Sun.Jun 09, 2024

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Connecting the dots of smart manufacturing and networking


Most Asia Pacific (APAC) organizations are either getting involved or already invested in smart manufacturing; 48% are just beginning their digital journey, while 45% have already adopted it. After all, smart manufacturing seamlessly augments digital business models’ resilience, making it a logical solution to a global economy marked by supply chain disruptions, inflation, and talent shortages.

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Get Better Results From Power BI Copilot With Linguistic Modelling

Chris Webb BI

Everyone is excited about Power BI Copilot, and the newly-announced preview of being able to use Copilot to ask questions about all the data in your semantic model rather than just what is shown in a report is a massive step forward. However amazing the LLMs used behind the scenes are, though, the quality of the results your users get from this new Copilot preview depends on a number of factors that you as a developer control.

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Smart Cities: How Intelligent Infrastructure is Transforming Urban Mobility


SCIP Insights Smart Cities: How Intelligent Infrastructure is Transforming Urban Mobility As urban populations increase, cities around the world face mounting challenges in managing transportation systems. Traditional urban mobility frameworks suffer from congestion, pollution, and inefficiency. Introducing smart cities—urban areas that leverage intelligent infrastructure to revolutionize how people and goods move.

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Digital campuses: Accessible learning 24/7 with zero downtime connectivity


The rise of generative AI, AR/VR, and rapid networks has unlocked new educational possibilities that were once impossible in traditional classrooms. With promises of never-before-seen scale and personalization, more governments and institutions are investing in the $270 billion dollar educational technology (EdTech) industry , supporting a 16% CAGR that will propel it to new heights of US$433.17 billion by 2030.

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Are Your Impact Comms Resonating With Stakeholders?

Whether your organization is at the start of its sustainability and impact journey or years into it, many brands share a common concern: the uncertainty of whether they are sending stakeholders mixed messages. Creating content that speaks to your audience's “love language” can be a tricky dance. But, worry not! 3BL has put together tips to ensure that your content not only finds its rhythm but also resonates with your target audiences.

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Why a robust network infrastructure is the backbone of enhanced patient care


The healthcare sector has always been high in demand for skilled professionals and continuous advancements in the latest technologies. However, the need to digitize for data-sharing was highlighted during the pandemic, as the world faced a talent crunch on patient care. From high burn-out rates to overwhelmed healthcare systems, the urgency to streamline processes and improve communication became evident.

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