16 Product Advertising Examples We Can All Learn From


As your market saturates, connecting with your target audience becomes increasingly difficult. With each new competitor that pops up, you have to work that much harder to say something unique—something that differentiates your company's product from its alternatives.

5 Product Launch Examples We Can All Learn From


For your company’s new product to succeed, a lot of dominoes need to fall. It needs to relieve the right pain points. It needs to be priced appropriately. It needs to stand out—functionally or otherwise—from alternatives in the market.


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How Can Machine Learning Change Customer Reviews?

Smart Data Collective

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that works by giving computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Using Machine Learning to Encourage Reviews. This is only one way you could use machine learning for this purpose.

Can Online Machine Learning Tools Help with Personal Financial Management?

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It is important to be informed about the potential benefits of machine learning as a consumer. Before you can understand the benefits that machine learning offers to you as a customer, it is a good idea to see how it is affecting the industry.

8 Revolutionary Applications Examples of Machine Learning in Real-Life

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning (ML) is an innovative tool that advances technology in every industry around the world. From the most subtle advances, like Netflix recommendations, to life-saving medical diagnostics or even writing content , machine learning facilitates it all.

How Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning Apply to Investments

Smart Data Collective

Learn how genetic algorithms and machine learning can help hedge fund organizations manage a business. This article looks at how genetic algorithms (GA) and machine learning (ML) can help hedge fund organizations. Methods of Algo-trading, machine learning tests, back-tests.

How Can You Use Machine Learning to Optimize Pricing in FinTech?

Smart Data Collective

It’s similar to prices – price optimization through machine learning is a great tool to grow your revenue. What can you learn from real-market examples? That’s where machine learning algorithms come into place. Hire machine learning to make optimal pricing decisions.

Is Machine Learning Changing Our Approach to Asset Management?

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning (ML) is a form of AI that is becoming more widely used in the market because of the rising number of AI vendors in the banking industry. Why Machine Learning? What Machine Learning Means to Asset Managers.

Machine Learning Is A Critical Element of Modern SMS Marketing

Smart Data Collective

The advances in AI—particularly machine learning (ML)—have made SMS marketing more attractive and accountable as an advertising technique. What’s machine learning? Machine learning is a computer program’s ability to extract information, analyze big data, and learn from it.

Has Machine Learning Made Cryptocurrencies Traceable?

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning has become a major game changer for the cryptocurrency industry. Most of the benefits are machine learning have been positive for the market. Machine learning is being used to predict price patterns more easily.

Guide to Recover a Corrupted Video File With Machine Learning

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning technology has profoundly impacted the IT sector. A growing number of IT professionals are using new tools that rely on advanced machine learning algorithms to complete some of the tasks they are charged with.

5 Ways Machine Learning is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Smart Data Collective

Although machine learning is still in its infancy, it is developing at a breathtaking pace to improve the reach of artificial intelligence. These tech giants are learning how to improve these technologies and simultaneously trying to figure out various implementations for them going forward.

Machine Learning Could Slash Car Accident Casualties in Coming Years

Smart Data Collective

When most people consider the merits of machine learning, they typically think about its applications from a capitalist standpoint. There are countless ways that business owners are using machine learning advances to pad their bottom lines.

Why All Digital Marketers Should Learn to Code


Consider these 7 advantages and disadvantages when learning to code as a digital marketer: 1. To marketers who are contemplating the advantages of learning to code: You should recognize that curiosity can yield great success. Technology has become a ubiquitous aspect of human existence.

Machine Learning Aids Marketing With Conversation Intelligence Software

Smart Data Collective

We have talked extensively about the benefits of machine learning in the field of marketing. We pointed out that machine learning is actually driving the digital marketing revolution. However, the benefits of machine learning can be applied to the broader field of marketing as well.

Deep Learning is Critical for Modern Small Business Accounting

Smart Data Collective

Deep learning technology is changing the future of small businesses around the world. A growing number of small businesses are using deep learning technology to address some of their most pressing challenges. New advances in deep learning are integrated into various accounting algorithms. Deep Learning is Very Useful in Solving a Growing Array of Accounting Challenges. How Does Deep Learning Help with Accounting?

Machine Learning Maximizes Email Marketing ROI With List Segmentation

Smart Data Collective

We have previously written about the benefits of data driven marketing , but wanted to focus more on the benefits of machine learning as well. Machine learning is one of the technological advances that has played in important role in the evolution of email marketing.

How Machine Learning Enhances Momentum of Cryptocurrency Price Movements

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning technology has made cryptocurrency investing opportunities more lucrative than ever. The impact of machine learning on the market for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is multifaceted. Importance of machine learning in forecasting cryptocurrency prices.

Fascinating Impact of Machine Learning on Streamlining App Development

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning has made app development much easier than ever, even for people without previous coding experience. With machine learning, app development has become streamlined so much that, most people can use software to create apps without previous coding knowledge.

8 Ways Machine Learning Can be Used to Make Cities Smarter

Smart Data Collective

But what if machine learning could be used beyond niche or individual contexts? Below, we’ll be exploring a few of the ways that machine learning can be used for improving our cities and making them smarter overall.

Competitive Analysis More Than Just Learning About the Competition


The article said that learning about one’s customers should be the immediate priority because they make the business possible in the first place. The post Competitive Analysis More Than Just Learning About the Competition appeared first on ArchIntel™. ArchIntel™ -.

Impact of Machine Learning on the World of Online Trading

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning technology has completely changed the future of the financial sector. Role of Machine Learning in Financial Securities Trading. One of the biggest changes brought on by machine learning has been with trading stocks , bonds, derivatives and other financial securities.

New DoE Program Drives Demand For Machine Learning Programmers

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is leading to numerous changes in the energy industry. The Department of Energy recently announced that it is taking steps to accelerate the integration of machine learning technology in energy research and development.

Machine Learning Transforms Life Insurance Beyond the Actuarial Process

Smart Data Collective

Many different industries are becoming more reliant on machine learning. The insurance industry is among those that has found new opportunities to take advantage of machine learning technology. Machine learning is changing the life insurance sector in very significant ways.

Competitive Intelligence Analysts Need to Learn to Code Says Trip


This post called Competitive Intelligence Analysts Need to Learn to Code Says Trip is the latest in our questions respected professionals. The post Competitive Intelligence Analysts Need to Learn to Code Says Trip appeared first on Octopus Competitive Intelligence.

Use of Machine Learning to Make Money on Android Monetization

Smart Data Collective

As we said in the past, big data and machine learning technology can be invaluable in the realm of software development. Machine learning technology has become a lot more important in the app development profession. Popular Machine Learning Strategies of Earning with Android App.

Will COVID-19 Show the Adaptability of Machine Learning in Loan Underwriting?

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is transforming the financial sector more than anybody could have ever predicted. One of the most significant changes brought by advances in machine learning is with the loan underwriting process. This could include machine learning.

Machine Learning Automates Online Store Development for Ecommerce Startups

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is among the biggest disruptive technologies to ever impact the field of online commerce. What changes can many brands in the e-commerce sector expect to witness from new developments in big data and machine learning ? Machine learning has made the process far easier.

Learning Professional

Wink Intel

Do you have experience designing and delivering learning solutions, managing change, and helping people build new skills in a corporate environment? The Learning Professional is an experienced learning designer who is comfortable performing needs analysis, developing online and other training, coaching for performance, facilitating programs, supporting change efforts, and advising leaders. Serve as program manager for various learning and talent related programs.

New Deep Learning Systems Profoundly Disrupt Fleet Management Operations

Smart Data Collective

Deep learning tech is influencing and enhancing many industries, promising to provide insights into key business operations which were not previously possible to unearth. One of the biggest applications of this technology lies with using deep learning to streamline fleet management.

Scikit-Learn For Machine Learning Application Development In Python

Smart Data Collective

Python is arguably the best programming language for machine learning. However, many aspiring machine learning developers don’t know where to start. They should look into the scikit-learn library, which is one of the best for developing machine learning applications. It is free and relatively easy to install and learn. Why machine learning programmers should be familiar with scikit-learn. Scikit-learn is just the solution that you need.

New Open-Source Tools Use Machine Learning to Streamline Content Writing Process

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning has always been the great hope for automating a variety of tasks. What is Artificial Intelligence and Why is Machine Learning Crucial? However, when combined with machine learning artificial intelligence has the capacity it needs to essentially be taught to produce.

5 Ways that Machine Learning Has Transformed Smart Cards

Smart Data Collective

Here at Smart Data Collective, we have talked about major changes that machine learning has created in the financial industry. The evolution of smart cards is one of the newest ways that machine learning and AI are impacting the future of finance.

Machine Learning is Handy with Content Writing but Expectations Must Be Mediated

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is the driving force of AI. It allows humans to essentially teach software in a matter of weeks what a human would take decades to learn. AI and machine learning are changing the world we live in and altering the way we do things.

New Advances in Graphic Design Software Are Predicated on Machine Learning Algorithms

Smart Data Collective

The more we learn about technology, the more we want to build it and use it across different platforms. These new advances are not only changing the way in which designers do their job, but they are also predicting trends and learning how to better design software itself.

AI in HR: How Machine Learning is Changing Human Resources


Not too long ago, artificial intelligence seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. But today, AI is being used throughout every facet of the companies we buy from, sell to, and work for.

AutoML: Making Machine Learning Accessible for Everyone


To make data science available for all, we’re excited to launch automated machine learning (AutoML) as part of our March 2021 release. To learn more about AutoML and how it works, click here. The post AutoML: Making Machine Learning Accessible for Everyone first appeared on Blog.

Machine Learning Enhances VPN Testing Effectiveness In Amazing Ways

Smart Data Collective

In December, Springer published an insightful article about the value of deep learning for VPNs. The article “Deep learning-based real-time VPN encrypted traffic identification methods” delves into the use of machine learning to improve encryption models.

Learning Technology and E-Learning Specialist

Wink Intel

Symetra has an exciting opportunity to join our HR Talent Development team as a Learning Technology and E-Learning Specialist! This person will influence end-to-end user experience (learners, facilitators, managers, and administrators) with a set of learning technology tools for maximum adoption and efficiencies. Assist in crafting blended solutions (e-learning, podcasts, videos, job aids, quizzes, learning communities) and compiling various learning sources.

Learning, Understanding, and Influencing Consumer Behavior


To that end, we’ll explore learning, understanding, and influencing consumer behavior. The post Learning, Understanding, and Influencing Consumer Behavior appeared first on NetBase Quid. Consumer behavior seemingly changes on a whim and stays outside the grasp of many brands.

The Growing Importance Of Machine Learning With Dedicated Servers

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is changing the web hosting industry in countless ways. Many third-party hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services have started utilizing machine learning in different capacities. Advantages of incorporating machine learning into your dedicated server.

New Case Studies Show Promising Potential for Writing Content with Machine Learning

Smart Data Collective

However, this ever-evolving machine learning technology might surprise you in this regard. The truth is that machine learning is now capable of writing amazing content. Machine Learning to Write your College Essays. Using Machine Learning to Improve your Writing.

Deciphering The Limitations Of Machine Learning Translations

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning is offering businesses a new opportunity to translate documents. They can use machine learning to translate marketing materials and other literature. Brief Overview of Neural Machine Learning. Machine learning can be very helpful with translating between languages. Is Machine Learning Really Superior for Translating Between Languages? You may think that machine learning is better at translating than humans, but this is not true at all.