Will Machine Learning Save The Struggling Airline Industry?

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In June, Aviation Today published a great article on the state of machine learning and AI in the airline industry. The airline industry has started relying more on machine learning technology as new challenges threaten to cripple its business. What Is Airline Revenue Management?

Southwest Airlines Ads and Facebook Digital Marketing | Facebook


Even after receiving a government bailout, Southwest Airlines ended 2020 with a $3.1 billion loss, down 64.9% from 2019. CEO Gary Kelly reported Southwest is still losing $17 million a day and that revenue will need to double from current levels to break-even.


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A tale of three airlines: How JetBlue, United and Delta braved through their worst year


The commercial aviation industry is attempting to make a comeback from its pandemic-induced fallout. Despite favorable tailwinds, the road to recovery will almost certainly drag into 2021 and beyond. Travel COVID-19

Descartes acquires airline mail tracking firm for $25.5 million

DC Velocity

Velocity Mail platform will complement company's freight visibility tools for cross-border e-commerce, Descartes says. Technology

Delta rolls out GPS tracking for urgent international shipments

DC Velocity

'Equation Critical' available from three cities so far, airline says. Transportation

Collecting Business Intelligence Using Social Listening Tools


Ranola makes use of the BPI tool to get a snapshot of which airlines consumers love and hate. The analysis shows that American low-cost airline JetBlue is beloved by consumers compared to its competitors, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

April 22nd, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


AppLovin Job Listings Breg Eversana Medical Guardian Viant Medical Thread Research Porch BeachBody AppLovin CORE Group Crossmark Acosta Coursera Frontier Airlines Cricut. Product Updates Predict Auto Industry Sales Our car inventory dataset tracks the daily inventories of all major online dealerships through each vehicle’s unique VIN identification number. Users can filter by brand, year, car model, location and other attributes to predict car sales in real time.

Applying Human Intelligence Can Reduce Accidents in Aviation Sector


Current human resource development theories stress that integrating human factors and resource management principles into an airline’s culture is the first line of defense against avoidable mishaps, he added. ArchIntel™ -.

Building Loyalty Evolves with Data, Smartphones, and Personalization


Sure, we could reminisce about the roots of loyalty programs in the 1700s, when devoted customers received special tokens, but instead, let’s start in the early 1980s, when much of the airline industry waded into what one would consider modern customer loyalty.

Distributed Banking: Optimizing Channels for Deposit Growth


Banking is evolving to an approach quite similar to the distribution model of airline ticket sales. Airlines optimize sales performance by balancing the distribution of bookings across channels, for which banking will need to adopt a similar strategy.

Millennials, What Will It Take for You to Buy Life Insurance?

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As they go, they earn an in-game currency called YuCoin, which players can then convert into Amazon gift cards, clothing discounts, and airline miles. YuLife is something of a cross between Fortnite and a Fitbit. In the mobile game, players compete against one another to rack up bike miles and meditation hours. They can access hundreds of virtual worlds—collectively known as the “Yuniverse”—each of which represents a level with its own set of real-life tasks.

Weave Alternative Data into Your Long-Term Investment Strategies


A snapshot of the popularity of Google Play app ratings for major airlines. An Investor’s Guide to long-Term Success Weave Alternative Data Insights into Your Investment Strategy Alternative data provides an investing edge across a myriad of industries.

Weave Alternative Data into Your Long-Term Investment Strategies


A snapshot of the popularity of Google Play app ratings for major airlines. An Investor’s Guide to long-Term Success Weave Alternative Data Insights into Your Investment Strategy Alternative data provides an investing edge across a myriad of industries.

Keys to Winning More: Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast Round Up

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Jamie’s workshops have been delivered across 6 continents, for brands such as Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Oracle, American Airlines & Intel.

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Competitor highlights: Raytheon Technologies


Raytheon…a GOVCON mega-competitor. Just over a year ago, Raytheon and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) underwent a massive merger to create Raytheon Technologies.

Sentiment Analysis: A Primer for B2B Marketers


Example: When you think of crisis management, one industry jumps out in particular and that’s airlines. From lost baggage to delayed flights, airline customers are quick to voice complaints online. Some airlines respond immediately and offer real assistance to the disgruntled customer. After this negative experience, the airline loses this particular customer to a competitor that has a more positive reputation. How do people feel about your company?

How to Conduct A Thematic Analysis


An example would be filtering for boarding or baggage issues for airlines. Using the airline example once more, let’s say you have identified several themes surrounding your brand that you would like to keep tabs on.

Distributed Banking: Optimizing Channels for Loan Growth


Some airlines, particularly low-cost carriers, opted out of providing seatback in-flight entertainment. The smartphone and tablet era enabled airlines to innovate with in-flight WiFi, leapfrogging into streaming entertainment with a bring-your-own-device model.

China Sustainability Newsletter – November 2021


Xiamen Airlines Introduces Country’s First Carbon-neutral Ticket. Xiamen Airlines, in alliance with Industrial Bank, has launched China’s first carbon-neutral airline tickets. The carbon-neutral tickets, being sold on Xiamen Airlines’ APP platform, covers all airlines.

US Power Sector’s Post-Pandemic Recovery to Trigger Major Changes, Fierce Competition


Blandon spent the initial years of her professional life working in the airline industry. She was a senior analyst of merchandising and planning at Continental Airlines. ArchIntel™ -.

US Aerospace Sector Poised to Take Off After Pandemic Slowdown


Widebodied airliners, which previously enjoyed great demand because of hefty passenger traffic, saw a 54 percent drop in deliveries. ArchIntel™ -.

3 Top Social Metrics and Why They Matter


Below, we see social conversations for a major US airline over the past 30 days: Sentiment metrics for major US airline showing one month’s performance in earned media.

Conference activity down 57% in early 2021 compared to one year earlier


The lack of events in early 2021 trickles down to other industries, such as airlines, hotels, and tourism. Back in February 2020, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona canceled its gathering due to rising cases of COVID-19.

Cross-selling and Upselling in 2020


The cross-sell comes as airlines around the world “try to employ their idled resources during the pandemic and tap into people’s desire to fly when most planes are grounded.” Interesting tidbit: The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5–20%.

Are the Special Forces losing their “special” designation?


For example, the high profitability of the Pharmaceutical industry vs the low profitability of airlines. Enhancing US Army SOF Transitions During Unconventional Warfare By Leonard Casiple, PSYOP/SF, Gary Harrington, USMC/SF/CIA and Benjamin Gilad, PhD. Introduction.

AI marketing: How to leverage the innovative tech for e-commerce


Airlines are examples of companies that get a lot of customer service activity. And for a rapidly growing airline, that can be overwhelming. When you think of artificial intelligence (AI) your mind is naturally drawn to Skynet or Blade Runner.

NetBase Quid Welcomes Rival IQ!


NetBase Quid is the trusted partner of other household names as well, including Ogilvy, T-Mobile, United Airlines, YUM!

Google Sunsets Broad Match Modifier. Is it the Start of A New Era?


If we were bidding on the keyword query, for example, “Flights from Houston to Boston,” it may have also appeared for searches for “Flights from Boston to Houston,” even if the airline didn’t have the tickets. Google Ads gave us an early Valentine’s Day gift.

Comparing and Understanding Benchmarking Types


Crosstab analysis comparing airlines. In this fast-moving world, businesses that use benchmarking comparisons to continuously improve their products, services, and processes up to date will ultimately win. And we have several types to consider. What is Benchmarking?

4 Industries Benefiting from Data-Driven Mobile App Development

Smart Data Collective

Travel agencies, hotels and airlines have long been utilizing data-driven app development to analyze consumer travel patterns and demand. As technology continues to evolve, industry leaders are paving the way by using new and emerging capabilities to their advantage.

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How Germany’s PtL Roadmap For Aviation Fuel Outlines Its Larger Green Plans


215,000 commercial flights by 40 airlines used SAF between 2008-2019. is the share of fuel in airline operating costs in 2019, compared with 13% in 2001. This will have a bearing on the next major expenseto airline operators, when time comes to upgrade their fleets.

Why Data Driven Decision Making is Your Path To Business Success

Datapine Blog

3) Southwest Airlines. A data driven decision holds an incredible level of value across all industries, but one sector widely-known to benefit from such insights is the airline industry. We read about it everywhere.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Guide for Brands


Here’s a look at a recent spike on the search “airlines”: If you’re an airline brand – or even a brand in the travel industry overall – understanding what’s behind this sudden spike in positivity is important.

Competitive Intel: A Complete Definition and Guide


Say, for instance, you’re an airline; you find out that a competing airline has reduced the ticket price for a certain route and you do the same to maintain your customer base. While competitors may be a nuisance, competition is an integral part of business.


Consumer & Market Intelligence Sophistication is a Key Indicator of Business Success


For example, will the airline industry come roaring back on the back of widespread vaccine rollouts? For example, in this Crosstab analysis of JetBlue and Spirit Airlines with airline industry themes, we see strengths and weaknesses to inform competitive understanding.