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Your Go-To Product Marketing Salary Guide


Product marketing managers (PMMs) hold one of the most pivotal and collaborative roles at companies – they sit at the intersection of marketing, product, sales, and customer success.

3 Huge Ways Big Data Analytics Benefits Businesses

Smart Data Collective

Savvy business owners recognize the importance of investing in big data technology. Companies that utilize big data strategically end up having a strong advantage against their competitors. However, despite the benefits big data provides, companies that are using it are in the minority.


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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization: SEO Basics

Weidert Group

Taking aim at a moving target isn’t easy, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SAP Industry Insights Podcast Highlights of 2021 with Host Tom Raftery

Timo Elliot

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Raftery , host of the SAP Industry Insights Podcast (among others!) to discuss some of the highlights and common themes in last year’s episodes.

CES Innovations to Offer More Consumer Insight for Brands


The Consumer Electronics Show offers a good bit of concept pieces intermingled with next-level innovation, and of late it can be hard to tell the difference between the two.

AI-Powered Cyberattacks: Hackers Are Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence

Smart Data Collective

There is no denying the fact that AI is transforming the cybersecurity industry. A double-edged sword, artificial intelligence can be employed both as a security solution and a weapon by hackers.

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Better Together: Customers Talking about Innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform

Timo Elliot

It seems like everyone is talking about digital transformation, but what does it really look like at a functional level? What is the best way to get started? And what does it look like when it is done right?

The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide


. Consumer behavior is a mystery at best sometimes, however savvy brands globally are harnessing the power of consumer behavior analysis to guide them in complex decision making. More specifically, they tend to focus on: Filling Knowledge Gaps. Identifying Emerging Trends.

Problems Solved with AI And Machine Learning in Customer Service

Smart Data Collective

The marketing profession has been fundamentally changed due to advances in artificial intelligence and big data. The market size for AI in marketing is expected to grow ove r 31% a year through 2028. It is growing at an even faster pace as more companies discover new benefits.

Combating Counterfeit Activities Online And Protecting Your Brand


Threats, Challenges, and Best Practices for Combating Counterfeit Products This blog post was first published on Forbes in April 2021 in the form of two different articles – Part I & II and is authored by Intelligence Node CEO Sanjeev Sularia in his capacity as a member of the Forbes Tech Council. 2021 is finally […].

Now Hiring: Amazon's digital recruiting strategy in 2020 & 2021


Encouraging employees to quit sounds counterintuitive, but it's exactly what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has done.

IT 52

Build a Crisis Management Plan for Your Business in Seven Steps


Crisis management sounds intuitive when one is not in the midst of a crisis – but when a crisis hits and you’re unprepared, it’s incredibly difficult to pull things together in the moment. This is why developing a crisis management plan ahead of time, and ensuring everyone knows about it is key.


Is Your App Ready to Go Live? Five Things You Need to Do First

Smart Data Collective

Apps are being published left and right these days, and to someone on the outside, it can almost seem as though application development is easy and everyone is doing it. But anyone who has actually worked on developing an app knows the process is exactly the opposite.

How the Cloud Is Powering Modern BI


The world of business intelligence (BI) has always evolved rapidly. But as organizations increasingly turn to the cloud, BI platforms have a unique opportunity to truly change how data is gathered and analyzed. The cloud’s implications on this more modern kind of BI cannot be understated.

How to Make the Most of Instagram Stories


Over 4.57 billion people use the internet with 500 million of those viewing Instagram Stories daily — that’s half of the social media giant’s user base actively viewing and discovering new brands. Yours could be one of them.

Customer Research: A Complete Guide


There’s an electricity in the air online as we charge toward the metaverse and all things digital.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Workplace Apps?

Smart Data Collective

Cloud technology has been an instrumental driving force in many industries. Companies around the world are expected to spend over $947 billion on cloud technology by 2026. There are many ways that the cloud is changing our daily lives and the business models of entire industries.

How Modern BI Elevated a Major Property Developer


Moving from traditional, out-of-the-box data and analytics tools to a modern BI platform not only allows you to get better reports and dashboards, but gain a new competitive advantage. That’s one major property development company’s belief, at least.

Win 70

Tax Code Changes Should Buoy Life Sales: OneAmerica’s Dennis Martin

Wink Intel

Dennis Martin is president of individual life and financial services at OneAmerica. He’s in charge of the Indianapolis-based company’s efforts to help individual clients and families protect themselves against mortality and longevity risk, and to use permanent life insurance in long-term financial planning arrangements. The University of Manitoba alumnus has a bachelor’s degree in statistics and actuarial science. He is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

Sales 40

Top Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022


As we head into the new year, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on consumer sentiment.

Ways Data Analytics Helps Business Owners Resolve Financial Issues

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics has arguably become the biggest gamechanger in the field of finance. Many large financial institutions are starting to appreciate the many advantages that big data technology has brought. Markets and Markets estimates that the financial analytics market will be worth $11.4

Sales Tools For the Savvy Professional


Convert Knowledge into Customers & Sales When it comes to converting a sale, knowledge is power. Here at Owler, we provide sales teams with exclusive information about prospective businesses and future clients to help you build stronger relationships.

Sales 56

Ohio National introduces new whole life insurance series offering maximum death benefit for the money

Wink Intel

Newly launched whole life insurance portfolio is designed to provide individuals and businesses the protection they need at a price they can afford. Products reflect Ohio National’s 113-year legacy of offering quality, cost-effective coverage that lasts a lifetime. CINCINNATI, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ohio National is pleased to introduce its latest line of whole life insurance products.

Which SCIP Certification is Right for You?


Whether you're new to CI, or an advanced expert, we've got you covered. Which Certification is Right for You? Job candidates with industry certifications command a salary premium of up to 18%. Not sure which SCIP training & certification workshop is right for you? We're here to help.? ??


5 Ways Your Retail Banks Can Use Data to Better Serve Digital Natives

Smart Data Collective

There is no disputing the fact that data technology has changed the future of the financial industry. One of the sectors most impacted by big data has been banking. Big data is even more important to the banking sector as more of their services become digitalized.

Engage3 Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Certification


Pricing innovator leads in its commitment to data accuracy, security, and confidentiality of retailer data.

NAILBA May Merge With Finseca

Wink Intel

Finseca — the group formed from the merger of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting with GAMA International — may combine with the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies. NAILBA and Finseca announced today that their boards have voted to start the process of looking into a merger.

The End of Competitive Advantage


We talk with Rita McGrath about new ways of tracking weak signals, and the intelligence implications. New SCIP IntelliCast Episode. The End of Competitive Advantage: Tips for CI to Thrive.


5 Ways to Use AI to Vet a Content Site Before Purchasing It

Smart Data Collective

Savvy business owners need to appreciate the benefits of using AI technology to make the most out of their business models. Entrepreneurs considering purchasing existing businesses have discovered that AI technology can be highly useful.

Engage3 Named an “Innovative and Transformative Leader Every Retailer Needs to Know” by Retail Today Magazine


Engage3, which helps retailers and brands profitably grow revenue and drive store trips by tracking and optimizing their Price Image, today announced it has been named as a leader in the Price Optimization & Management category in Retail CIO Radar 2022.