5 Inspiring, Real-World Competitive Advantage Examples


In business, getting a leg up on the competition isn’t easy. And it’s made all the more difficult by the fact that, in most cases, everybody is trying to get an edge on the rest of the field.

How to Use Sales Multi-Threading to Your Advantage


Hitting an early impasse with a prospect is an age-old sales dilemma. “I I was working on an account and had talked to someone a little bit lower in the organization. They said, ‘You need to reach out to our CEO directly,’” recalls Megan Hanisko, manager of sales development at ZoomInfo. “So


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Cyber Expert Talks About OSINT Advantages, Disadvantages and Related Tools


OSINT has various advantages, depending on the goals of an organization and the kind of intelligence being gathered, Rachamalla said. The post Cyber Expert Talks About OSINT Advantages, Disadvantages and Related Tools appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure for Data Preservation and Security

Smart Data Collective

The post Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure for Data Preservation and Security appeared first on SmartData Collective. Data security and data collection are both much more important than ever.

Advantage of Humans Over Computers in Data Management


The post Advantage of Humans Over Computers in Data Management appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Market Intelligence: Definition, Advantages and Examples


The post Market Intelligence: Definition, Advantages and Examples appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog

Smart SMBs Are Taking Advantage of Major Advances in Data Security

Smart Data Collective

The post Smart SMBs Are Taking Advantage of Major Advances in Data Security appeared first on SmartData Collective. A surprisingly large number of SMBs think they’re too small to be targeted by hackers.

Take Advantage Of Operational Metrics & KPI Examples – A Comprehensive Guide

Datapine Blog

By establishing clear operational metrics and evaluate performance, companies have the advantage of using what is crucial to stay competitive in the market, and that’s data. Using data in today’s businesses is crucial to evaluate success and gather insights needed for a sustainable company.

KPI 84

Competitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry


In this article, you'll learn how to find, activate, and articulate your competitive advantage. You’ll discover how to identify unique strengths and innovative offerings that equate to competitive advantage through real, working examples so you can bring them to life in search.

The Advantages of SaaS for Data Security Strategies

Smart Data Collective

As internet connections become speedier and more reliable, businesses and consumers turn to SaaS for its convenience and other advantages. The financial intelligence and analytics company points out the many advantages of software-as-a-service solutions. Instead, it is more practical and logical to be accustomed to the cloud setup and take advantage of cloud solutions to deal with threats and attacks. SaaS advantages for data security.

Competitive advantage and how to gain it

Primary Intelligecne

A competitive advantage is defined as the ability of a company to demonstrate a perceivable difference in their product that elevates it over that of their competitors. Competitive Advantage starts with knowing what the market wants. If your product is, say accounting software, and you focus on time management capabilities, but the market is more concerned with ease of use, you will lose whatever competitive advantage you sought to gain.

Competitive Intelligence – A Perspective on Facts turned into Competitive Advantage

M Brain

The post Competitive Intelligence – A Perspective on Facts turned into Competitive Advantage appeared first on M-Brain Market & Media Intelligence Solutions.

How to Calibrate Your Brand Voice to Your SEO Advantage


This article will show you a few tricks to help develop a unique voice, structure your content, and turn Google’s algorithms to your advantage at the same time

Take Advantage Of Modern CEO Dashboards – Examples And Templates

Datapine Blog

But more importantly, giving them the possibility to drill down into central KPIs on their own or during a business meeting with other C-level executives by taking advantage of modern, interactive dashboards , and by avoiding static reports, insights and possibilities are endless.

YouTube Takeover: Digital Advertisers Take Advantage of Video


The first rule of advertising is to "be where your customers are". And this year, your customers are most likely at home, in their pajamas, watching YouTube. Technology Streaming & Video

Take Advantage Of Professional Social Media Reports – Examples & Templates

Datapine Blog

Exclusive Bonus Content: Take Full Advantage of Social Platforms! You have to use data to your advantage, and use it well by choosing the right digital marketing KPIs that will help in your overall social strategy. Exclusive Bonus Content: Take Full Advantage of Social Platforms!

7 Advantages of Using Encryption Technology for Data Protection

Smart Data Collective

One of the top advantages of modern encryption technology is that you can apply it to all or most of the tech devices you use. Data Encryption Could Provide a Competitive Advantage. The post 7 Advantages of Using Encryption Technology for Data Protection appeared first on SmartData Collective. Data breaches are becoming more common in today’s society. Hackers know they can sell compromised information on the dark web or use it for purposes such as blackmail.

7 Ways To Use Big Data To Your Advantage On Social Media

Smart Data Collective

Businesses can use big data in many capacities, but those who use it for social media are at a huge advantage. Here are seven advantageous ways to do so. The post 7 Ways To Use Big Data To Your Advantage On Social Media appeared first on SmartData Collective.

Take Advantage Of The Top 16 Sales Graphs And Charts To Boost Your Business

Datapine Blog

In the long run, that’s a pretty powerful competitive advantage. 62% of retail businesses report a clear competitive advantage by leveraging information and analytics as a core part of their business activities. Billionaire Tilman Fertitta walks into the room.

Big Data Meets Divorce: How Companies Take Advantage Of Life Changes

Smart Data Collective

What many consumers don’t realize is that companies are using this information to take advantage of their major life changes , including divorce. Taking advantage of their susceptibility to alcohol abuse would seem unconscionable, but here we are. But in a world, that’s no-holds-barred, advertisers will take advantage of these life events and the consumption changes that come with them. Big data is everywhere.

5 Advantages of a Mobile CMMS

Better Buys

Ask any maintenance technician in an equipment-heavy facility to describe a typical day to you, and more often than not, the word “chaos” will come up. Even in the most streamlined facilities, breakdowns and problems can come out of nowhere to knock everyone off-balance, and technicians are frequently required to be in two places at […]. CMMS mobile CMMS

Investors Heritage Launches Heritage Income Advantage to Offer Innovative Guaranteed Retirement Income

Wink Intel

–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company (“Investors Heritage”) today announced the launch of a new fixed index annuity – the Heritage Income Advantage (“HIA”) – to help policyholders protect assets from market downturns, grow retirement savings, and secure a lifetime income stream. “We The Heritage Income Advantage is a single premium, deferred fixed indexed annuity (FIA) issued by Investors Heritage. FRANKFORT, Ky.–(

As Investors Seek Protection and Growth, Lincoln Level Advantage® Tops Registered Index-linked Annuity Sales In 2020

Wink Intel

–( BUSINESS WIRE )–During a year when investors and financial professionals alike sought solutions that offered protection for retirement assets, Lincoln Financial Group’s (NYSE: LNC) industry-recognized annuity, Lincoln Level Advantage , surpassed $5 billion in sales – becoming the number one selling registered index-linked annuity (RILA) in the industry for 2020 1. About Lincoln Level Advantage. RADNOR, Pa.–(

4 Ways Big Data Systems Are Informing The Fight Against COVID-19

Smart Data Collective

Big Data big data advantages covid-19 vaccine searchWe learn something new about the COVID-19 pandemic every day.

Using Porter’s Competitive Strategies In Your Business


By basing the core elements of their competitive strategy on one of Porter’s approaches, organizations can take their first steps toward building a sustainable competitive advantage. Porter’s competitive strategies offer organizations of all shapes and sizes a valuable roadmap towards success.

Top 4 Reasons an In-House Fuld + Company Consultant Boosts Companies’ Strategy + Intelligence Capabilities


Blog Posts CI Process Competitive Advantage Competitive Intelligence Competitive Strategy Early Warning + Monitoring Strategic PlanningAs company-leaders plan for the year ahead, they should consider why a 3 rd party on-site strategic intelligence resource might be good for business.

Fuld + Company Enters Exclusive Partnership with Last Mile Insight, LLC to Expand Sales Intelligence Offerings


The new partnership will deliver clients more robust sales intelligence about their customers and prospects, fueling account-based sales efforts. Boston, MA.

Sales 52

B2B Marketing’s Missing Objective: Creating a Home Field Advantage

Digital B2B Marketing

But what if you could have home field advantage too? Home Field Advantage in B2B Marketing Someday, I want to own a new BMW. For Goldman Sachs it is an incredible home field advantage. If you want that advantage, you need to look beyond your audience’s needs and priorities and become the company they aspire to work with. Is it a level playing field or are you creating a home team advantage? What companies do you want to work with?

What is Competitive Strategy?


A competitive strategy dictates how an organization can build a competitive advantage over competitors, and in turn create a superior market position that enables them to perform better in the long term.

They are market research. We are competitive intelligence. Who wins?


blog competitive strategy corporate training education front page Market intelligence Uncategorized business intelligence competitive advantage competitive intelligence competitive intelligence training market intelligenceThis is a stupid question, but not completely without corporate context. Ben Gilad just finished teaching at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence winter core certification. CIP-I ) program with Troy Pfeffer and Heather Hallenbeck.

Why Strategic Business Leaders Should Question Fifth Generation Technology’s Readiness


Blog Posts 5G China Competitive Advantage Diversified Industries Information Technology New Entrant StrategyWe Debunk 3 Popular Myths Amidst an International Race to 5G. As the pace of disruption increases , Fuld + Company acutely monitors disruptors with the power to upend a variety of industries, especially those that bring immense transformation on a global scale.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Competitive Strategy on Track


Executed right, a comprehensive competitive strategy enables organizations to build strategic advantages over their competitors and create a defensible market position. A strong competitive strategy is essential to the growth and success of any organization.

Competitor Monitoring Starts from Within


Building an understanding of your competitors core competencies, competitive advantages, and positioning can help inform your own strategy; but it should not define it entirely. The practice of monitoring your organization’s competitors is as old as time, and with good reason.

Tips for Conducting a Competitive Product Analysis


To be successful in a crowded marketplace, it is important to understand the competitive advantages of your company’s solution against its alternatives.

4 Must-Ask Questions For Your Win/Loss Interviews


Win/loss analysis—the process of determining why deals are won or lost—yields insights that practically everyone across your organization can use to their advantage.

Loss 505

3 Ways to Find & Leverage Your Competitors' Weaknesses


Right now, your competitors are making trade-offs — which means they have weaknesses that you can use to your advantage. Today, we’ll discuss three ways to find your competitors’ weaknesses and three ways to use those weaknesses to your advantage.

5 Things You Should Know About "People Also Ask" & How to Take Advantage


The first part of the post focuses on five things I've learned about People Also Ask, while the second part outlines some ideas on how to take advantage of such features. From an opportunity standpoint, the number of questions you can scrape to take advantage of will vary. Now that we've covered some interesting facts, how can we take advantage of PAA? Tactics to take advantage of PAAs.

11 Essential Sales Enablement Statistics for 2021


Maybe you’re building a business case for the formalization of a sales enablement strategy and looking for quantitative data that you can use to your advantage. Sales enablement statistics are useful for a number of reasons.

8 Free Market Research Tools & Resources for 2021


With that being said, those with large budgets do enjoy certain advantages. Conducting market research is never an easy task — it presents challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How Microsoft is Reactivating its Workforce During The Pandemic

Timo Elliot

But I’d like to drill a little bit into this dial notion—because it sounds like going” back to normal” is the end state, whereas I believe strongly that we should take the advantage of the new opportunities of these new environments.

IT 63

How Midsize Businesses Leaders Turn Extreme Stress Into Grit And Creativity

Timo Elliot

Those who are most agile in reaping these advantages will grab market share from those who don’t adapt fast enough. Dreams are powerful. They inspire every company founder to lead their business with a clear purpose and vision.

Insight everywhere: The state of analytics in 2020


For decades, those armed with the business intelligence class of analytics tools have plumbed financial and logistical databases to identify new business opportunities, flag weaknesses, and gain competitive advantage.

How to target and understand your competition’s experts


Many sources of a competitor’s competitive advantage may often be categorized in one of four categories: People Processes Tools Past performance. Use it to your advantage to understand threat levels of competitors and…perhaps…who you want to hire away.