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8 Rival Companies We Can All Learn From


Time and time again, companies’ yearning desire to be the best gives way to fierce rivalries. Competitive Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Strategy

5 Ways Machine Learning Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Smart Data Collective

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s often at the forefront of the latest online technologies. It doesn’t get any more cutting-edge at the moment than machine learning, and it’s not only large companies that have already started to take advantage.


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A 15-Step SEO Audit Checklist to Boost Your Rankings in 2022


Follow this 16-step SEO Audit checklist to find SEO errors and boost your Google rankings. For 2021 the ugly days of keyword stuffing your way up the SERPs are far away in the rearview mirror. Google’s algorithm now has over 200 ranking factors, and they seem to be adding more every month.

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Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Marketing in 2021


Amazon’s global ad revenue is set to reach $26.1 billion this year. The eCommerce mammoth is constantly expanding its ads service portfolio and giving advertising tech giants like Google and Facebook a run for their money.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Sales

Primary Intelligecne

As a sales leader, win loss analysis is key to hitting revenue goals and increasing win rates for your team. Through win loss analysis, you are able to tap into your buyer feedback to get an unbiased look into why your reps win and lose.

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How to Use Audience Data to Inform Marketing Programs & Campaigns

Smart Data Collective

According to the 2021 CMO Spend Survey by Gartner, budget allocation for marketing analytics failed to make the top 3 in priority falling behind digital commerce, marketing operations and brand strategy.

Top Business Intelligence Features To Boost Your Business Performance

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) Benefits Of Business Intelligence Software. 2) Top Business Intelligence Features. a) Data Connectors Features. b) Analytics Features. c) Dashboard Features. d) Reporting Features.

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Embrace the Change: Lessons Learned for Hybrid Sales Success in 2022

Weidert Group

The pandemic upended life as we knew it and changed everything. But the ways in which we were able to swiftly move our personal and business lives online demonstrated that those changes were a long time coming.

3 Strategies Employed by the Leading Enterprise Cybersecurity Platforms

Smart Data Collective

Much has changed since the time when organizations only knew of antiviruses and simple firewalls as the tools, they need to protect their computers. To address newer challenges, security providers have developed new technologies and strategies to combat evolving threats.

Customer Analytics: Why They Matter to Your Business


What customers think matters. And in our always-on global economy, opinions are shifting all the time. Between technological innovations, politics, and socio-economic factors, consumers have a lot on their plate – and all of it affects which brands they choose to align with.

The Role of Competitive Price Analysis in Accelerating eCommerce Growth


Using competitive price analysis software is a necessity for staying one step ahead of your competitors at all times! Competitive pricing analysis was once considered a luxury — something only big brands could afford to implement. But in today’s commerce landscape, that’s no longer the case.

Prepping for Your Sales Call - The Right Way


You have an important sales call scheduled with a company CEO. What now? You can’t wing it. Where do you start getting all of the information you need together? How do you do that research? How are you going to have the right answers? We got you covered.

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Car and Mobile Companies Use Big Data to Reduce Distracted Driving

Smart Data Collective

The average consumer is unaware of the phenomenal benefits that big data provides. One of the biggest benefits of big data is that it can help improve driver safety. Data analytics technology is becoming more useful when it comes to stopping traffic accidents.

Four of the Best Press Release Distribution Services & PR Platforms

Weidert Group

News and PR wire services are among the oldest marketing technology services in the industry. Beginning in the 1950s and ’60s, companies like PR Newswire and Business Wire began improving on the ways press releases were distributed to news media and other outlets.

How Competitive Intelligence Can Help Organizations With Strategic Management


The post How Competitive Intelligence Can Help Organizations With Strategic Management appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog. Competitive Intelligence

Introducing Intricately's 2022 Cloud Gaming Report


Cloud infrastructure adoption, usage, and spend is growing across a wide range of verticals. Using Intricately’s unparalleled view into the cloud, our team of data analysts have identified an industry with vast sales opportunities for cloud providers: gaming

Data Analytics is Crucial for Businesses Preparing for Financial Disasters

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics has become a very important aspect of any modern business’s operating strategy. One of the most important ways to utilize big data is with financial management. The financial analytics market is projected to be worth $114 billion within the next two years.

3 Ways To Take an Inbound Sales Approach to the RFP Process

Weidert Group

In complex industries, there are few processes more ubiquitous than the Request for Proposal (RFP). On its face, soliciting bids for projects in complex industries like industrial manufacturing is logical.

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Brokerage in Motion

Wink Intel

This month’s “Brokerage in Motion” features a super sweet annuity nerd at 12-minute mark. The post Brokerage in Motion appeared first on Wink. Moore on the Market

Agencies Winning Business with BI Connector


Agencies need to stand out to their clients, because – much like every other consumer these days – brands are equally fickle and will go with whomever helps them win. Here’s how to prove your agency is right for the job – and win business with BI Connector!

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Small Companies Use Analytics to Save Big On Business Insurance

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has been a huge gamechanger in the insurance sector. More insurance are using big data to assist with the underwriting process. They have discovered that data analytics has made the underwriting process a lot easier.

Is It Smoky Out Here or Is It Just Me?


Here in Minnesota, where I live, we occasionally get haze in the air, normally due to some wildfire somewhere blowing smoke our way. It’s normally something that is pretty newsworthy, though, and people talk about it a lot when it does happen.

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Congratulations Sheryl J. Moore!

Wink Intel

Congrats to Wink’s CEO, Sheryl J. Moore and the #TALUMINARIES Class of 2021, inaugural LUMINARIES program! Created with The World’s #1 Marketing Video Maker. View on The post Congratulations Sheryl J. Moore! appeared first on Wink. Wink's Inside Story

What Squid Games Teaches Brands About Consumer & Market Research


The online landscape is always treacherous for brands, and this is particularly true around the holidays. How can one come out the other side, and as a big winner to boot, with the pandemic, supply chain issues and any number of concerns combining forces against a brand’s bottom line?

What’s the Difference Between Data Conversion and Data Migration?

Smart Data Collective

These days, almost every organization relies on huge quantities of data to run day-to-day operations. There are times when projects may require you to convert or migrate data , depending on whether it’s moving from one system to another or from several databases into one.

Pharma & Healthcare advertisers turn to ads to take back their narrative


Throughout the pandemic, Facebook posts have been a superspreader of medical misinformation. Everything from false claims that COVID-19 vaccines contained microchips to dangerous “remedies” involving bleach and horse dewormer have gone viral on the platform. Facebook Pharma


Why Bermuda Is Life Insurance Heaven

Wink Intel

Members of the American Academy of Actuaries met online last week and revealed answers to some of the most pressing questions in the life, health and annuity sectors — including, for example, why U.S. life insurers all seem to be rushing to do business in Bermuda. One speaker answered that question with a table in a presentation slide deck: Bermuda is gentler when it’s deciding how much a life insurer’s investments are really worth. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor.

Understanding Your Market Today with Real-time Consumer Intelligence


Understanding the market has always been important, but it is indispensable today. Market research was very different ten years ago. Today, real-time consumer intelligence is a must. Let’s explore why that is.

5 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Data-Centric B2B Companies

Smart Data Collective

We have frequently talked about the merits of using big data for B2C businesses. One of the reasons that we focus on these sectors is that there is so much data on consumers, which makes it easier to create a solid business model with big data.

Best Affiliate Programs: What Makes a Top-Notch Affiliate Program?


It’s been proven time and time again: consumers are more likely to believe a third party than a brand itself – “one online study found that a majority of consumers aged 18-34 (63%) are more trusting of influencers than a brand’s advertising.”

New York Life’s Pitch to Entrepreneurs: Sell Life Insurance

Wink Intel

A career in sales is a hard sell right now, and building a diverse sales force is even tougher, recruiters say. The 176-year-old New York Life Insurance Co. has one of the nation’s biggest fleets of life-insurance agents, totaling about 13,000, and the company has long been committed to keeping its sales force diverse. Click HERE to read the full story via WSJ. The post New York Life’s Pitch to Entrepreneurs: Sell Life Insurance appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

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Top 15 Customer Intelligence Tools


Customer intelligence (CI) keeps your business moving forward, protects your brand health, and encourages brand loyalty. It’s basically everything. And we are going to explore the top 15 customer intelligence tools that should be on your radar to keep this capability in top shape.

Why Data-Driven Outsourcing Can Be a Massive Win for Your Business

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has been instrumental in changing the direction of countless industries. Companies have found that data analytics and machine learning can help them in numerous ways.

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The New Magic ETL: Faster, Smarter, and Easier ETL for All


Consolidating data from different platforms can be difficult to accomplish when you’re dealing with lots of distinct input sources with varying schemas. Enter Domo’s Magic ETL , which makes it simple to combine, transform, and edit data, whether you’re a technical whiz or not.

New impact index tracks which 79 firms are embracing neurodiversity

Wink Intel

As more financial advisors adapt impact investing tools into their practices, one planner launched an index tracking which firms are embracing neurodiversity.

Webinar Features for 2022


Are you interested in being featured in a webinar or being interviewed by SCIP? New Events. Town Hall with SCIP Leadership : All members are invited to our December 2 Town Hall, where Board Chair Jay Nakagawa, Vice Chair Laurie Young, and Cam Mackey will provide a brief Year in Review (update on new services, membership, partnerships, organizational updates, etc.), and offer a preview of IntelliCon.


Massive Data-Driven Trends Impacting Small Business Lending

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has been one of the biggest forces driving change in the financial sector over the past few years. Financial institutions servicing small businesses have been among those most affected by developments in big data.