Sports and Entertainment Trends Shift, Spike & Set the Stage for 2022


Staying on top of these shifts and entertainment trends throughout 2022 using market research will be critical when attempting to keep pace with consumer mindset shifts. The rise of sports entertainment trends via streaming and in-person events. Sports and Entertainment: Then Vs. Now.

25 Entertainment Key Opinion Leaders to Watch


And there are so many more Entertainment KOLs to choose from, so we’ve selected 20 more that will be sure to get some masterful marketing ideas brewing. In-Your-Face Entertainers. The post 25 Entertainment Key Opinion Leaders to Watch appeared first on NetBase Quid.


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The Role of Analytics and BI in the Entertainment Industry

Smart Data Collective

What Businesses Belong to the Entertainment Industry? When one thinks of the entertainment industry, the things that come to mind first are movies, theaters, concert venues, and sporting events. However, this year’s entertainment looks different. How Does the Entertainment Industry Benefit from BI and Analytics? The number one task of the entertainment industry is to deliver personalized content to the customer.

Social Media Analytics for Capturing Social Buzz in Entertainment Industry


More often, we analyze editorial and individual user accounts that are interested in entertainment including film, TV and music. Generally, the entertainment industry is fun to work in, but I think what excites me the most about my job specifically is getting client briefs that require devising a bespoke methodology and approach to social data. The post Social Media Analytics for Capturing Social Buzz in Entertainment Industry appeared first on NetBase Quid.

Entertainment brand index 2019 Q3


Every quarter we survey British consumers on their brand awareness and preferences in relation to the entertainment industry. To jump straight to our 2019 entertainment brand index report, click below: Click to view research.

Entertainment brand index 2019 Q3


Every quarter we survey British consumers on their brand awareness and preferences in relation to the entertainment industry. To jump straight to our 2019 entertainment brand index report, click below: Click to view research. In any given quarter a lot can change in the entertainment sector; you could binge watch 10 series of a show, a new film could break box office records, or a new season of sports launches on TV.

KHS acquires Scandia Packaging Machinery, plans to enter candy, cosmetics, and entertainment media sectors

DC Velocity

Deal allows KHS to meet rising demand for smaller single-serve products, firm says. Material Handling

The Music Streaming Wars: Spotify Outspends Amazon Music on Digital Ads


EntertainmentFor music lovers, Spotify is practically synonymous with music streaming. And for good reason: The streaming giant says it had 172 million paid subscribers and 381 million monthly active users as of October 2021 — more than any other music streaming service.

Hitting the slopes - How digital strategy is shaping up for ski & mountain resorts


EntertainmentSki and snowboard resorts were one of the first business categories to take a major hit during the first wave of COVID lockdown orders in March 2020. Now, in 2021, industry demand has slowly but surely recovered as domestic travel edges back up to pre-pandemic levels.

From Raw Data to Visualization: Marvel Social Graph Analysis

Smart Data Collective

Last year, we talked about the growing importance of big data in the entertainment industry. Analytics Big Data Data Visualization SmartData Collective Exclusive Social Media Analytics big data in business data visualization entertainment industry

2021 Golden Globes Roundup: Digital Ad Strategies From This Year's Winners


featured Streaming & Video Entertainment2020 was no ordinary year for movies and TV, with many theater premieres canceled or pushed back, major motion pictures released straight to streaming, and production halted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Return of the Blockbuster: Digital Advertising, Post Pandemic


EntertainmentIn one of the larger business model shifts during the pandemic, Warner Brothers announced it would host its entire 2021 film slate simultaneously in theaters, and on HBO Max, causing quite the stir in the industry, and an equally joyous reaction from movie fans.

Building a Time Machine with Digital Advertising


Streaming & Video EntertainmentEngaging customers through nostalgia in advertising is nothing new.

A Sellers Market: Analyzing Real Estate Digital Spend in a Pandemic World


EntertainmentBuying a home is considered the American dream, but during a pandemic, that dream swiftly vanished, especially for real estate brands trying to advertise to consumers who, ironically, were stuck in their homes.

Paramount+ Outspends Competitors Ahead of Launch


Streaming & Video EntertainmentThe streaming wars are raging in 2021 and the arena is stacked with old and new players. Companies are leaning on digital ads to entice new subscribers with exclusive content, new releases, and beloved classics.

HBO Max outspends Disney, Amazon for January’s highest-spending digital advertiser


Streaming & Video EntertainmentNew streaming brands such as Peacock TV, Discovery Plus, Apple TV+, and Disney+ have hit the advertising circuit heavily since launching in 2020 — but none (including usual heavy hitters Netflix and Hulu) have spent more in 2021 than HBO Max.

Happy (B)Earth Day! Doing our Part in Digital Advertising


EntertainmentGranted, we're aware this isn't Earth's actual birthday. But, at 4.543 billion years old - give or take a thousand - it's the day we pay homage to the only planet we've ever called home. That is, until Elon Musk colonizes Mars. But, we digress.

Using Real-Time Consumer Insights to Accelerate and Optimize Ad Sales Revenue


In order to remain competitive in the pursuit of advertising dollars and user engagement, media and entertainment companies must stay relevant and updated on the continuously evolving preferences of today’s audiences. Blog Page Media & Entertainment

Summer of Love: Dating Sites and Post-Pandemic Digital Advertising


EntertainmentNot since the 60's has a nation had so much pent up tension and longing for intimate connection - and back then, the only place you could swipe right was a rotary phone. Now, love is just a click away! Well, except for that whole pandemic-quarantine thing?

Uber v. Lyft - How Covid affected digital spend & consumer and driver app downloads


EntertainmentIt's been a year for ride-share advertisers, and the drivers that keep them on the road. With quarantine in full force, the customer base dried up, with few, if any, willing to catch a ride with a stranger, mask or no mask.

Back to the Movies! How Digital Advertising Faired for Theater Chains


featured EntertainmentThere's been no shortage of content to watch as the streaming platforms have exploded during the last year.

2020 Was a Roller Coaster of a Year For Theme Parks. But New Ads Show They're Making a Comeback


Entertainment COVID-19The epicenters for family fun and thrills in America were dealt a harsh blow in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the growing health crisis forced theme park giants to suspend operations and hit the brakes on all new ride and attraction projects. Second-quarter reports from 2020 painted a bleak picture of the theme park industry. Attendance staggered to a halt while revenues declined by more than 90% over a three month period.

The Current State of OTT and What It Means for Advertisers


Americans are spending more time at home and looking for socially distant ways to entertain. Agency Blog Page Consumer Insights Data In the News Media & Entertainment News & Press ott streamingThis is a breakout time for OTT media services.

Consumer Intelligence Data Firm Resonate Experiences Record Growth and Revenue in 2020


Agency Blog Page Brand Company In the News Media & Entertainment News & Press Politics & Advocacy Press Release NewsBrands Rely on Resonate’s A.I. Driven, Real-Time Consumer Insights and Activation as Consumer Behavior Shifts During Pandemic. RESTON, Va.,

Resonate Unveils Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution, Enabling Marketers to Continue Personalized, Cross-Channel Engagement in a Privacy-First World


Agency Blog Page Brand Consumer Insights Data Digital Advertising Media & Entertainment News & Press Politics & Advocacy Press Release Voter Insights consumer privacy cookieless world Google post-cookie privacy

How Up-And-Coming Music Companies Use Big Data For Optimal Results

Smart Data Collective

Big Data SmartData Collective Exclusive big data entertainment industry music music companies music industryBig data has brought major changes to countless industries. Healthcare, finance, criminal justice, and manufacturing have all been touched by advances in big data. However, big data is also transforming other industries. The music industry is relying more on big data than ever. Darren Heitner wrote a great article on Inc. About the way that big data is revolutionizing the industry.

Changing Trends in the Conversations Surrounding Earth Day and the Environment


Others, like BTS and numerous entertainers, are literally getting their show back on the road in 2022. From postponed weddings to the cancellation of international sporting events, the onset of the pandemic derailed events, movements, and agendas across the globe.

Top DIgital Advertisers in 2021 H1


Amidst a budding new normal, household names in e-commerce, streaming entertainment, and CPG thrived in the first half of 2021. Pathmatics 2021 H1 Advertiser report is here with all the juicy details

Kids' Kits Invest in Digital Ads


During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents — weary of playing cards, puzzles, and board games — were desperate for something to keep kids active and entertained.

Effective Marketing Strategies in 2021 Have These 5 Elements


Branded Entertainment. We love to be entertained. Some brands have caught on to this and are producing a form of entertainment that doesn’t feel like advertising. The idea is that when you provide entertainment, you’re likely to build awareness through social sharing.

The Washington Post Seeks Senior Product Marketing Manager


The company said that it is on the hunt for a highly motivated, self-starting individual to tell the story of its products to both marketing and digital teams across its enterprise brand as well as in media and entertainment verticals. ArchIntel™ -.

Bid Low + Be Acceptable on Technical = Win?


Exploring the ever-entertaining GAO Protest Docket yielded some interesting trends and takeaways to characterize the bidding environment. The age-old debate of “submitting a technically acceptable proposal and a very aggressive bid leads to a win” is one we hear constantly. .

Win 130

December 1st, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates Granular Detail on Each Dataset at Your Fingertips You can now see how many public and private companies are covered, as well as history for each of Thinknum's 35+ datasets. Get granular insights directly at your fingertips. Explore our data coverage here.

4 Mobile trends that will drive engagement in 2021


Health + travel and entertainment (12:08). Acoustic recently hosted a Mobile Trends 2021 webinar sharing considerations for marketers regarding how to maximize impact from first and third-party mobile apps.

[Infographic]: How to Connect With Today’s Personal Values Shopper


Blog Page Brand Consumer Insights Data Media & Entertainment infographicConsumers today are faced with choice overload, and new factors are impacting the buying decisions and shopping behaviors of the modern shopper every day. Everything from a company’s charity donations to their online reviews influences a consumer’s decision about who they’ll do business with. How can your business leverage these factors to gain a competitive edge?