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Happy Pride: The Freedom to be Yourself is an Amazing Thing


The freedom to be yourself is an amazing thing. It’s powerful and fundamental. It’s something everyone deserves. Life is short and everyone should be proud to be himself, herself or themselves. Crayon Updates

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Bid Low + Be Acceptable on Technical = Win?


The age-old debate of “submitting a technically acceptable proposal and a very aggressive bid leads to a win” is one we hear constantly. . Let’s pause though. Is that really true? . This routinely comes up in Black Hat reviews as a topic of great and enthusiastic debate.

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Allis Information Management Rebrands as AIM – Targeted Intelligence


Allis Information Management (AIM) is now doing business as AIM – Targeted Intelligence. The rebranding comes in response to AIM’s growing portfolio of capabilities.

REPRINT: 100 facts your clients need to know about annuities: #AnnuityAwarenessMonth

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Did you know that that the top fear of Americans is outliving their retirement income? Death comes in as the second top fear. It’s easy to see that annuities are still the black box of the insurance industry … what a shame.

Happy Pride: The Freedom to be Yourself is an Amazing Thing


The freedom to be yourself is an amazing thing. It’s powerful and fundamental. It’s something everyone deserves. Life is short and everyone should be proud to be himself, herself or themselves. Crayon Updates

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How to Use a ROAS Calculation to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns


If you’ve ever run a digital advertising campaign, you’ve likely run into the issue of not knowing if your campaign is performing well enough to make it worth the cost.

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How to Incorporate Polls into your Social Media Strategy


So, you’re interested in using polls to drive audience engagement and show your readers exactly what you have to offer when it comes to answering tough questions. Now, you want to get a sense of the advantages of using polls as part of your social media strategy. You’ve come to the right place!

6 Tips from the Experts On Driving Adoption of CI


There’s a lot of things I should do. I should stretch in the morning. I should go to the dentist every six months. I should stay off Twitter for the rest of my life. Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Remove Your Rose Tinted Glasses: Data Visualizations Designed to Mislead

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) Misleading Data Visualization Examples. 2) How to Avoid Misleading Visuals. 3) The Impact Of Bad Data Visualizations. Nobody likes feeling manipulated in any way, shape, or form. But while that may be the case, people are duped by data visualizations every day.

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Identifying New Business Targets with Market Research


New businesses seem to appear every day and understanding which are worth watching, or potentially partnering with, requires real-time, data-driven intel. Consumers are drawn to everything “new” and that includes novel products produced by competitors.

How AI Can Elevate Your Customer Service

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction in different sectors, including customer service. Call centers alone spent over $3.4 billion on AI in 2019 , but the market for AI in customer service sector as a whole is much greater.

Top 10 Advertisers on OTT for May 2022 in the U.S.


Pathmatics reveals that the top 10 advertisers on OTT platforms spent nearly $137.2 million on creatives in the United States between May 1 and May 31, up 5 percent month-over-month from April.

Uncover The Power Of Monitoring Dashboards With Examples, Templates, & Design Tips

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is A Monitoring Dashboard? 2) Why Do You Need Monitoring Dashboards? 3) Tips For Monitoring Dashboard Design. 4) Monitoring Dashboard Templates. Data monitoring has been changing the business landscape for years now.

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How to Complete a Competitive Audit


A competitive audit is the part of the competitive intelligence process that seeks to better understand the competition and compare a brand to its peers. In this post, we are mainly going to discuss how to use different tools to conduct one; but first…. Why Companies Must Have Competitive Audits.

Expert Insights on Using Financial Analytics with Algorithmic Trading

Smart Data Collective

Did you know that the market for financial analytics services is worth over $25 billion ? This figure is growing every year, as more financial organizations are discovering the benefits data analytics technology offers. Data analytics has become a crucial part of the modern financial industry.

B2B Content Marketing | 20 Questions to Ask When Creating Advanced Content

Weidert Group

Creating advanced content for your B2B company or client can seem daunting. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself (and answer) before you get started. The first is, "What is advanced content?".

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Reprint: Americans Are Demanding Annuities #AnnuityAwarenessMonth

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I have seen the demand for annuities grow stronger and stronger over the past couple of decades. When I talk about this with colleagues in the annuity industry, they think I am being facetious. You haven’t seen the same? Well, let me show you about the demand for annuities from my own perspective.

Using Continuous Intelligence to Identify Unmet Needs


We aren’t mind readers, but consumers expect us to be. They want brands to infer what they want without having to spell it out. Luckily, continuous intelligence provides mind reading powers that facilitates meaningful insights to please any global consumer base.

‘Stranger Things 4’: A record-breaker already?


A few weeks ago, we did a post about Netflix —and, in particular, the shows and movies we all watch on the popular streaming service. Since then, “Stranger Things 4” dropped, and it’s already breaking records.

Generic Sales Outreach is Dead


We are all inundated with generic outreach emails, most of which go straight into the trash, or spam. How does your sales team nail sales outreach the right way? We can all agree that the 'spray and pray' outreach strategy to reach your sales prospects is over.

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June is Annuity Awareness Month! We will be reprinting our Chief Storyteller, Sheryl Moore’s most requested annuity-focused articles all month long; they will be indicated with “reprint” in the title. You’ll find these timeless articles are still relevant today.

10 Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy


If you’re browsing articles about creating a marketing strategy, you’re serious about building awareness of your business – and doing in a way that’s most impactful. Can you believe that some marketers and business owners jump right to it without a strategy in place?


How to conduct international market research: 4 methods for global insights


Are you planning on taking the world by storm with your new brand, product or service? Do some international market research first, to make sure you understand the nuances of different global markets, and create a comprehensive picture of your new target market.

Future of Competitive Intelligence


This on-demand video identifies 4 trends that organizations, strategy leaders, and Competitive Intel. NEW Video - Future of Competitive Intelligence.


How To Avoid Life Insurance Fraud

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Inflation, exacerbated by the military conflict in Ukraine, and countered by Federal Reserve Bank monetary tightening, has been pushing up interest rates, particularly the last few months. Moody’s Investor Service reports inflation and rising interest rates are a benefit for life insurers, whose bond yields and investment income are rising, and whose spread-based product margins are widening.

Using Engagement to Drive Content Strategy in Healthcare


Patients aren’t just patients, they’re consumers as well. And as such, it’s critical to understand what they want from healthcare providers (HCPs), their treatment expectations and more.

Chatbots on Instagram: How to Use Them to Boost Conversions and Sales


Before we dive deeper into the perks of chatbots for business, let’s set the stage with some interesting chatbots stats : . Chatbots are capable of handling as much as 80% of common enquiries. Conversational artificial intelligence handled almost one in six global customer service interactions.

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New June Webinar - Market Research & Variable Data Sources


Upcoming webinars, topic tables & workshops. Upcoming SCIP Events. LAST CHANCE - June 7 - Webinar. How KPMG is Turbocharging their CI. Guests : J.J. Malfettone (KPMG), Richard Strayer (KPMG) & Satya Saha (Evalueserve). Summary : Case study of how KPMG turbocharged their CI to assist multiple teams across the world and enable clients to create better-informed strategies to outpace competitors. June 9 - Topic Table. Influencing Executives & Stakeholders. Moderator : Demian Straka (HPE).


Which Vegetable Is The Best? The Apple Or The Orange?

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There are a few annuity and life insurance social media groups in which I am a “group expert.” These social media chat groups are closed groups that are only available to financial professionals where they can ask questions and comment on ideas and strategies that are working for them. It is also a forum for which other financial professionals can respond to the feedback and strategies communicated. Click HERE to read the full story via Broker World. The post Which Vegetable Is The Best?

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Hit The Road To Get The Latest In Life Insurtech And Underwriting Innovations

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Industry conferences are back! I just returned from a two week business trip. First I flew to Tampa to attend the LIMRA Life Insurance Conference at the end of April. I was then invited by the National Brokerage Agencies (NBA) to speak at their Spring Conference in Dallas. From there, I flew to Denver to attend the Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU) Annual Conference. Click HERE to read the full story via Broker World.