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Getting Started with Knowledge360®


If you’re in the process of evaluating different Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) platforms, two of the most important variables to consider are what your implementation and rollout processes will involve.

Competitive Intelligence is Key to Effective Strategic Management


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses cannot survive without an objective or direction, nor can they remain viable without long-term goals , a recent article on Contify’s website said. Author Malay Mehrotra emphasized that any organization that wants to thrive will need planning and strategy.


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Wink Intel

— FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE. . WINK, INC. NAMES NEW PRESIDENT. Victoria Grossman takes the helm at Wink, Inc. . Des Moines, Iowa. December 2, 2021 – Wink, Inc.,

Can Data Analytics Help with Choosing Reliable Event Organizers?

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics has become a very important element of success for modern businesses.

How to Build Your Competitive Intelligence Function


If you’re setting out to build your own Competitive Intelligence (CI) function, it can be difficult to know where to start. But with so much complexity to navigate in almost every industry, having a high-performing CI team is one of the keys to success. Building a CI Function

Competitive Intelligence Can Support Businesses of All Sizes


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses have been allocating large budgets for competitive intelligence , information-gathering and analysis services to help them gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

4 Unskippable Social Rituals for Remote Teams


Remote work has thrown up a lot of new challenges for teams. Before, office life was dominated by connecting in person and being physically present. This enabled work to get done and allowed an easy pathway to socialize.

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How can I achieve better search results using the full power of Google?


This Google themed post was inspired by a tweet. A librarian and client had an email exchange and the librarian tweeted the following: Technology Productivity

US Still Dominates Global AI Market, But Competitors Abound


ArchIntel™ -. The United States’ artificial intelligence market is forecasted to reach $28.9 billion by the end of 2021.

Media Monitoring Means ‘Monitoring Everything in the Web’

M Brain

The post Media Monitoring Means ‘Monitoring Everything in the Web’ appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Blog posts Intelligence Best Practices Knowledge Management

Data-Driven Approaches for Email Marketing Automation in Your Business

Smart Data Collective

We have endlessly discussed the benefits of using big data to make the most out of your marketing strategies. Companies that neglect to use data analytics, AI and other forms of big data technology risk falling behind to their competitors.

Bounce Rate Explained: Everything You Need to Achieve Growth


We’ve all been there – that moment you notice your traffic and engagement metrics are dipping. Visitors are arriving at your website, but they’re leaving at an alarmingly high (and fast) rate.

Business Success Amid COVID-19 Depends on Addressing Human Factors


ArchIntel™ -. The challenges entrepreneurs are experiencing amid a continuing pandemic is spotlighted in an article proposing that the way to success in the current landscape is to substitute “business” for “human.”

Market Intelligence for Emerging Markets


Why is market intelligence important? Market intelligence is important for any company – whether that company is seeking growth or just working to maintain share. Markets are dynamic and any number of asymmetric and unknown forces can be at play.

How Do Banks and Other Financial Institutions Benefit from AI

Smart Data Collective

AI is revolutionizing the banking and financial sector. Read this article to get to know why banks need to introduce AI-based solutions in their workflows—the faster the better. Banking is one of those industries that can earn or save billions of dollars thanks to AI.

Using LinkedIn Career Pages in Your Company Recruitment Marketing

Weidert Group

The employment landscape has changed dramatically throughout the pandemic, and even before then, as technology and social media have revolutionized communication between businesses and prospective talent.

Dentsu Uses UiPath's Automation Offerings to Streamline Operations, Improve Human Performance


ArchIntel™ -. “The Global Logistics Automation Market size is expected to reach $82. 3 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 12. 4% CAGR during the forecast period.” ” — ReportLinker.

Introducing Intricately's 2022 Guide to APM Market Growth


According to Intricately data and analysis, the market for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is continuing to grow each year across all global regions. Using Intricately’s unparalleled view into the cloud, we compiled the 2022 Guide to APM Market Growth

Data Management: Best Data Recovery Tools for Windows 11

Smart Data Collective

Many disasters can create a lot of problems for businesses. One of the biggest concerns is that they can lead to data loss. If you are worried about a disaster impacting your business, then you have to be ready to restore your data as quickly as possible.

Top Mobile-First Design Tips to Apply to Your 2022 B2B Website

Weidert Group

Remember how we used to talk about responsive website design , and the need to consider mobile device users? Well, the internet is well past the point in time when more than half of us are using smartphones for access. According to Google, that’s been the case since 2016.

Starting Out as an Open-Source Researcher


ArchIntel™ -. In an article for investigative journalism website Bellingcat, investigator Giancarlo Fiorella offered recommendations on how aspiring open-source researchers can develop their skills and eventually assist in important research work.

Wink, Inc. Releases 3rd Quarter, 2021 Deferred Annuity Sales Results

Wink Intel

INDEXED ANNUITY SALES RISE WHERE ALL OTHER ANNUITY SALES DROP. . Wink, Inc. Releases 3 rd Quarter, 2021 Deferred Annuity Sales Results. Des Moines, Iowa. November 30, 2021 – Wink’s Sales & Market Report is the insurance industry’s #1 resource for annuity sales data since 1997.

Benefits of SMS for Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Smart Data Collective

Big data is a gamechanger for the marketing sector. We have talked about the benefits of using big data in online marketing. However, there are other reasons to use big data to make the most of your marketing strategy. One often overlooked opportunity to leverage big data is in the context of SMS marketing. More companies are using SMS to expand their reach and capture a larger share of the market.

Cloud Security Unicorn Lacework Builds Data-Driven ICP Resulting in 300% Revenue Growth and Shortened Sales Cycles


An Interview with Intricately customer Palen Schwab, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Lacework Cloud security company Lacework has an impressive growth story.

Ceridian Hiring Senior CI Marketing Manager


ArchIntel™ -. Florida-based intelligence company Ceridian is hiring a competitive intelligence marketing senior manager. The job is available as a remote work setup and the company will accept applicants who are living in the U.S. or Canada.

Hitting the slopes - How digital strategy is shaping up for ski & mountain resorts


Ski and snowboard resorts were one of the first business categories to take a major hit during the first wave of COVID lockdown orders in March 2020. Now, in 2021, industry demand has slowly but surely recovered as domestic travel edges back up to pre-pandemic levels.

HubSpot Operations Hub: What Can Its Data Automation Capabilities Do For You?

Weidert Group

We’re already shameless HubSpot enthusiasts at Weidert Group, but we’re even more excited about what’s become possible with Operations Hub. With Ops Hub, HubSpot packs a lot more punch in terms of data automation capabilities.

IT 52

Cloud Security Unicorn Lacework Builds Data-Driven ICP Resulting in 300% Revenue Growth and Shortened Sales Cycles


An Interview with Intricately customer Palen Schwab, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Lacework Cloud security company Lacework has an impressive growth story.

How OSINT Can Help Guide Potential Mergers and Acquisitions


ArchIntel™ -. Open-source intelligence can help companies understand integration problems that may arise from potential mergers and acquisitions , according to Adeeb Rashid , a security strategy, risk and compliance consultant at IBM.

2021 Independent Distribution (ID) 20 Award Recipients

Wink Intel

Learn more about 20 of the industry’s innovators and trailblazers: Click HERE. The post 2021 Independent Distribution (ID) 20 Award Recipients appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

Top 15 Social Media Tracker Tools for 2022


There are 4.55 billion social media users worldwide, and a sizable chunk of them could be your potential consumers. Tracking their movements, their loves and hates can be difficult to do, but social media trackers make it simple to design relevant messaging and more.

James Middleton, Business Development Manager, durhamlane Talks Us Through How Owler Helps Him Make Sales


James is a Business Development Manager (or full-cycle AE in SaaS language) for durhamlane.

Macy's Posts Job Vacancy for New York-Based CI Specialist


ArchIntel™ -. Macy’s is in search of a full-time competitive intelligence specialist to work on-site in New York City.

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Wink Intel

Deferred Annuity Sales. Total 3Q2021 deferred annuity sales are $59,889 million, compared with sales of $54,217 million for the third quarter of 2020.

Why Social Media Intelligence Matters


Social media intelligence is very different from other marketing intelligence. It’s real-time, raw nature makes it exceptionally valuable to brands in every category – and we’re about to show you why, with some examples of it in action!

Thanksgiving Week Travel


After a nice Thanksgiving holiday break, we are back to bring you more interesting data from the world we live in.

Contemporary OFS Landscape: A Point of View


The 2030 vision of the Paris Agreement has forced businesses to focus on reducing their carbon emissions. Oil and gas producers are focusing on their environmental impact and redirecting capital expenditure (CapEx) towards renewables and low-carbon businesses and technologies.