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Product Marketing Spotlight Series: Sophia Chang


Spotlight Series

How to Utilize Artificial Intelligence in Your eCommerce SEO Strategy

Smart Data Collective

If you have not lived under a rock for several years, you have undoubtedly heard about artificial intelligence (AI). However, how might artificial intelligence be used in e-commerce operations? Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to fill every facet of our daily lives.


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Instagram Link Stickers are now for everyone (that means you!)


It’s official: Instagram is making its new Link Stickers available to everyone. That’s right, everyone—10,000 followers NOT required. You might have heard by now that Instagram has removed the swipe-up feature and replaced it with Link Stickers.

Win 91

Email Marketing Best Practices and Tips for 2022

Weidert Group

Email marketing may be considered “old school” by some marketers because it’s been around for so long. Yet, the reason it has such staying power is because it remains one of the primary digital channels for smart marketers. Yes, it’s still relevant for today’s B2B buyers. Because it works.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Marketing

Primary Intelligecne

Win loss analysis has helped many marketers better understand their buyers. Through first-hand buyer feedback, marketers are able to discover what their buyers truly care about, how to speak to their buyers based on persona, and what value propositions will be most effective.

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How to Make the Most of Big Data in the Fitness Industry

Smart Data Collective

Big data has been a powerful force of change in the fitness industry. More fitness companies are using data analytics, AI and other technology to better understand their customers, improve their operating margins and make other changes to adapt to new trends.

How to Conduct A Thematic Analysis


At the speed of today’s market, brands need answers, and they need them fast. Decisions need to be made based on insights revealed through data to maintain upward momentum. And that’s where thematic analysis comes in! Brands are surrounded by data; however, roughly 80% of it is unstructured.

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Customer Interview Discussion Guide: The Voice of the Customer Questions You Should Be Asking

Weidert Group

When properly done, customer interviews can reveal a treasure trove of valuable insights. They truly are underutilized marketing gems. However, a customer interview conducted poorly can create a sticky situation at best (or, at worst, damage a solid relationship).

How BI Can Help Enterprises Overcome The Effects Of The Pandemic

Smart Data Collective

It’s been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and now we have enough information to assume that most enterprises weren’t prepared for the crisis.

Consumer Research: A Secret Weapon for Marketers


Your marketing is the public personality of your brand. And if you want to capture and keep your audience’s attention, you need to read the room and give them something clever and relevant. Consumer research is how impactful marketing is done consistently.

If we can get dozens of more folks to do events like this…imagine the possibilities!

Wink Intel

It sounds like we are really going to have the opportunity to get the concept of annuities in front of so many more people! The first agent-sponsored event for the movie that I was in, “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” by Doug Orchard , was a smash success.

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Serving Up Seasonal Insights – November 2021 Update


Welcome to this month’s Digital Marketing Intelligence update. . Tis the season for fresh features.

5 Ways Data Analytics Sets a New Standard for Revenue Marketing

Smart Data Collective

With the “big data” or insurmountable, high-volume amount of information, data analytics plays a crucial role in many business aspects, including revenue marketing. Data analytics refers to the systematic computational analysis of statistics or data.

KPI 74

7 Things NetBase Customers Are Thankful For


This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for the amazing customers we serve – and the ongoing feedback they offer, which helps us stay aligned with their needs. As part of that, we’ve summarized some of the top reasons they’re thankful for the consumer and marketing intelligence capabilities we offer!

Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

Wink Intel

At this time of Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn gratefully to you with warm appreciation. The Wink offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday for an extended holiday celebration with our family and friends. . Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! . The Wink, Inc family .


The Top PPC Trends of 2021


As I reflect on the conversations I’ve had with paid marketers in different industries, one theme has stayed consistent: we are in a fast-paced and increasingly difficult subsection of marketing , and it will only get harder to improve and maintain the quality of traffic we’ve come to expect from paid traffic.

Data Privacy and Internet Safety Tips for College Students

Smart Data Collective

Data privacy concerns have become greater than ever in recent years. One recent study from the University of Maryland found that there is a data breach every 39 seconds. The threat of data breaches has become a lot greater in recent years as more businesses and consumers become dependent on big data.

How We Built Audience Personas for Crocs - the Hottest Trend in Shoes - Using Social Listening


Holy hole-filled shoes, batman! Crocs are back. Crocs garnered a 30% increase in social conversation in the past year and grew their revenue 73% from 2020 to 2021. Surprising right? The ugly step-sister of the shoe universe has suddenly, and loudly, taken social media by storm.


Envestnet & SIMON Partner to Enable Advisors to Offer Structured Investments as Fee-Based Solutions

Wink Intel

CHICAGO and NEW YORK , Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Envestnet, Inc. announces that it is partnering with SIMON Markets LLC (SIMON) to offer access to, and the management of structured investments that can provide income and protection strategies for client portfolios.

Scenario Planning, Uncertainty, and The Pandemic Era


We talk with Salesforce Chief Futurist Peter Schwartz about the Pandemic Era. New SCIP IntelliCast Episode. Scenario Planning, Uncertainty, and The Pandemic Era.


Benefits of Using Data Analytics in Equipment Financing

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has touched on virtually every element of our lives. More companies are using big data to address some of their biggest concerns. Securing financing is a huge example.

The 7 best social media marketing tools


A simple question. What’s the best social media marketing tool for driving rapid e-commerce growth? Sadly, many of these tools are falling short when it comes to enabling e-commerce on social.

Pacific Life Collaborates With Ensight™ and Insurance Technologies on New Dynamic Client Illustration Tool for Annuities

Wink Intel

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–( –( BUSINESS WIRE )–Today, Pacific Life, in collaboration with Ensight and Insurance Technologies, introduced an innovative new sales tool that links to its current illustration software to provide financial professionals with an interactive, personalized presentation or e-brochure they can share with clients.

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How to Estimate Your PPC Budget to Get the Best ROI


Pay-per-click (PPC) budget management isn’t the sexiest of topics, but it’s a crucial aspect of any marketer’s ad campaign. You can’t just dive into Google Ads and blindly bid — unless you want to see your precious budget go down the drain with little results.

Best Looker Alternatives 2021

Better Buys

Looker is a business intelligence (BI) solution that allows users to make actionable decisions with real-time insights. Users can drill down into their data, as well as create stories with dashboards and visualizations. Looker integrates with many third-party applications (e.g.,

Brands Meeting Consumers’ Desire to Give This Holiday Season


This year we’re seeing more brands recognize the importance of their consumer intelligence and using it to identify emerging trends that have staying power. And one overarching concept taking hold amongst consumers worldwide this year is that of giving back.

Big questions out there for Advisor Group

Wink Intel

Advisor Group lost one of its biggest and most important financial advisers last week, Kevin Myeroff of Royal Alliance Associates Inc. — a regular on Barron’s ranking of top independent advisers whose firm, NCA Financial Planners, has about $1.7 billion in client assets. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews. The post Big questions out there for Advisor Group appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

Vulnerable women represent opportunity for women advisers

Wink Intel

Women going through difficult life events — such as a divorce or the death of their spouse — are vulnerable and need an investment adviser more than ever. It’s an opportunity for women advisers to be their hero, said an adviser who specializes in helping women in those situations. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews. The post Vulnerable women represent opportunity for women advisers appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

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Firm winners named for InvestmentNews annual Innovation Awards

Wink Intel

InvestmentNews selected five firm winners for its fifth annual Icons & Innovators Awards. The winners were selected based on their ability to shape and transform the financial advice profession, along with their implementation of new advances and initiatives. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews. The post Firm winners named for InvestmentNews annual Innovation Awards appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

Well-Balanced Planning is the Key to Successful Retirement

Wink Intel

Well-Balanced Planning is the Key to Successful Retirement. They say the two things no one can avoid is death and taxes— but the third unavoidable reality is aging. For people who make sound investments in themselves, the negative impacts of aging can be held at bay and their retirement years can be some of the best times of their lives. By focusing on making smart and disciplined decisions during a person’s family/working years they can achieve a well-balanced retirement.

Prudential Discusses How COVID-19 Affected New Life Insurance Policies

Wink Intel

In a time where tragedies have become more and more common, life insurance companies have adjusted to these new changes. Policies have generally remained the same, but there are some key differences worth discussing. Did COVID-19 affect life insurance premiums? Click HERE to read more via INN. The post Prudential Discusses How COVID-19 Affected New Life Insurance Policies appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles


How To Help Seniors Track Down An Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

Wink Intel

Dear Savvy Senior: When my dad died, we thought he had a life insurance policy, but we have no idea how to track it down. Any suggestions? – Searching Son. Click HERE to read the full story via INN. The post How To Help Seniors Track Down An Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles

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Life Settlements and the Life Insurance Payout Toolbox

Wink Intel

There are many options available to life insurance policy beneficiaries in regard to how they can receive the proceeds of the policy. But one often-overlooked payout method can prove beneficial in some circumstances. Life settlements are, in effect, a useful addition to the list of life insurance payout methods. Typically, payouts are mailed within a few days to a few weeks of the insurance company receiving the proper documentation, including a certified copy of the death certificate.

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Wyoming Department Warns Against Scams Against Agents

Wink Intel

Officials at the Wyoming Department of Insurance have an urgent message for insurance agents: Real department representatives are not calling agents and asking for money to resolve licensing problems. Scam artists in other states are calling agents, brokers and other licensees and pretending to be representative from state insurance departments, Wyoming department officials say in a new notice. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor.


NAIC Panel Member Seeks to Clear Regulatory Pipes

Wink Intel

Birny Birnbaum is trying to pull a Life Illustration Issues Working Group report through the pipes at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Birnbaum is asking the working group’s parent, the NAIC’s Life Insurance and Annuities Committee, to release the report, which is about new standards for materials that show how specific life insurance policies work. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor.


Harry Dent: Stock Market Crash Coming in Early 2022; ‘Economy Is Dead’

Wink Intel

First, the terrible news: “The biggest stock market crash of our lifetime will hit in 2022,” Harry Dent Jr., aka “The Contrarian’s Contrarian,” tells ThinkAdvisor in an interview. Further, “crypto is going to drop even more than stocks,” he predicts. Now, the good news: “You’ll see the biggest [stock] crash work to your advantage in just one year,” says Dent. But hold on.

Fidelity to Offer Annuity Access to 401(k) Participants

Wink Intel

Fidelity Investments, which has $11.1 trillion in assets under administration, announced Thursday that it was launching Guaranteed Income Direct in 2022, giving 401(k) and 403(b) plan participants the ability to annuitize their retirement savings. The company says it has 8 million workers age 50 to 64 on its savings platform, noting that the growing interest in these “guaranteed income” products was a key reason for offering this new option. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor.

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