Measuring Business Performance in Pandemic Business Environment Demands More Competitive Intelligence


Measuring the performance of businesses has become much more complicated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The post Measuring Business Performance in Pandemic Business Environment Demands More Competitive Intelligence appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Utilize The Potential Of Digital Dashboards In A Business Environment

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And, as a business, if you use your data wisely, you stand to reap great rewards. Data brings a wealth of invaluable insights that could significantly boost the growth and evolution of your business. A testament to the power of digital dashboards in a business environment.


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5 Best Practices to Reap the Benefits of Data Democratization


Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) tools enable organizations to drive greater meaning from their data to protect revenue streams, minimize risk, adapt to rapidly changing business environments, and better serve their customers.

How To Enhance Your Analytics with Insightful ML Approaches

Smart Data Collective

There are a lot of benefits of using analytics to help run a business. This is why businesses are looking to leverage machine learning (ML). They need a more comprehensive analytics strategy to achieve these business goals.

Efficiency, performance, and security; the three priorities that new IT investment should focus on


As the broader economy and business environment continues to recover and rebound, there is an opportunity for IT leaders to leverage increased budgets to strategically invest in and prepare for new approaches to enterprise technology. Business Process Management, CPUs and Processors

Efficiency, performance, and security; the three priorities that new IT investment should focus on


As the broader economy and business environment continues to recover and rebound, there is an opportunity for IT leaders to leverage increased budgets to strategically invest in and prepare for new approaches to enterprise technology. Business Process Management, CPUs and Processors

Data Democratization: Think of It as Home Renovation


The focus of this article is on data democratization within the business enterprise, but the concepts and approaches involved in implementing this type of initiative are worth considering for any kind of major change within an organization.

How Contact Center Software is Changing How Customer Service is Done

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According to Fortune Business Insights, the market is expected to expand from $30.74 Businesses that understand the importance of providing the best customer service possible to the consumers who support them are increasingly turning to contact center solutions. They’re just as likely to want to contact businesses via email, SMS, chat, video, messaging apps, and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

White Paper – Preparing Your Business for Digital Transformation (Dx) and Data Literacy

Elegant BI

A properly structured initiative will prepare the business for an ever-changing market and business environment and make the business and its team members agile, nimble, and capable of responding to change.

How democratized technology is redefining the CIO landscape


As the borders between business and IT blur, there’s a massive opportunity for forward-thinking CIOs to rethink how they work and lead their organizations, and accepting LCNC platforms to operate smarter and faster achieves sharp breakthrough gains in corporate profitability and efficiency.

AIOps: How Businesses Adapted, and IT Departments Advanced, During the Pandemic


Almost overnight, the pandemic exposed many of the weaknesses of IT departments in the modern business environment. The post AIOps: How Businesses Adapted, and IT Departments Advanced, During the Pandemic appeared first on DATAVERSITY.

Can You Trust Your Data?


In order to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive business environment, companies must be committed to data. Click to learn more about author Craig Stewart. Data needs to truly be at the heart of every decision an organization makes, but this is easier said than done.

5 Ways Data Provenance Can Benefit Your Business


In addition to enabling trust and security, data provenance creates efficiencies for data scientists and opens up new lines of business. In a business environment where online trust is low, regulations such as GDPR are forcing […].

In the Midst of Change: What Can We Expect in Data and Technology for 2021


Responses and adaptations to a rapidly different business environment accelerated change in how businesses function and their uses of data and technology. Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar.

Unlocking the Role of Big Data in Facilities Management


Facilities management is a broad discipline that involves the management and optimization of a businessenvironment, property, equipment, and people to achieve maximum process efficiency, personnel comfort, and organizational productivity. Click to learn more about author Ray Brosnan.

Spelling out the need for CFOs and CIOs to speak the same language


But modern innovations like cloud-based tools, AI, and blockchains are shifting that narrative, and organizations need a CIO who can contextualize how technology is creating value for the business. CFOs are math-oriented in how they view business health and investment priorities.

Cloud Economics – Leveraging Business Value Through Cloud


Today, the metric for success of cloud native services is measured by cost efficiency, business agility, and the speed of business transformation. Cloud has become more than a technology transformation driver; it is now recognized as a business transformation accelerator.

How Automation Can Transform Enterprise Visibility and Improve Resilience


As organizations brace for challenging economic conditions, they will need to be strategic and flexible on where they spend their resources to maintain business resilience. Rather than spending time firefighting, teams can focus on tasks that bring value to the business.

8 traits of highly efficient CIOs


Efficient CIOs also work hard to generate maximum business value, an attribute that management colleagues are sure to notice and appreciate. The meeting calendar should maintain a balance of business, supplier/partner, project management office, and IT staff gatherings, VanCuren says.

SD-WAN Helping Financial Services Achieve Greater Digital Agility, Cybersecurity


The shift to a digital business environment in financial services began well before the pandemic pushed it and other sectors to more rapidly embrace digital transformation. That won’t work in today’s digital environment, where customer experience is the top priority.

The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence


Once viewed as a niche area handled by somebody with the background of a CIA operative, we have seen tremendous growth in businesses adopting and implementing best practices to change how work is done and how intelligence is applied to business issues.

6 traits of data-driven enterprises


Data is becoming increasingly valuable, especially from a business perspective,” says Lakshmanan Chidambaram, president of Americas strategic verticals at global IT consulting firm Tech Mahindra. Data gives businesses a competitive advantage.

SASE delivers secure modern working for IVE Group


The Modern enterprise needs to use tools that are secure, easy to access and maintain while supporting complex functions in a fast-moving business environment. Businesses, such as the IVE Group, needed to support hybrid workforces to work securely from any location.

Give Your Users Mobile BI tools and Achieve Social BI!

Elegant BI

Mobile BI Encourages Collaboration and Social Business Intelligence! If you are looking for a business intelligence solution, be sure to consider the Mobile BI factor. Mobile business intelligence is a necessity in today’s business environment.

Why Use Interactive Financial Dashboards for Reporting? A Complete Guide


This tool has become a go-to solution for enabling people in business environments to […]. Click to learn more about author Ashok Sharma. Humans process visual data far more quickly and effectively than other ways of presenting information.

How OSINT Can Be Used for Commercial Due Diligence


According to Neubert, there is an increasing need among companies to quickly gain a deep understanding of potential customers and suppliers in light of the rapid onboarding process taking place in today’s business environment. ArchIntel™ -.

Top Use Cases for Data Management Automation


When it comes to the business environment, data is crucial for effective decision-making, which makes it a highly valuable resource. Click to learn more about author Daniel Pullen.

The sky is the limit with great BI. See what other businesses are doing!

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There’s is NO Question about the value and Importance of Business Intelligence in TODAY’S Business Environment! Just look what other Businesses are Doing!

Benefits of Human Touch in Fulfilling Orders in E-Commerce


Matt Hertz , founder of Second Marathon, an e-commerce supply chain consulting business, argued that human touch will continue to be a critical aspect in achieving order fulfillment for companies in the e-commerce and logistics industries. ArchIntel™ -.

The small business CIO with big lessons for enterprise IT chiefs


Small and medium business’ CIOs have much to teach larger enterprises, according to Fabienne Wintle, CIO of Navii, the Australian government-backed platform that supports small and medium businesses going digital. I really saw that there was something to be done for smaller businesses.

Latest progress at Stellar

Stellar Consulting

Binokula lets you empower your business partners, customers and even the community at large with clear insight so they can make better decisions anytime, anywhere. Stellar and Talend. Great news! Stellar has finalised the partnership agreement with Talend.

Contify, a Competitive Intelligence Solution Provider, Ranks in World’s Fastest Growing SaaS Companies for 2020


For over a decade, Contify’s award-winning Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform has made it easy for businesses across a diverse spectrum of industries, geographies, and functions to track their competitors, customers, and industry segments.

The Best CRM Software for Every Type of Business


The buyer’s journey today spans a growing number of touchpoints, and people expect the businesses that they interact with to know more about them as the relationship grows beyond marketing and sales nurture to encompass support , success and even advocacy.

New CI Magazine article - Big Data Can Boost the Value of CI


The massive investment in big data could be much better served by being more oriented to better understanding the external business environment. Big Data Can Boost the Value of CI (@CI Magazine).


How Intelligence Connector Helps Pharma Refine Product Offerings


And this is evidenced by the growing use of business intelligence (BI) tools. As every business is unique, each framework is built ready to accommodate modifications and customization. Deploying Intelligence Connector will start with understanding your business objectives.