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New Data: Battlecard Benchmarks & Best Practices (2022)


Sadly, the impact of good product marketing is often obscured. Sales Enablement

Amazon Announces Prime Day Dates [How To Prepare]


Today, Amazon formally announced via Twitter that Prime Day 2022 will be held on July 12th and 13th. Last year, Prime Day brought in nearly $11 billion in total ecommerce sales, making it the biggest day for digital sales in 2021 — and Prime Day 2022, could be even bigger.

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Booz Allen Hamilton: Get smart on their changes…or else


We last examined Booz Allen Hamilton in August 2020. At the time, the company was experiencing steady business growth (which we also noted in our August 2018 blog) and continues to maintain that steady growth now. The company announced at the end of its fiscal year 2022 that it earned $8.4

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How Understanding Data Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Smart Data Collective

Global companies spent over $2.83 billion on marketing analytics in 2020. This figure certainly increased in light of the pandemic, as digitization accelerated. Marketing has always been about numbers.

Whether You Want to Play Pop Music or Pro Hockey, Crayon Has Your Back


For most of April, an indie pop band called shallow pools was touring the East Coast of the United States, making stops at legendary venues like Irving Plaza and Toad’s Place. Crayon Updates


Upselling and Cross-selling: 8 Examples and Why They Work


Users can access Spotify’s extensive music library for free, yet their Premium subscriptions grew 15% in 2022. Meanwhile, ecommerce marketing software Privy is generating 10% higher average order value for Shopify users with their related product recommendations add-on.

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What Are OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Tools?

Smart Data Collective

Data science is both a rewarding and challenging profession. One study found that 44% of companies that hire data scientists say the departments are seriously understaffed.

How to Write Your Positioning Statement In 4 Steps


Even the greatest product will be overlooked if it lacks a captivating message that resonates with its target customer in a way that no competitor can match. Doing this isn’t easy. It requires consistency.

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7 Examples of Effective Cross-selling (and Why They Work)


You should be dedicating resources to encouraging each new and existing customer to increase their spending. If not, you’re missing out on a play that can deliver exponential returns. Recommending additional products or services can help customers solve problems while upping their investment.

Destroy Silos with Continuous Intelligence


Consumer and market intelligence is a life saver for businesses of all sizes. But with so many different data sources available within different departments of a company, that it can feel like a game of telephone where you cross your fingers and hope that the intel is being relayed correctly.

How Deep Learning Technology Improves the Efficiency of Parking Management Systems

Smart Data Collective

Parking Systems and The Current Crisis . The current world is undergoing a rapid transformation as a direct result of the many scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements enabling the production of an abundance of intelligent gadgets, appliances, and systems.

Rank #1 On Google With This On-Page SEO Checklist


You want to rank #1 on Google, but you’re not sure how or what to do. Discover the 12 steps On-Page SEO checklist on how to get ranked higher on Google. The problem is that there are so many SEO experts out there who offer conflicting advice and it’s hard to know what works best.

How to Create a Marketing Playbook for Consistent Campaigns


Consistency is the cornerstone of good marketing. You only have to look at top brands to see this in action: Apple’s sleekness, Coca-Cola’s playfulness, Disney’s magic. Consistency is equally critical for startups.

Traditional Market Research vs. Modern Strategies


Decision-making in business is fraught with uncertainties. Through market research, companies reduce these uncertainties, build confidence, and achieve mission critical business objectives. Let’s see how it looks! Market research is a dynamic field.

How can CIOs Build Business Value with Business Analytics?

Smart Data Collective

Analytics is becoming more important than ever in the world of business. Over 70% of global businesses use some form of analytics. This figure will rise as globalization, supply chain challenges and other factors increase competitiveness.

Top 12 B2B Marketing & Sales Takeaways from Experience Inbound 2022

Weidert Group

Have you been following B2B marketing trends in 2022, and how the convergence of new technologies and a pandemic has changed…well, everything? Well we have, and we hope you were among our participants at Experience Inbound 2022.

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Best Practices to Establish a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for A/B Testing


Your CX testing lives or dies on the quality of your data. You can’t form valid, testable hypotheses using questionable data. And you can’t trust the outcomes of your tests if you don’t know you’re looking at accurate metrics.

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How to Measure Brand Awareness: 12 Top Strategies


To be successful, your brand needs to be recognizable to buyers. It builds credibility and later develops trust – all of which are essential to customer retention, and for encouraging brand advocacy. Here’s how to measure brand awareness to make sure it’s growing!

7 Ways to End Dead Digital Weight on Your Website with Analytics

Smart Data Collective

Businesses have been using websites to reach customers for nearly 30 years. The first websites predated modern analytics technology. Google Analytics wasn’t launched until 2005. However, advances in analytics over the past decade have made it easier for companies to create quality websites.

Booking Sites Ride The Streaming Wave As Summer Travel Season Heats Up


Even with gas prices skyrocketing and COVID-19 cases surging once again, this year’s summer travel season is poised to be one of the busiest on record.

How DeBeers is saving time by using M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza

M Brain

The post How DeBeers is saving time by using M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions


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June is Annuity Awareness Month! We will be reprinting our Chief Storyteller, Sheryl Moore’s most requested annuity-focused articles all month long; they will be indicated with “reprint” in the title. You’ll find these timeless articles are still relevant today.

8 Ways Successful Online Business Leverage Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology is disrupting almost every industry in the modern economy. Global businesses are projected to spend over $103 billion on big data by 2027. While many industries benefit from the growing use of big data, online businesses are among those most affected.

17 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes


Statista reports that 11 million households scanned at least one QR code in 2020 in the US. That’s a massive increase from 9.76 million QR code scans in 2018. Nowadays, QR codes are used for anything from marketing campaigns to contactless payments.

How M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza delivers intelligence to Finlays

M Brain

The post How M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza delivers intelligence to Finlays appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions

REPRINT: Need an Rx for retirement? The doctor is in. #AnnuityAwarenessMonth

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It took me a long time to get my “doctorate in lifetime income.” The journey commenced once I reviewed my retirement account statement after the dot-com bubble burst. I felt absolutely nauseous. Losing money did not sit well with my stomach.

9 Ways Location Data Can Help You Excel in Retail

Smart Data Collective

Consumers today want retailers they do dealings with, to provide them with simplified and personalized services. If you fail to meet their standards for an effective and focused product offering, most of them will quickly take their money elsewhere.

Top Tips from the VP of Sales Development at UpKeep, Joe Venuti


Joe Venuti, Vice President, Sales Development at UpKeep, began his career in sales after leaving the contract security world and looking for a new career - and it was not all smooth sailing, but he learned several top tips that he shares with us today “I started in the contract security world and, pivoted into sales through a whole bunch of events.

Monterro acquires Finnish market intelligence SaaS company M-Brain

M Brain

The post Monterro acquires Finnish market intelligence SaaS company M-Brain appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Press releases

Too Many Americans Don’t Understand Life Insurance — or Have the Coverage They Need

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You wouldn’t go out and buy some fancy kitchen gadget without truly understanding what it does, right? Well, the same thought process might apply to life insurance. If you don’t understand how life insurance works, you may not be so motivated to bump it to the top of your list of things to prioritize. But that could end up putting your loved ones in a dangerous financial spot. Click HERE to read the full story via Nasdaq.

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