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10 Business Market Research Techniques to Help Your Organization Gain a Competitive Edge


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Competitive Comparisons vs. Battlecards


I’m sitting at my desk as I write this intro—a desk that I assembled over the course of a snowy Saturday afternoon last winter. Competitive Intelligence


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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Smart Data Collective

Cloud Computing is the next big thing that is becoming popular all over the world, especially for the bigger Enterprises. People are now open the cloud computing options because they want to save the data for a longer term to make sure that they don’t lose data in case of any emergency.

CILIP's Research Report: Should librarians embrace AI and learn how to code?


He had wondered, as had most people at one time or another, precisely why an android bounced helplessly about when confronted by an empathy-measuring test.

Get Started With Interactive Weekly Reports For Performance Tracking

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is A Weekly Report? 2) Why Are Weekly Progress Reports Important? 3) Weekly Report Templates & Examples. 4) Top Elements Of A Weekly Performance Report.

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How to Find Competitor Pricing Information (5 Key Sources)


Picture this: You’re a sales rep at an email marketing software company. One day, you hop on a discovery call with a prospect. As you’re chatting with them about their goals, they say this: “Easy automation is really the key here.

Using Machine Learning to Improve Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability

Smart Data Collective

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to bitcoin in 2008. Many people speculated that the virtual currency would never gain traction and become extinct. However, it has grown faster than even some of the staunchest supporters originally predicted.

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The Why and How of Competitive Benchmarking


You’re confident you have a great offering because you’ve done your research. You know who your direct competitors are and what they’re doing. You quickly identify how their products differ from yours, how yours are better, and who your audience is. But is that enough?

The 7 Key Ingredients to Cooking with Data


There’s a scene in the Domopalooza 2021 opening keynote where Domo CEO Josh James walks through a chaotic restaurant kitchen because he’s trying to emphasize that data can be a lot like that very environment: a hot mess. I love that analogy because it’s so true.

AI Advances Help Contextual Targeted Advertising Strengthen Branding

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has become essential to modern marketing. Companies are finding newer, more creatives ways to integrate AI into their marketing strategies. This goes for both brand and performance marketing.

Walter Paredes Escobar: My Journey with Evalueserve


Intro. Joining Evalueserve was the best decision I could make. The company gave me the opportunity to strengthen my professional career working with top clients on diverse industries globally, but most importantly creating and sharing experiences with excellent people. Key Moments.

Monitoring Social Media: What You Need to Know


Social media is king. It’s where consumers go to hang out, get their news, goof off and shop. It has become the new mall of the 21st century. And it’s bustling. Brands that want to be sure consumers visit their virtual on IRL shop, need to monitor social media as a part of their daily strategy.

Competitive Intelligence Battlecard


The post Competitive Intelligence Battlecard appeared first on Fuld + Co

How People from Outside of the Tech Industry are Breaking into Data Science

Smart Data Collective

Data science careers used to be extremely selective and only those with certain types of traditional credentials were ever considered.

[WATCH] A Post-Quarantine-Halloween in digital advertising


Who let the dogs out?! Or, cats, or Pixar characters, or witches and superheroes for that matter? Holiday Advertising COVID-19


7 Important Social Media Marketing Metrics


In our global economy, the diversity of audiences has made the marketer’s job more difficult. Staying on top of trends, avoiding consumer intelligence pitfalls , and pinpointing the ever-changing voice of the customer are critical skills – and so is measuring your marketing performance.

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Competitive Intelligence Battlecard


The post Competitive Intelligence Battlecard appeared first on Fuld + Co

Top 5 Tools for Building an Interactive Analytics App

Smart Data Collective

An interactive analytics application gives users the ability to run complex queries across complex data landscapes in real-time: thus, the basis of its appeal.

P&G's Top Five CPG Brands in 2021


Procter & Gamble (P&G) is one of the biggest CPG conglomerates and most admired companies in the world. Some of your go-to everyday items are owned by P&G - Old Spice, Crest, Charmin, and over 60 more brands.


What Facebook’s Renaming Means for Brands’ Consumer Intelligence Efforts


So, you’ve probably heard the news that Facebook has a looming name change in the works. While the name itself won’t really matter to your consumer intelligence efforts outside of adding it to your ongoing analyses, what this change represents to consumers will matter.

The Key to Virtual Selling: Julie Hansen Chats to Owler


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What You Should Adjust in Windows to Improve Data Security

Smart Data Collective

Data security has become a vital topic of concern for consumers all over the world. Countless people have had to contend with the consequences of having their personal data exposed. Data breaches are most widely publicized when they occur at major corporations, such as Target.

Weidert Group Wins HubSpot’s Q3 2021 Grow Better: Marketing Impact Award

Weidert Group

APPLETON, WI, October 2021 – Weidert Group, a full-service B2B inbound growth agency and Dia mond Level HubSpot Partner, has been named a North American winner in the “Gro w Better: Marketing” category in HubSpot’s Q3 2021 Impact Awards.

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Does Your Organization Have a Unique Point of View About the Future?

M Brain

The post Does Your Organization Have a Unique Point of View About the Future? appeared first on M-Brain - Market & Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Blog posts Industry Trends

The BI Connector Simplifies Sharing Metrics Across Your Organization


Powerful consumer and market intelligence platforms offer businesses a 360-degree view of a given industry, competitors and consumers. But sharing these real-time metrics across your organization becomes increasingly complicated as data sources multiply and various silos check in.

Introducing Intricately's 2021 Cloud Verticals to Watch: Publishing, Marketing and Advertising, and Media


The deployment of cloud infrastructure is growing across a wide range of industries.

7 Tips for Effective HubSpot CRM Implementation

Weidert Group

If you’ve made the decision to leverage the HubSpot customer relationship management ( CRM ) tool, you’re in good company. HubSpot has more than 120,000 global customers who use the platform to help grow their businesses.

“The Baby Boomer Dilemma” from Doug Orchard, featuring Sheryl J. Moore, Tom Hegna, Moshe Arye Milevsky, and more is available.

Wink Intel

The Power of Zero documentary by Doug Orchard Films. The post “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” from Doug Orchard, featuring Sheryl J. Moore, Tom Hegna, Moshe Arye Milevsky, and more is available. appeared first on Wink. Moore on the Market

Fuld + Company welcomes Michele Sachar as its new Chief Operating Officer 


Boston, Mass. October 25, 2021 . Fuld + Company, a global competitive strategy consultancy, announced today the appointment of Michele Sachar as Chief Operating Officer.

What Is a Good PPC Conversion Rate and How to Make Yours Soar


If you’re spending a mountain of money to drive people to landing pages but not turning them into paying customers, what’s the point of advertising? Well, in a nutshell, every successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is built around a solid keyword and landing page strategy.

12 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking


What can we say about social media and its importance that hasn’t already been said a thousand different ways? Brands recognize its importance as a doorway into consumers’ lives.

Historical Returns Distort the Analysis of Annuities

Wink Intel

If you use historical interest rates to analyze options-based annuities, you will mislead clients as to the benefits of those products. Low interest rates present a challenge to all investors, retail and institutional alike. Certain financial products, such as fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) and registered index-linked annuities (RILAs), have lower caps because of lower interest rates. Click HERE to read the full story via Advisor Perspectives.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Foundations of Market & Competitive Intelligence


CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. Foundations of Market & Competitive Intelligence. Only 5 Seats Left. Registration Closes next Friday. 30 Tools & Templates.9 Continuing Education Units*. SCIP Certification*. hours of live sessions.


20 Quotes to Fuel Visionary Impact


Are motivational quotes a guilty business pleasure? Quotes are such an ironic thing. Many of us at Evalueserve and in the larger global workforce identify with them because they remind us of our larger experiences.

Guide to TikTok Marketing in 2021


Are you a marketer wondering whether your brand should be on TikTok? TikTok marketing is quickly becoming the next high-priority item on every brand’s social marketing palette. Yes, TikTok started as a very Gen Z app.

LIMRA: COVID-19 Drives Shift in Priorities – Technology Cited as Top Challenge Facing the Global Life Insurance Industry

Wink Intel

WINDSOR, Connecticut, Oct. 22 (TNSRep) — LIMRA issued the following news release on Oct. 21, 2021: As COVID-19 prompted life insurance companies to accelerate their digital adoption to ensure continuity of business and serve their customers, it exposed the challenges of life insurers’ legacy systems, siloed operations and the continued need to modernize.

Mining Unstructured Data to Identify Key Stakeholder Voices


Learn how to predict competitor M&A using earnings call transcription. Mining Unstructured Data to Identify Key Stakeholder Voices.