “significant” operational pressure to improve their approaches to the delivery of services in order to stay competitive. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

York IE Enhances Collaborative Market and CI Research Platform


New Hampshire-based York IE recently launched the teams feature for Fuel, its market and competitive intelligence platform. The company said that as a startup grows, it can become challenging to keep everyone aligned behind the same market strategy and competitive landscape.

Delfi Diagnostics Seeks Competitive Intelligence and Market Research Senior Manager


Delfi Diagnostics is recruiting a competitive intelligence and market research senior manager for placement in its offices in Palo Alto, California. The company, which specializes in early cancer detection , said the position is primarily responsible for leading efforts on global competitive analysis, market research, and product landscape analysis for current and future products. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

IT, Consulting Company Uses Contify Competitive Intelligence Platform to Enhance Marketing Decisions


Competitive intelligence solutions provider Contify has deployed its market and competitive intelligence platform to improve an information technology and consulting company’s process in making marketing decisions. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Applying Benchmarking in Competitive Analysis


Crayon’s marketing manager, Emily Dumas , argued in a new blog post that it is not enough for companies to simply collect competitive intelligence like product information, revenue information and marketing campaign information when conducting a competitive analysis. ArchIntel™ -.

Mailchimp Posts Vacancy for Market Intelligence Manager


The MI manager will lead a team of researchers tasked with monitoring the competitive landscape, analyzing market share in key markets, tracking market trends and disseminating competitive insights. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Tips for Closers

Primary Intelligecne

Knowing the competitive landscape. Knowing the competitive landscape. Unless price is dramatically out of comparison with the competition, the buyer will always go with the solution that best solves their problem over a discounted option.

BetterCloud Seeking Competitive Intelligence Manager


BetterCloud is recruiting a new competitive intelligence manager for its operations in Austin, Denver, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The company said that the role requires candidates who are able to develop a deep technical and strategic understanding of the competitive landscape.

Mobile Infra Company Mason Seeks Product Marketing Manager


The job involves a broad understanding of the competitive landscape to put Mason into a competitive position. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Khoros Hiring Oregon-Based Competitive Intelligence Manager


Khoros , a provider of digital-first customer engagement software, is looking for a manager of competitive intelligence who will join its market intelligence team. The post Khoros Hiring Oregon-Based Competitive Intelligence Manager appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Root Hiring Lead Competitive Intelligence Analyst


Root Insurance , a car insurance firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is looking to hire a lead competitive intelligence analyst who will be responsible for building its competitive intelligence team. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

UserTesting Announces Vacancy for Manager of Competitive Intelligence


Application software firm UserTesting announced that there is a vacancy in its organization for manager of competitive intelligence. The company said that the candidate who will land the position will be the lead competitive analyst in its ranks. Competitive Intelligence News

Paragon Genomics Looking for Product and Marketing Specialist


The associate-level role also places importance on monitoring industry development and the competitive landscape, conducting research and formulating comparisons and product prices. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Addressing Time Constraints in Competitive Intelligence


Data science provider InfoDesk considers time constraints one of the biggest challenges for competitive intelligence teams. According to InfoDesk, the time spent searching, collating and analyzing information from various sources prohibits true competitive intelligence. ArchIntel™ -.

The Five Major Goals of Competitive Intelligence


Conor Bond , a content marketing and search engine optimization specialist at Crayon , recently wrote an article discussing the five goals of competitive intelligence. Competitive intelligence plays a key role in promoting a company’s solutions and getting prospective customers.

5 Questions to Answer When Evaluating Your Competitive Intelligence (CI) Platform


There’s no denying the importance of having a competitive intelligence (CI) platform in the “New Normal”. Are organizations getting the most out of their competitive intelligence platforms? Is a unified view of the competitive landscape offered?

Amazon Recruiting Principal for Product and Customer Insights


The company’s vision of the “right candidate” is one who is passionate about understanding the competitive landscape, analyzing corporate performance and building partnerships within the organization. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Conning is Pleased to Announce its Newest Focus Series- “The New Annuity (Re)insurer Landscape”

Wink Intel

24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The entire annuity competitive landscape is undergoing a seismic restructuring. The Conning Focus Series report, “The New Annuity (Re)insurer Landscape” is the second in a four-part series that Conning is releasing in 2021 to examine the role of new reinsurers, asset managers and capital providers entering this market and the shifting competitive landscape. HARTFORD, Conn. , Aug.

The Importance of Conducting Competitor Positioning Assessments


Lawson Abinanti , a positioning and message strategy expert, argued in an article for Marketing Profs that conducting a competitor positioning assessment is key to competitive intelligence. Despite its importance, Abinanti said understanding competitors’ positioning is an element of competitive analysis that is often overlooked. Abinanti suggests mapping positioning statements to keep track of the competitive landscape. Competitive Intelligence NewsArchIntel™ -.

Tips for Sales Leaders

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With inaccurate forecasts, personnel turnover, and an ever-changing competitive landscape, our revenue goals can seem like they are slipping further and further away. As sales leaders, we face tough challenges.

Sales 163

6 Teams that Need Competitive Insights to Turbocharge Data-Backed Outcomes


Competitive Insights are bits of data and information collected by a competitive intelligence solution enabling business teams to stay ahead of changing markets and increased competition in their industry. Competitive insights are a crucial part of the sales process.

Using competitive intelligence to boost sales

Aqute Intelligence

But how, exactly, can competitive intelligence help salespeople to strike more deals? What is competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence simply means information about your competitors, your industry and emerging threats and opportunities. Competitive intelligence does not involve spying, snooping or accessing private information. How does competitive intelligence help sales teams? They might know how to fly the plane, but they don’t know the landscape.

What do companies do to stay competitive?

Aqute Intelligence

We’re in the business of competitive intelligence, which is a common tactic to mitigate the risks from competitors. Know your competitors Competitive intelligence is really just a big term for a very basic human impulse. Whether your understanding of your competitors comes from a simple check of their websites (or a visit to their stores) or a systematic review of the competitive landscape, you can learn valuable lessons by paying attention to what your competitors are doing.

Skills needed for working in competitive intelligence

Aqute Intelligence

Are you interested in a career in competitive intelligence? The industry is constantly growing as organisations recognise the value of mapping the competitive landscape, and quantifying the threats and opportunities presented by rivals.

How to do competitive intelligence research

Aqute Intelligence

Want to do your own competitive research? The good news is that there’s no secret formula, and anyone can gather competitive intelligence. At Aqute, we’ve spent more than two decades refining our approach to competitive intelligence, and this experience gives us an advantage when it comes to uncovering the most valuable and insightful information. Assuming you’re prepared to do the groundwork, let’s explore what goes into competitive intelligence.