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Is competitive intelligence the responsibility of one person? Competitive Intelligence StrategyWhat does the compete department at your company look like? Two people? A whole team?

What's in Your Competitive Intelligence Tech Stack?


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7 Market Research Examples for Competitive Intelligence


Market research is an important––but often overlooked––element of the wider Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) process. In many organizations market research and competitive intelligence report into different areas of a company. Competitive Intelligence Market Research

A Comprehensive Introduction to Competitive Intelligence


Competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of tracking, analyzing, and activating information related to your competitors. Competitive Intelligence

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst: Career Path & FAQs


The field of market and competitive intelligence (M/CI) is growing fast, and there’s more demand than ever for Competitive Intelligence Analysts. Competitive Intelligence

The State of Competitive Intelligence: Q2 2021


Welcome to the State of Competitive Intelligence Update, a quarterly report from the Knowledge360® team at Cipher. Today we're sharing the latest insights from the world of Competitive Intelligence (CI). Competitive Intelligence

What is Competitive Intelligence?


Competitive intelligence, often referred to as CI, is at the heart of every high-performing organization. By practicing competitive intelligence, organizations can take steps to stay ahead of their competition, maximize business performance, and ensure sustainable long-term success.

The State of Competitive Intelligence: Q4 2021


Welcome to the latest quarterly update on The State of Competitive Intelligence, brought to you by Cipher. In this edition, we’ll share the latest insights from the world of Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI).

Competitive Intelligence Software Comparison: Meltwater vs. Knowledge360?


Welcome to our Competitive Intelligence Software Comparison series! We are regularly asked by prospects and clients to help them compare different competitive intelligence software tools. Competitive Intelligence Software

How to Build a Competitive Intelligence Deliverable


In the competitive intelligence (CI) process, one of the most important aspects is building an effective CI deliverable that decision makers can act upon. Competitive Intelligence Competitive Strategy

10 Essential Examples of Competitive Intelligence


For those who conduct competitive intelligence, gathering insights in a timely manner can be an enormous struggle. Although each organization is unique, there are plenty of competitive intelligence examples that apply to nearly everyone. Competitive Intelligence

How to Break Down Competitive Intelligence Silos


One of the greatest barriers to successful competitive intelligence (CI) efforts in organizations of all sizes is the existence of silos. Competitive Intelligence

The 9 Best Free Competitive Intelligence Tools in 2021


Competitive intelligence (CI) is the secret weapon of forward-thinking marketers and strategists seeking to accelerate growth. With the help of these free competitive intelligence tools , you can get in on the secret too. -- Article Continues Below --.

Sources of Competitive Intelligence: Your Go-To Guide


This is where competitive intelligence (CI) comes into play–the process of capturing and analyzing information about your rivals to drive internal strategy changes and tactics. Competitive Intelligence

Who Uses Competitive Intelligence? 5 Key Stakeholders


At this point, you’ve got a strong grasp on competitive intelligence (CI). If you’re really on your game, you might even be proficient in the analysis of competitive intelligence. Competitive IntelligenceYou know what it is, why it’s important, and how to gather it.

A New View on Competitive Intelligence Software: Intelligence Lakes and Intelligence Warehouses


Competitive Intelligence Software Competitive IntelligenceLately, I’ve been spending A LOT of time trying to find ways to explain what Knowledge360 does for potential customers. And I’ve found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Competitive Intelligence Software Comparison: Qualtrics vs. Knowledge360


Qualtrics and Knowledge360 are both software tools with competitive intelligence features. Their work fuels a brand’s competitive intelligence with meaningful stats, trends and market data. Competitive Intelligence Software

5 Keys to Succeeding with Competitive Intelligence [DATA]


If I had to summarize the brand new 2021 State of Competitive Intelligence Report with a single word, I’d use the word revenue. If you were to look at all the companies that are yielding returns on their competitive intelligence investments, what commonalities would you observe?

Competitive Intelligence Podcast: The Evolution of CI


We have a brand new episode on Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast ! May has arrived. Do you know what that means? Crayon Updates

The State of Competitive Intelligence: Q3 2021


Welcome to the State of Competitive Intelligence Update, a quarterly report from the team at Cipher. Today, we’re discussing the latest insights from the world of Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI), and sharing how leading organizations around the world are using the Knowledge360 ?

[Ready-to-use] Knowledge360® and competitive intelligence software business case presentation


As a competitive intelligence analyst , you know how difficult it is to be successful without the support of sophisticated technology. Competitive Intelligence Software

Breaking Down 5 Major Goals of Competitive Intelligence


As markets become more crowded and pivots become more frequent, investments in competitive intelligence (CI) are growing like never before. Competitive IntelligenceBusinesses have never been more agile than they are right now.

Competitor Intelligence Doesn’t Get the Job Done


Competitive intelligence (CI) plays a critical role in enabling organizations to be successful. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Podcast: Building CI Credibility


We’re kicking off April with a fresh episode on Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast ! New month, new quarter, new… podcast episode. Crayon Updates

How to Build a Competitive Intelligence Culture


In a recent episode of The Gambit Podcast , our guest Troy Pfeffer discussed at length the importance of building an intelligent company. Competitive Intelligence

How to Build Your Competitive Intelligence Function


If you’re setting out to build your own Competitive Intelligence (CI) function, it can be difficult to know where to start. But with so much complexity to navigate in almost every industry, having a high-performing CI team is one of the keys to success. Building a CI Function

Competitive Intelligence Software Comparison: Contify vs. Knowledge360?


Welcome to our Competitive Intelligence Software Comparison series! We are regularly asked by people new to competitive intelligence to help them compare different competitive intelligence software tools. Competitive Intelligence Software comparison

Competitive Intelligence Priorities for the New Year from the Experts


For competitive intelligence (CI) practitioners, there are many elements to building your annual plan. Competitive IntelligenceAs we head into the New Year, many of us are deep in planning, strategy brainstorm sessions, and goal-setting.

Solving Educational and Emotional Needs of Homeschoolers, Using Artificial Intelligence


Not only would the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning Helper assist students in improving reading and other skills, the new platform would also manage to meet the emotional needs of each child. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

The 7 Greatest Challenges in Market and Competitive Intelligence


Market and competitive intelligence (M/CI) is an essential component of successful organizations. Knowing how to recognize and react to these common challenges is a critical skill for competitive intelligence professionals. Competitive Intelligence Market Intelligence

The Sales Leader's Guide to Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence Market IntelligenceSales is an inherently competitive function. You and your rivals are battling for every potential sale. When a customer chooses to go with you and not the company across the street, that’s a victory for your sales strategy.

5 Tips for Effectively Communicating Competitive Intelligence to Your Organization


One of the biggest challenges with making use of competitive intelligence (CI) is distributing that intel to the relevant stakeholders within your organization so that your team can take action on your competitive insights. Competitive Intelligence

The Ultimate Competitive Intelligence Spotify Playlist


We might take it for granted, but music is such an important part of life: listening to your favorite tracks can put a spring in your step, improve your overall mood, and generally make life seem that little bit better. And for many of us, listening to music is an important part of getting work done.

5 Vital Business Intelligence Tips All Companies Should Embrace

Smart Data Collective

Business intelligence is an integral part of any business strategy. Business intelligence software can integrate information and present it in dashboards, reports, or graphs. Below are the best helpful business intelligence tips that you should be aware of.