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The Future of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


Machine learning (ML) is a commonly used term across nearly every sector of IT today. And while ML has frequently been used to make sense of big data—to improve business performance and processes and help make predictions—it has also proven priceless in other applications, including cybersecurity.

Using NFTs to build awareness for your brand in 7 different ways


If you’re a social media marketer, you know that one of the key ways to build awareness for your brand is to create engaging and compelling content. But what if you could take things one step further and actually use new technologies to help you promote your brand?

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Migration Guidelines for Data-Driven Ecommerce Companies

Smart Data Collective

Data-driven ecommerce companies have a strong advantage over their competitors. As we stated before, data-driven marketing strategies are extremely valuable for ecommerce companies. What kind of ROI can big data offer for the ecommerce sector?

Wink, Inc. Releases Second Quarter, 2022 Life Sales Results

Wink Intel

— FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE. . INDEXED LIFE SALES CONTINUE ON RECORD SETTING PACE. Wink, Inc. Releases Second Quarter, 2022 Life Sales Results. Des Moines, Iowa. September 2 nd , 2022 – Wink, Inc.

The State of Business Intelligence in 2022

Speaker: Howard Dresner & Chandrashekar (a.k.a. LSP)

In this session, Howard Dresner will examine the latest end-user trends surrounding the business intelligence and analytics market, cutting through the hype to focus on what's really happening and why it matters. This interactive session will cover BI drivers, targets, and success factors, as well as the increasing importance of data leadership.

American Airlines takes flight with analytics transformation


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have struggled with bad weather, fewer air traffic controllers, and a shortage of pilots, all leading to an unprecedented number of cancelations in 2022.

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Can Data Mining Aid with Off-Page SEO Strategies?

Smart Data Collective

Data mining technology has led to some important breakthroughs in modern marketing. Even major companies like HubSpot have talked extensively about the benefits of using data mining for marketing.

Ep. 570 – Ashley Le Blanc, Executive Vice President of Little Bird Marketing, on Insights Marketing Day 2022: Marketing Expertise for Market Research Companies ?

Happy Market

My guest today is Ashley Le Blanc, Executive Vice President of Little Bird Marketing. Insights Marketing Day 2022: Location: Chicago, IL. Date: October 6, 2022. Tickets: [link]. Website: [link]. Find Ashley Online: LinkedIn: [link]. Little Bird Marketing: [link].

Making AI accessible leads to greater innovation


It’s difficult to visualise the true scale of AI, as it’s almost certainly more than you imagine – it’s going to contribute more to the global economy than the current GDP of India and China combined. PwC research suggests that AI could contribute as much as $15.7

Social Media Customer Service Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


Social media defines and drives today’s discourse. Social media platforms lay out unlimited opportunities for brands and businesses to interact with their market, curate their public image, and win over new customers, even loyal fans. Table of Contents: Why Provide Customer Service on Social Media?

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

Roles of Python Developer in Data Science Teams

Smart Data Collective

Data science is a very complex field that requires the insights of professionals from many different disciplines. One of the fields of professionals that are so important for data science projects are Python developers. What is the Python programming language?

What is Data Visualization and How Does It Work? Examples and Tools


Data is the language of business. Used most often as a reference point, addressing performance metrics, or making projections, many marketers struggle to make ‘talking data’ appealing enough to get their salient points across.

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Measuring the business impact of AI


Artificial intelligence is in transition, both as a technology and in how it’s being used. Companies are increasingly bringing AI pilots out of the test labs and deploying them at scale, and some are seeing significant benefits as a result.

Will a one-page website work for your business?


The way your website looks goes a long way to affecting the user experience, your SEO efforts - and your conversions. But before you get into the nitty gritty of designing your website, first of all, you must choose between a single-page design or a multi-page design.

AI Technology and Creativity Are Intertwined in Marketing

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has helped many companies improve efficiency and address some of the top challenges they have encountered in recent years. A growing number of businesses have invested in AI to improve their business models.

How Heat Affects Global Consumer Behavior


Frequent reminders of the rising global temperatures call to mind an important thought: What is the effect of heat on business? Given that, among the greatest influences on consumer behavior, the weather is ranked second to the economy, it is a thought brands should dwell on.

Cloud Assessment: Clarifying the Vision, Transforming the Organization


Cloud migration has become a tech buzzword across enterprises worldwide.

The Incredible Growth of Chess - Chess in 2000 vs. 2022 Data Visualizations

Data Hut

Chess is a game that has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. The number of players has increased substantially, and the number of tournaments has grown even faster. It has grown exponentially over the last two decades, with a meteoric rise of young bloods in the FIDE chess rankings top 100.

How an IT Help Desk and Other Tools Can Reduce IT Support Tickets

Smart Data Collective

It’s probably impossible to run a business without receiving at least a few support tickets. But if your firm is constantly overwhelmed by so many tickets that it feels like you’re drowning, that’s not normal.

Web 3.0 Marketing: What Is It and How Will It Evolve?


Web 3.0 promises enhanced user privacy, better protection from cyber criminals, and an immersive experience full of marketing potential! Businesses will enjoy a more functional online presence and marketers will have a host of new ways to reach their audiences.

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Dark secrets of developer motivation


Human resources has long understood that money is an inadequate motivator. We know that because workers don’t simply operate according to market conditions, always favoring more money above all else. Instead, people are looking for something more ephemeral, which we’ll call meaning. .

Can Democratizing BI Use Help My Team?

Elegant BI

Why is Business Intelligence Democratization Important for My Business? Gartner research reveals that, ‘80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.’.

Tips To Improve App UX with Advanced Mobile Analytics?

Smart Data Collective

Analytics technology is having a huge impact on many aspects of modern business. One of the most important applications of analytics is with improving the user experience. User experience is a key part of building a successful mobile app.

A Guide To Performing Successful Content Reporting Using Modern Dashboards

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is Content Reporting? 2) What Is A Content Dashboard? 3) Why Is Content Report Analysis Important? 4) Content Dashboards Examples. 5) Content Reporting Best Practices.

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Government tech procurement takes three times longer than average


Government organizations have the longest average buying cycle for technology when compared to other sectors, with procurement laws injecting complexity into the procurement process, according to a Gartner report.

How to Benchmark or Research the R&D Investment of a Company

Alpha Sense BI

Some of the most valuable information contained within earnings documents is the data and financial information.

What Role Does Breach and Attack Simulation Play in Data Protection?

Smart Data Collective

Data security and cybersecurity have often been treated as two fields separate from one another. In reality, they are the two sides of the same coin. Both have a major role in protecting information that’s circling within an organization.

SplashTrains: Build and Enhance Data Models

Splash BI

SplashTrains. SplashTrains: Build and Enhance Data Models. Thu, Sept 22, 2022 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM BST. Domains are a collection of tables that act as a data source for building reports and dashboards.

5 tips for surviving outsourcing inflation


Outsourcing’s business value has long centered on labor arbitrage. While outsourcing partnerships have become more strategic , getting costs down remains a significant draw of the sourcing model. But outsourcing costs have been driving higher for months.

Is the Great Resignation Gold for Financial Institutions?

Alpha Sense BI

The Great Resignation, the Great Reflection, the Great Realignment, the Great Attrition, the Great Renegotiation – these are just a few monikers used to describe the shift in workplace-worker dynamics.