Thu.Jun 23, 2022

Why Big Data is Creating a Big Market for NFTs

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has led to some other major technological breakthroughs. We have talked in detail about applications of big data in marketing, financial management and even the criminal justice system.

Ghana Tech-preneurs: Better Than Silicon Valley?


Owler’s CEO, Tim Harsch, spent three days in Ghana in mid-June at the MEST Africa tech-preneurs presentations. Once a quarter, MEST Africa invites entrepreneurs and founders from around the globe to come and visit their campus and deliver a lecture to their EITs (Entrepreneurs-in-Training).


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Automotive Industry Uses Analytics To Solve Pressing Supply Chain Issues

Smart Data Collective

The automotive industry is struggling to meet demand as a growing supply chain shortage cripples the global economy.

Owler Max - Now With Hubspot Integration


How does Owler Max Integrate With Hubspot? Owler’s engineering team has developed an incredible Hubspot integration for our sales-focused product, Owler Max. This integration revolutionizes the way sales teams interact with Owler Max and prospect for customers.

Sales 71

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

How Credit Providers and Lenders Use Data Effectively

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has had massive implications for the financial industry. Banks, credit card companies and other financial service providers are leveraging big data in unprecedented ways. One of the biggest benefits of big data is with loan and mortgage processing.

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How to Configure a Dedicated Server for Your Database Step by Step

Smart Data Collective

Big data is becoming more important than ever. Companies will spend over $274 billion big data this year. However, big data won’t do much good for your business if you don’t have the means to store it. You need a solid server with a great database.

Why You Need Both BI Tools and Augmented Analytics (and How to Choose a Vendor)


According to a West Monroe Partners’ survey, 68% of business and technology leaders surveyed don’t believe their competitors are leveraging data successfully. Obviously, when it comes to your competitive market space, your business does not want to exist in that 68% of the pie chart!

5 Huge Benefits of Financial Analytics for Your Business

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has become a pillar in modern business. A growing number of companies are utilizing data analytics to improve their operating strategies. One of the most important functions that data analytics is helping with is finance.

How Social Conversation Creates Business Transformation


Capturing actionable consumer thoughts to guide strategic planning is an enormous task. There are almost 8 billion people out there, holding a variety of perspectives, after all – so any understanding must be led by a nuanced approach. Here’s how.

5 Best AI-Driven Vanity Phone Number Generators

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence technology has become widely used by major corporations since the beginning of the century. However, a growing number of small businesses are finding ways to use AI technology as well, especially when it comes to marketing.

How Visual Analytics Helps Us Uncover Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Energy


Reading Time: 4 minutes. This year’s TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) Hackathon highlighted sustainability in energy production.