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Stop Asking Who Your Competitors are, Start Asking How You Compete


At Cipher , we see many organizations take a misguided approach when it comes to competitive strategy , tending to operate primarily on a defensive basis.

An Analysis of Marketing In the Restaurant POS Industry (2021)


In recent years, point of sale ( POS) systems have become a key differentiator for restaurants across the globe. These systems allow restaurateurs to meet many practical needs such as growing profits, running more efficient and organized businesses, and improving bookkeeping.


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Smart SMBs Are Taking Advantage of Major Advances in Data Security

Smart Data Collective

A surprisingly large number of SMBs think they’re too small to be targeted by hackers. The truth is, cybercriminals sniff out opportunities regardless of the company size and the complacency of the SMBs is what draws them.

How to Perform a Content Marketing Audit for Fresh Ideas and Better Results

Weidert Group

It’s hard to overestimate the value of an accurate inventory , whether you’re a manufacturer with a warehouse full of components or a B2B service provider managing complex supplies and equipment. Content Marketing

How to Build a Competitive Pricing Strategy


A strong pricing strategy is essential to every organization, and the stakes are high. Set the price too high, and your organization will struggle to make many sales, but set your prices too low, and profits will suffer.

9 Ways to Create Positive Word of Mouth Advertising


No matter what business you have, whether it is an online business or a brick-and-mortar business, you can’t last long in the market without some word-of-mouth advertising. Because it’s more believable when a suggestion to buy or try something comes from an individual.

How AI and IoT Solutions Can Improve Your Business

Smart Data Collective

In today’s modern era, AI and IoT are technologies poised to impact every part of the industry and society radically. Because most businesses devote their primary efforts to developing their brand, software applications, or network, new technologies are apt to transform how they operate.

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This 5-Step Google Ads PPC Audit Helps to Max Your ROI


PPC ad campaigns are, unfortunately, more like children than fish. They require supervision, love, and care in order to grow; you can’t just toss in some food and forget about them for a while. A periodic PPC audit is the best way to give your ad campaign some TLC.

Loss 73

When did you last pay attention to your attention span?


I’ve been seeing an increased number of articles about attention spans in my health and wellbeing current awareness alerts every morning.

How Big Data and AI are Revolutionizing Payments

Smart Data Collective

Data has become an essential asset for companies everywhere. The financial sector has been one of the most affected industries. By interpreting and analyzing the data, organizations can understand and predict trends, improve security and make data-driven decisions.

Owler's Top 5 Tips to Pitch Like a Sales Star


We have chatted to our successful sales friends and got their five must-do tips to go from snake oil salesman to sales success story Pitching like a pro is all about building relationships, and knowing your product and your client’s business inside out.

Sales 82

Strouse Boosts SEO by 100% and Lands $80K Project With 1st Inbound Campaign

Weidert Group

A new website, SEO strategy, and paid ad campaign help an adhesive converter’s messaging stick with customers and land new business. SUMMARY: 100%+ growth in several key SEO metrics. 4 straight months of record-high website organic sessions. 90% increase in quote requests.

How Brands Use Consumer Intelligence to Predict CPG Purchase Intent


If you ever wanted to know how some brands are consistently out in front of the crowd in innovation and messaging, then you’ll want to read on. Today, top brands use AI-enabled consumer insights to predict consumer purchase intent and significantly impact their bottom line. Let’s see how it looks!

8 Ways Machine Learning Can be Used to Make Cities Smarter

Smart Data Collective

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and technology has been developing quickly in recent times, with applications such as CAPTCHA that prevent bots from accessing sites, thermostats that adapt to our daily schedules or even algorithms that could choose potential vacation destinations for us.

Introducing Intricately's 2021 Global Market Report: Regional Cloud Revenue Opportunities


Intricately exists to help cloud go-to-market teams gain a deeper understanding of the global cloud market – its current state, where it's headed, and where you can find the best opportunities to convert leads into revenue-generating customers for your business

Global Market Insights Can Boost Your Business Expansion

M Brain

The post Global Market Insights Can Boost Your Business Expansion appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Blog posts Industry Trends Knowledge Management

Grocery's top 3 digital advertisers


Before the pandemic, it was typical for many of us to make several weekly runs to our neighborhood grocery stores so we could throw together a last-minute dinner. And if we were too tired to cook, dining in at our local restaurant would also work in a pinch. Food & Bev

Embracing Big Data Technology Makes Traders’ Lives Much Easier

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has had an enormous impact on many sectors. The financial industry is absolutely no exception. Big data is completely changing the securities trading profession.


Wink Intel

Deferred Annuity Sales. Total 2Q2021 deferred annuity sales were $64,492,263,828. Second quarter deferred annuity sales were up nearly 11% when compared to the previous quarter and up more than 40% when compared to the same period last year.

Product Matching AI: The Secret Weapon Powering Successful eCommerce Teams


Brands and retailers across the globe come to us looking for ways to turn mounds of competitive eCommerce data into intelligent, automated technology that helps them outperform the market. It is the holy grail that can make or break a retail business in the current climate.

Prospect Prioritization: How Intricately Solves the #1 Problem for Cloud Sellers


In this post, Intricately CTO and Co-Founder Fima Leshinsky e xplains what applications can reveal about a company's digital footprint – and how we can use application infrastructure to better understand the cloud market as a whole. Continue reading below.

Using AI to Optimize Cybersecurity Apps in the Remote Working Era

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has led to a number of developments in many industries. A growing number of companies are using AI technology to transform many aspects of their workplace. One of the biggest benefits of AI is that it has helped streamline many workplace functions.

Top 3 Digital Advertisers In Grocery Delivery


Many businesses, small and large, have taken a hit due to the coronavirus outbreak. But one category, in particular, enjoyed predicted and substantial gains: online grocery delivery.

Sales 52

Identifying the “Hero Items” that attract customers and drive supermarket sales


Background. Within the retail sector “hero items” or “destination items” are the standout products that attract customers to specific stores and drive additional sales, whether those are discretionary purchases or the weekly supermarket shop.

Online Sales Data Query: Subscribers only

Wink Intel

Wink’s online Sales Data Query allows W ink’s Sales & Market Report subscribers to search sales by company, sales per distribution channel, sales based upon company ratings, sales of products* with specific product/rider features.

Sales 52

AI Developments Which Will Shape Our Future

Smart Data Collective

Despite all the unexpected events we’ve witnessed in 2020, artificial intelligence wasn’t much affected by the pandemic and everything that was happening as a consequence of it across the globe.

7 Powerful Call-to-Action Examples & Tips

Weidert Group

Don’t let the simplicity of the humble website call-to-action (CTA) button fool you. It has great power. A properly designed CTA can initiate, strengthen, and foster customer relationships — and, really, isn’t that the point of marketing? What makes a CTA effective?

IT 52

10 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Business


The cost of acquiring new customers continues to increase and it's becoming more and more difficult to prove the ROI (return on investment) of marketing efforts. Contributor

Getting to know our Chief Everything Officer

Wink Intel

VICTORIA L. GROSSMAN, A.K.A. TORI, A.K.A. THE “DECISION DIVA.”. Victoria, Chief Everything Officer, was the first employee that Sheryl J. Moore hired to work with her at Wink. She became a member of the Moore family after Sheryl’s then four-year-old son hit on her at her teenage job.


How Businesses Use Their Target Audience Data

Smart Data Collective

Big data has been instrumental in the evolution of marketing. More businesses are finding ways to create data-driven marketing strategies that are tailored to the needs of individual customers and customer segments.

How to Build Better Market Understanding


Our global marketplace undulates under a vast array of influences. It’s not enough to produce a killer product, and hope sales pour in. An accurate market understanding is necessary to inform every aspect of your brand, from innovation to marketing.

Fall events update - Register Today


All new webinars, topic tables, and workshops from SCIP. SCIP Events This Fall. Webinars & Topic Tables. Combining Multiple Data Sets to Identify Trends. Webinar | Oct.


Annuity Litigation Roundup

Wink Intel

Court Emphasizes Disclosure Substance Over Form. A recent decision in Nofsinger v. Jackson National Life Insurance Co. shut down a putative class action in which the plaintiff alleged she surrendered her annuity contract after receiving a deceptive letter regarding her contract options from Jackson National and was then charged an improper surrender charge.


Why Data-Conscious CIOs Use Gartner to Evaluate Software

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics is the lifeblood of modern business. Every large organization has a CIO, who appreciates the need to invest in big data solutions. There are a lot of companies that offer solutions for data-driven businesses. One of the most popular is Garnter.

Customer Analytics: What It Is & What It Means for Businesses


Consumers have an unprecedented number of brand options and access to information these days. Not only that, but communities are also becoming increasingly diverse while consumer behavior shifts on the heels of the pandemic.

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SCIP Awarded Prestigious Accreditation


SCIP Becomes an IACET Accredited Provider. Prestigious Accreditation Demonstrates Commitment to High-Quality Adult Learning. October 1, 2021 - The International Association for Continuing Education and Training ( IACET ) has awarded SCIP the prestigious Accredited Provider designation.


5 Secrets for Annuity Selling Success

Wink Intel

Before I get started, let me handle the gorilla in the room: You need to have a marketing budget. You must invest in yourself. The amount you are willing to invest will affect the success you will find. If you do not have funds set aside, don’t read any further. I hear it all the time: “All I want to do is see people and sell.”. That’s what we all want to do.