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The secret to successful citizen data science programs: Good governance


What’s one way to get CIOs griping and venting about their data strategies? Ask them how successfully they get their business users to migrate off their mega spreadsheets and onto data visualization and other self-service business intelligence platforms.

Recap of wins and losses – July 2022 edition


Transferring into the latter half of FY2022, we look back at some of the major contract wins that jumpstarted 2022. Highlighting some of these wins can give insight into the implications for your current and future competitors. Figure 1 – A summary of major contract wins in 2022.

Loss 130

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5 Ways CMOs Must Exploit the Benefits of Data Analytics

Smart Data Collective

We have talked about the benefits of using big data in the marketing profession in the past. The top marketing strategists of every organization need to understand its benefits and use it effectively. CMOs Are Investing in the Benefits of Big Data.

Webinar Best Practices That You Need to Know for 2022


What Are the Keys to Great Webinars? When it comes to real-time engagement, few tools are as proficient as webinars. According to a survey by ON24, they’re a crucial part of marketing efforts for 95% of respondents and critical to digital communications for 38%.

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

8 servant leadership do’s and don’ts


Servant leadership has emerged as a popular management method that replaces command-and control-style leadership with empathy and empowerment. The management approach prioritizes the growth, well-being, and empowerment of employees.

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HR Analytics is the Basis of New Workforce Management Software

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has helped many employers boost productivity and increase employee morale. Markets and Markets projects that companies around the world will spend over $3.6 billion on HR analytics by 2024.

5 Top VCs For Data Startups

IT Business Edge

It seems that the boom times for venture capital are over. This is not just the sentiment of the media or analysts. Keep in mind that a variety of venture capitalists agree that the slowdown is real – and could last a few years. Just look at Sequoia.

The biggest enterprise technology M&A deals of the year


The first half of 2022 was one of the busiest on record for M&A activity, according to risk management advisor Willis Towers Watson: Only 2021 and 2015 were busier.

??5 Key Steps to Start an Online Course Business


Fun fact: the total number of registered users at Coursera almost doubled between 2019 and 2021 and now totals 92 million people. People are showing more interest in continuing education, and this means that online courses do indeed make a difference in millions of lives.

Social Silence: Interpreting the Absence of Online Conversation


Silence typically points to absence – absence of noise, of conversation, and spaces that are uninhabited and still. However, we’ve all experienced a second type of silence that points to movement and growing energy.

7 Use Cases of Big Data in the Insurance Industry

Data Hut

With advancements in technology, the dependency and relevance of data have increased. As a result, several industries are leveraging data insights to improve their operations. Be it the healthcare industry, sports, or even the insurance industry.

How innovation is bridging the digital divide across Africa’s healthcare systems


Due to social distancing imposed over the last couple of years, the cyber industry has accelerated in all areas of life across Africa, especially in health in a relentless quest for solutions for the Covid-19 crisis.

How to Reduce AI Bias and Ensure Your AI Is Truly Intelligent


The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be understated. From a 5% increase in EBIT to the potential to create trillions of dollars in economic value, AI is the technology businesses are rushing to scale – and failing to do so could be catastrophic.

Snowflake vs. Databricks: Big Data Platform Comparison

IT Business Edge

The extraction of meaningful information from Big Data is a key driver of business growth. For example, the analysis of current and past product and customer data can help organizations anticipate customer demand for new products and services and spot opportunities they might otherwise miss.

IT 73

6 Tips for Building a Successful AI Software Business

Smart Data Collective

Are you considering starting a software business that sells AI applications? This can be a great idea, since the demand for AI technology is booming. Artificial intelligence technology has become more popular than anyone ever projected.

Blockchain breakthroughs: A tech revolution told in whitepapers


Blockchain is one of the great blindsides in the history of technology. Major trends around cloud technology, virtualization, and mobile you could see coming, but a novel distributed computing model based on public key cryptography? That came almost completely out of the blue. .

Metrics to Benchmark Brands’ Social Media Performance


How can brands benchmark their social media performance? This leads to a whole host of additional questions – which we’ll be examining in the post below! So, which social media metrics are important, and why do some industries perform better than others?

Gateways And Measuring Power Query CPU Usage During Power BI Dataset Refresh

Chris Webb BI

After last week’s post on measuring Power Query CPU usage during dataset refresh , someone asked an obvious question that I should have addressed: does using a gateway change anything? After all, if you’re using a gateway to connect to an on-premises data source then all the Power Query queries transforming the data from that source will be executed on the gateway machine and not in the Power BI Service. Let’s do a quick test to find out.

5 Best Practices to Boost Your Sales Strategy With Data

Datapine Blog

Sales have always been considered an intuition-driven profession where sales reps intuitively approach and engage best-fit prospects. While this approach might have worked in the past, it can’t guarantee sales success in today’s hyper-competitive world.

Sales 60

5 keys to a successful API strategy


For enterprises seeking to overhaul their operations and offerings, application programming interfaces (APIs) have become key facilitators of digital transformation — especially as organizations increasingly move data and applications to the cloud.

Enhancing Time to Insight & TikTok Campaign Planning


We’re always pushing the envelope with regular product updates that help our customers stay ahead of competitors in every way. Case in point, our latest updates that enhance time to insight and inform TikTok campaign planning! Quick Views Speed Up Time to Insight.

Take Your Master Data Management Solution To New Heights


Reading Time: 4 minutes. The business landscape in 2022 is competitive, innovative, and moving faster than ever.

Inside the making—and evolution—of ‘Domo on Data’ blogs


Elevate Your Protection Strategy at CSO’s Future of Cybersecurity Summit


Here’s the secret to creating a board presentation on cybersecurity, according to Victor Shadare, head of cybersecurity at the international publishing giant Condé Nast : “The board doesn’t have time to look at detail as such. They want something that’s going to punch them in the face,” he said.

Updates in GoodData: Report and Dashboard Sharing via Email


GoodData released updates to support the sharing of pertinent data through the ability to send reports or dashboards via email, live or scheduled


Sink or Soar: Will M&A Activity Remain Resilient in 2022?

Alpha Sense BI

2021 marked a record-breaking year for mergers and acquisitions within the US, with a total value of deals reaching $2.6 trillion – nearly a 30% increase from the previously set record in 2015.

Weidert Group Partners With The BoxMaker For Strategic Website Redesign

Weidert Group

Tips for CIOs in the digital age


Altering your approach as a CIO is critical in leading digital transformation within healthcare organizations.

What Is Multi-tenant Analytics?


Multi-tenant analytics allows companies to easily deliver and scale reporting capabilities to multiple end users. Learn about its benefits