Travel Industry Revitalized by Seamless, Secure Payment Options


With a travel resurgence already well under way, it’s essential for industry organizations to ensure they are offering consumers payment options that are not just convenient, but that also reduce risk and instill confidence with every transaction.

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Predictive Tourism: The Merger Of Big Data In Travel Industry

Smart Data Collective

And in this case, the travel and tourism industry is no exception here. Travel industry may not be the first to inculcate emerging technology for its benefit, but it sure is benefiting from it now. Moreover, travel and tourism have become a worldwide trend.

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Thanksgiving Week Travel


Since a lot of us are probably still digesting—literally and figuratively—our Turkey Day experiences, we thought it would be interesting to examine the TSA data we have been tracking and see how a travel period that is usually among the busiest in the U.S.

2022 Guide to Purchase Drivers for Travel


As the world reimagines its love of travel after a challenging couple of years, we’re seeing new hopes, challenges and desires emerge. And AI-powered social listening offers insight to help companies capture this leery segment by understanding purchase drivers for travel.

Business Intelligence for Travel: Enable Success!

Elegant BI

Analytics for Travel Businesses Can Provide a Competitive Advantage! The travel industry is very competitive! Business Intelligence for Travel should include out-of-the-box functionality to get the organization started as quickly and effectively as possible.

Vable’s top 6 travel reads for 2021


February used to see us making travel plans but that isn’t possible right now. But if we can’t physically travel, what about transporting yourself away with a book (or art, or a video, or a map)? With all those Facebook memories popping up, it’s making me nostalgic.

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Summer Trends to Watch as Consumers Return to Travel


After seemingly endless months of lockdowns, masks and Netflix, there’s one thing for sure – people are itching to travel again. And according to a recent Virtuoso survey , 93% said they’d never again take the opportunity to travel for granted. Why The Travel Reboot Looks Promising.

The Book Look: The Data Path Less Traveled


When is an answer “good enough”? There are many areas of data science and AI where we need to be satisfied with an answer that is not perfect and yet still provides business value.

Airbnb, VRBO and short-term rentals one of few winners in the COVID-crippled travel industry


Travel COVID-19The coronavirus forced people to reconsider and even scrap their vacation plans altogether. While reservations through short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO plummeted 47% from January to April, bookings slowly recovered in the following months.

Travel Advertising: Airbnb & VRBO are outspending top hotel chains as holidays approach


If hotel prices are any indication, COVID-19 surges aren't going to keep travelers home this holiday season. Holiday Advertising TravelThe average daily rate for a hotel room in the US is $143.30— up 6% from 2019. In popular destinations like Hawaii, average daily rates are as high as $258.65, according to data from hospitality analytics firm STR.

Booking Sites Ride The Streaming Wave As Summer Travel Season Heats Up


Even with gas prices skyrocketing and COVID-19 cases surging once again, this year’s summer travel season is poised to be one of the busiest on record.

Traveling in the Age of COVID-19: Big Data Is Watching


The post Traveling in the Age of COVID-19: Big Data Is Watching appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Bernard Brode.

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Data While Traveling Abroad

Smart Data Collective

When you’re traveling abroad, you may wind up in unfamiliar places which pose increased security risks. Here are five simple tips to protect your data while traveling abroad. Your best protection when traveling abroad is to utilize a virtual private network (VPN). Streaming While Traveling. If you are traveling outside of the UK, and still want to access the content, you may be able to use a VPN.

Orion Brown, founder of the Black Travel Box, on the Role of Diversity in Consumer Insights

Happy Market

In this episode, we’ll hear from Orion Brown, founder of the Black Travel Box & Brand Management Consultant on her opinion and experiences about diversity in consumer insights. My guest today is Orion Brown, founder of The Black Travel Box and brand management consultant.

Travel SEO Trends and Pivots from 2020 (and What to Carry into 2021)


Travel was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit sectors in the 2020 shutdowns, which affected every business domain from the largest destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to local small businesses that thrive on the foot traffic tourism normally brings. What's ahead for short-term travels?

Accommodations and Lodging Saw a 65% Increase in Ad Spending in 2021


The travel and tourism industry has seen an outsized impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel Report

Southwest Airlines Ads and Facebook Digital Marketing | Facebook


While the airline experienced revenue gains in October, demand slipped in both November and December due to spikes in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, and related government orders. Travel

Reinventing Your Career at Crayon


It’s shown up in everything from our daily routines and rituals to our ability to travel and see friends and family. Over the last two and half years, people have experienced tremendous change.

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A tale of three airlines: How JetBlue, United and Delta braved through their worst year


Travel COVID-19The commercial aviation industry is attempting to make a comeback from its pandemic-induced fallout. Despite favorable tailwinds, the road to recovery will almost certainly drag into 2021 and beyond.

INNGUMA improves your user experience Do you want to travel with us?


La entrada INNGUMA improves your user experience Do you want to travel with us? A few weeks ago we told you about the constitution of INNGUMA as a new company, linked to a continuous commitment to improving user experience, usability and training. Now the time has come to explain to you what the main transformations we are about to experience are all about. apareció primero en Innguma. INNGUMA News

COVID’s rogue wave pummeled cruise lines, here’s how they’re recovering 


Up until recently, cruises were the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry. As expected, there's been a significant financial impact for all cruise lines, making it challenging for these brands to attract travelers and thus result in closures. Travel COVID-19But as the world closed its borders in response to COVID-19, the fallout created an elevated level of concern amongst the public surrounding the health and safety aboard cruise ships.

CIO Leadership Live with Chris Locke, CIO, Flight Centre


Australian travel agency group, Flight Centre, lost close to $1.2 billion during COVID. During the height of the pandemic, 160 technology staff lost their jobs as the Australian business shifted from a $103 million monthly cost base down to $30 million. .

CIO Leadership Live with Jonathan Good, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer at Auckland International Airport


Auckland International Airport Chief Technology and Marketing Officer Jonathan Good on what he learned from starting his own business, dealing with turbulent times in the travel industry, and the importance of making transformation intentional to unlock human capability.

Microsoft Data Community Interviews and Advice about Working Remotely

Paul Turnley

You may not know that I have been travelling the country interviewing community leaders from the Microsoft data platform, on a new video blog: Data On The Road (

OK, So Your Industry Is Unique! You Can Still Use BI and CPM to Succeed!

Elegant BI

BI is in use in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, life science, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, travel, shipping, infrastructure, construction, trade, telecommunications, utilities, gas, oil, energy, education, consumer packaged goods, government, banking, financial services and insurance industries. OK, So Your Industry Is Unique! You Can Still Use BI and CPM to Succeed! Every time I go to a technology conference, I hear the same refrain. “No

American Airlines takes flight with analytics transformation


American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is turning to data and analytics to minimize disruptions and streamline operations with the aim of giving travelers a smoother experience. Analytics, Digital Transformation, Travel and Hospitality Industry

Three Tips for Safeguarding Against Data Breaches


Sources indicate 40% more Americans will travel in 2021 than those in 2020, meaning travel companies will collect an enormous amount of personally identifiable information (PII) from passengers engaging in “revenge” travel. Click to learn more about author Balaji Ganesan.

“Data is the closest thing to magic in the modern world…”

Timo Elliot

Yves: You travel a lot, you meet a lot of people and companies…. Timo: There’s not a lot of travelling these days (laughs). This is a English translation of an article by Thérèse van Bellinghen that first appeared on the SAP News Blog. .

The Art and Science of FP&A Storytelling

Timo Elliot

For example, it’s used for pipeline forecasting, and it has been particularly useful recently – we cancelled almost all staff travel and physical events, and the system was used to project the effects on profitability.

An Equipment List For Virtual Presentations In An Office Or Home Studio

Timo Elliot

This is my traveling setup, showing the Fovitec lights in action.

SAP Industry Insights Podcast Highlights of 2021 with Host Tom Raftery

Timo Elliot

We talked about sustainable travel with rail in one of the episodes , because 2021 is officially the year of rail. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Raftery , host of the SAP Industry Insights Podcast (among others!)

Learn Databricks, ADF & Paginated Reports at the PASS Community Summit

Paul Turnley

Seven days and counting… For the past eighteen years, thousands of data tech professionals would travel to the PASS Summit conference held somewhere in the US, paying for airfare, hotel and conference admission.

Benefits of High-Resolution Lidar Data for Data-Driven Companies

Smart Data Collective

This is because the sensor sends out the laser, which travels, hits the target, and returns to the receiver in a few nanoseconds. A growing number of organizations are resorting to the use of big data. They have found that big data technology offers a number of benefits.

Holiday Brew: How national coffee chains are 'steeping' up digital spend


Holiday drinks at America's top coffee chains are here to give you a jolly jolt through your busy weekends of gift shopping and traveling. Pumpkin spice season may be over, but peppermint and praline fans can finally rejoice.

The changing face of cargo theft: interview with Scott Cornell

DC Velocity

Cargo theft and protection is a cat-and-mouse game over some valuable cheese, according to Scott Cornell of Travelers Insurance. Strategy