Fri.Jun 24, 2022

Using Data Analytics and QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has helped countless companies improve their marketing strategies. Global companies are spending over $3 billion a year on marketing analytics technology and this figure is growing over 12% a year.

10 Facebook Marketing and Advertising Mistakes That Businesses Should Avoid 


It makes no sense to deny that Facebook is the most influential social network that has ever existed. Created in 2003, the platform has grown from a group of a few hundred users into a channel for communication, political movements, and marketing where nearly three billion people have accounts.


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Use Data Analytics to Benefit from Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics has led to some major changes in the field of finance. Financial institutions invest heavily in big data technology in order to offer the highest ROI to their clients. However, individuals are also using big data to improve their own financial strategies.

Top 5 Search Metrics for Managers


In today’s competitive market, the search metrics provided by search engines like Google itself are not sufficient for managers to monitor search marketing performance. Emerging tools like Search Intelligence have been filling this need with innovative search data analytics.

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

7 Accounting Practice Management Software that Rely on AI

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence technology has led to some surprising changes in the field of accounting. Justin Hatch of the Forbes Technology Council reports that AI helps accountants streamline many mundane tasks. Therefore, they can use it to boost productivity as much as 40%.

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Perks of Predictive Analytics for Businesses Big and Small

Smart Data Collective

Technology has a funny way of being exciting and a little confusing. As a business owner, you’ve heard about predictive analytics, and you know some people are excited about it, but you’re still not sure how it’s supposed to help. The following are some major benefits of predictive analytics for businesses big and small. Quicker Snapshots of the Future.

Improve Financial Accuracy with Tally ERP Analytics!

Elegant BI

What Insights Can My Business Gain from Integrated Tally Mobile Analytics? Tally ® ERP is a popular finance and accounting solution used by many team members in many businesses.

4 Ways to Monetize Data and Improve Your Revenue Model


Every organization I know of wants to treat its data as an asset. But they lack the imagination of what that means. It can be interpreted as having robust Data Governance. Or it could mean improving Data Literacy across the organization. We are collecting and storing zettabytes of data.

IT 52

Rethinking Brand Positioning to Reflect Consumer & Market Trends


Brands are increasingly challenged with balancing purpose and profit. This is particularly true as the global consumer base becomes more socially conscious and focused on equality, equity, and sustainability.

Data Modeling Techniques and Best Practices


Data models play an integral role in the development of effective data architecture for modern businesses. They are key to the conceptualization, planning, and building of an integrated data repository that drives advanced analytics and BI.

Winning Wisconsin: Uncovering Niche Voter Segments in the Badger State


In 2016, Trump walked away with Wisconsin, and by doing so, he cleared his path to the White House. Just four years later, Wisconsin broke for Biden by less than one percent.

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