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Product Story: 3 Keys to Success (+ Examples)


Regardless of industry or available resources, brand is the north star for product teams the world over. Positioning and Messaging


GSA FEDSIM…who’s winning their contracts?


In last month’s blog , we explored what FEDSIM is and what federal customers use FEDSIM as a mode for procurement. This month, we delve into what contractors are winning FEDSIM bids and with what federal customers. Who are the major winners at FEDSIM?

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Why Is Data Consulting Essential For A New Business?

Smart Data Collective

More companies than ever are being driven by data. They use a number of important data analytics tools to help implement their functions more efficiently. Unfortunately, big data can be mysterious for many companies.

Best Practices for Reaching Gen-Z on TikTok, Snapchat, and More


Born after 1996, Gen-Z users are technology savants who use social media to get entertainment, find inspiration, and make their voices heard.

Think before you automate: What should I do before implementing new technology?


In a previous post , Vable’s Head of Client Success, Emily Baldwin explained how to create and nurture successful client/vendor relationships.

Competitor highlight: General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)…the update!


We last examined GDIT in 2019, examining their top customers, M&A history, and their movement of personnel post CSRA-acquisition. In this blog, we examine the company’s changing mix of customers and major wins and losses over the past two years. How has GDIT’s customer portfolio changed?

Major Trends Involving Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Smart Data Collective

AI has become incredibly important for the retail sector. This is partly because the industry must take measures to avoid collapsing in the wake of new competition from online retailers. It is believed that the retail sector will irreversibly decline in the future.

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How to increase sales on Instagram: The ultimate guide


How to increase sales on Instagram. This is the question on every marketer’s lips. As more and more consumers browse Instagram looking for things to buy , brands need to think about how to optimize their social commerce strategy.

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Decision Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It


Now more than ever, business decisions carry a lot of weight. They must be faster, more accurate, automated, and cognizant of the entirety of your business intelligence. It’s a daunting list of responsibilities for any decision to live up to.

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Spotify Musicians Turn to Data Analytics to Boost their Careers

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics is becoming a crucial element of many business strategies. They have found that data analytics is a valuable component of marketing campaigns , financial planning objectives, human resource guidelines and much more.

Sales Leader Amy Franko Gives Owler Blog Readers Her Top Sales Tips (and a Freebie!)


Owler interviews Amy Franko, a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice , a strategic sales expert, and keynote speaker. After an extremely successful sales career, she built Amy Franko Associates, a company with a specific focus on sales training and leadership excellence.

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Business Intelligence for Driving Action

M Brain

The post Business Intelligence for Driving Action appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Blog posts Industry Trends Intelligence Best Practices

The 16 Best Social Listening Tools for 2022


What does your audience care about? Social listening can reveal this and much more! Fluctuating opinions and emotions can be hard to decipher, and they’re so important for brands seeking to read the room.

Ways To Secure IoT Devices from Cyber Attacks

Smart Data Collective

It’s safe to say that IoT devices have made our lives much easier and more convenient. This new technology has changed the way people conduct their work in the office, but also how they use gadgets at home.

How to make the right decision

Mind Shifts

Think decision-making is about gut feel? Think again. It’s all in the mind. Making decisions is the most important job of any executive. It’s also the toughest and the riskiest. Bad decisions can damage a business and a career, sometimes irreparably. So where do bad decisions come from?

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HubSpot Tickets: The Key to Integrated Customer Service

Weidert Group

Customer Support Ticketing Through HubSpot. Your customer service team not only stands on the frontlines of your customer experience , dealing with all kinds of issues every day, but they also must keep track of all the relevant information regarding those issues.

Pathmatics Launches Over-the-top (OTT) Advertising Intelligence


We're thrilled to announce that for the first time ever, OTT ad intelligence data is live in Pathmatics Explorer! News & Announcements

Has Blockchain Made Cryptocurrency Baskets Worth Investing In?

Smart Data Collective

Blockchain technology has been a breakthrough technology that has had a huge impact on our lives. The average person doesn’t understand the significance of blockchain, but it is revolutionizing the financial sector.

Revenue Data is Now Available in Intricately!


Segmenting accounts according to revenue is a strategy commonly used by Sales and Marketing teams to establish territories.

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How Market and Competitive Intelligence Tools Can Help PE/VC Firms Track Portfolio Companies


The post How Market and Competitive Intelligence Tools Can Help PE/VC Firms Track Portfolio Companies appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog. Competitive Intelligence

10 Reasons Why Brands Need to Focus on Green Advertising


The past few years have seen a consistent rise in consumer demand for sustainable products. In particular, millennials and Gen-Zers have become more discerning about buying from brands that are doing their part to heal the environment and prevent the impending ecological collapse


Use a Data Strategy to Make Your Startup Profitable

Smart Data Collective

Big data is no longer a luxury for businesses. It is a vital to any company that wants to succeed in all but the least competitive markets. In the information, there are companies with big data strategies and those that fall behind. Big data and business intelligence are essential.

What Does HubSpot Do? Game-Changing Product Updates for Scaling & Business Growth

Weidert Group

Maybe you have a HubSpot license and your teams have hosted landing pages on the platform, or you’ve used Marketing Hub or Sales Hub, but your exposure to HubSpot’s capabilities has been limited to just one or two aspects of what it can do.

The Importance of Embracing Multi-Cloud Messaging in Your 2022 Selling Strategy


Cloud selling has dramatically impacted the way businesses buy software. And as offerings have matured throughout the years – from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS – they've transformed the playing field for providers along the way

New S&P Global Market Intelligence insurance industry outlook projects the status quo won’t suffice in post-pandemic landscape

Wink Intel

NEW YORK , Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Insurance companies will need to accelerate the evolution of everything from distribution and pricing to customer and investor relations, according to the newly released 2022 Insurance Industry Outlook Report from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Benefits Of Using Reporting and Analytics Tools in Small Businesses

Smart Data Collective

As a small business owner, you might think that data reporting and analytics don’t matter in your organization. You could be mistaken for thinking there’s too little data to report and analyze and that you can’t possibly have access to the powerful analytics tools that large businesses have.

Weidert Group Earns a New 5-Star Rated Review on Clutch

Weidert Group

You have a brand new, beautiful website; the question is, how do people actually find your website on the internet? Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to your website’s visibility.

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Text Categorization: What Is It and How Does It Work?


The world is awash in data. Unfortunately for brands, most of it is unstructured and flung into the vast reaches of the internet.

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How Mayer Electric Amplified Its Business with Modern BI


Scott Wagner can pinpoint the beginning of the modern data revolution at Mayer Electric. It was when he got a call from the company’s president after word got out that he was solving some problems with data. “He

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5 Applications for Corporate Text Analytics

Smart Data Collective

Text mining and text analysis are relatively recent additions to the data science world, but they already have an incredible impact on the corporate world.

Courts Left To Clean Up IUL Sales Fraud

Wink Intel

With the insurance industry facing aggressive regulatory activity on several fronts, it isn’t a good time for an explosive, wide-ranging fraud involving hundreds of insurance product sales. Yet that is exactly what is happening. What began as a pension fraud scheme spread to the sales of hundreds of indexed universal life policies before being shut down by federal investigators. Click HERE to read the full story via INN. The post Courts Left To Clean Up IUL Sales Fraud appeared first on Wink.

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NetBase Quid Live NY and LA 2021 Recap


Another round of NetBase Quid LIVE events just happened – were you there with us? If not, we’re here to tell you all about it! Check out our recap below. And be sure to follow us on Twitter to see photos from the events and interact with our team!


7 Successful Storytelling Techniques That Sell


Once upon a time, there was an agency that started using Similarweb… . Okay, okay, we’re not going to get into that story right now. But we are here to discuss a tool you must be using: storytelling. .

Understanding the Importance of AI in 3D Printing Applications

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has had a massive influence on the future of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers spent over $1.1 billion on AI in 2020. That figure is likely to rise much higher in the near future.

Insurers Seeing Private Equity Enter Investment Portfolios And The Boardroom

Wink Intel

By all accounts, the deal announced in July between Blackstone and American International Group Inc. was notable in size and scope. The private equity firm will spend $2.2 billion to buy a 9.9% stake in AIG’s Life& Retirement group in an all-cash transaction. Click HERE to read the full story via INN. The post Insurers Seeing Private Equity Enter Investment Portfolios And The Boardroom appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles


Audience Intelligence: What It Is & The Best Audience Intelligence Platforms to Try


Consumer preferences change rapidly, and it’s in your brand’s best interest to shift your strategies to meet them where they are. There are immeasurable circumstances exerting influence in your market, which makes reaching your audience similar to shooting at a moving target.

Ashley Furniture Industries Selects Engage3 to Measure and Enhance Their Price Image


Largest furniture store brand in North America taps Engage3’s Price Image Management Suite. “We