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12 Sales Enablement Assets & Materials That Win Deals


Making cold calls. Running demos. Persuading decision-makers. Sales Enablement

Competitor Intelligence Doesn’t Get the Job Done


Competitive intelligence (CI) plays a critical role in enabling organizations to be successful. But let’s be clear: a singular focus on tracking a predefined set of known competitors is checking the box and far from what is needed to effectively compete in today’s marketplace.


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Competitor highlights: Leidos


Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos is a technology, engineering and science solutions and services provider serving the defense, intelligence, civil and health markets. The company consists of 43,000 employees and reported revenues of approximately $12.3 billion in FY2020, an increase of $1.2

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Be the Best – 9 Ways to Market Your Business with Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has been a highly valuable asset for many companies around the world. Countless companies are utilizing big data to improve many aspects of their business. Some of the best applications of data analytics and AI technology has been in the field of marketing.

Compete Like You Mean It: Taking Crayon’s Brand—and Competitive Intelligence—to New Heights


For the second time this year, allow us to kick off a blog post with our favorite declaration: Crayon Updates

The State of Competitive Intelligence: Q2 2021


Welcome to the State of Competitive Intelligence Update, a quarterly report from the Knowledge360® team at Cipher. Today we're sharing the latest insights from the world of Competitive Intelligence (CI). Competitive Intelligence

GSA FEDSIM…who buys from them and what do they buy?


The Federal Systems Integration and Management Center ( FEDSIM ) provides assisted acquisition services for federal agencies. Housed within the U.S.

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5 Signs You Need Sales Experience Analysis

Primary Intelligecne

In a recent study, 36% of buyers said that a losing vendor could’ve won the deal by making a change in during the buying process. Most often, buyers described missteps in the sales experience as the reason for lost business – even above price or product features.

9 Free Tools for Every Digital Marketer to Get Their Work Done


A digital marketer’s work schedule is pretty erratic. There are so many responsibilities resting on our shoulders that we often end up juggling multiple tasks at the same time. I like the amorphous style of our job; it’s creative, challenging, and far less boring than desk work.

4 HubSpot Onboarding Best Practices for Marketers

Weidert Group

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for fostering personalized customer experiences and reaching your long-term goals. But implementing the software or switching to a platform that better aligns with your business growth objectives can be a little daunting.

How Can You Use Machine Learning to Optimize Pricing in FinTech?

Smart Data Collective

FinTech is about connecting with customers. They expect something different from classically understood banking. The more you know about your audience, the more you can offer them. It’s similar to prices – price optimization through machine learning is a great tool to grow your revenue.

7 Ways to Use Social Listening for Customer Service


Responding to customers on social media can increase advocacy by 25% and decrease churn rate by 15%. Digital Marketing Customer service Social Listening Consumer Insights social media Social Media Management Brand Experience

Stockouts and Over-Stocking Affecting Your Revenue? Here’s the Solution


Inventory Optimization Techniques to Avoid Out-of-Stocks & Excess Inventory Costs Content Summary : What are Stockouts and Overstocking and Why Monitor Them?

F&G Snaps Up Stake in Marketing Group to Grow in Indexed Life

Wink Intel

Private equity-backed Fidelity & Guaranty Life was the No. 9 seller of indexed universal life in the second quarter, according to Wink’s Sales & Market report. That was its highest rank in the past five years. For the industry as a whole, sales for the three months ending June 30 rose 23% to $627 million over the year-ago quarter, Wink reported last week. “I

Sales 63

6 Data-Driven Tips to Dramatically Improve User Experience on Your Site

Smart Data Collective

We have talked about the benefits of using big data in web design. One of the most important benefits of data analytics is improving user experience. Jenny Booth highlighted this in her post Data-informed design: Getting started with UX analytics. We wanted to cover this topic in more depth.

3 Ways Consumer Insights Improve Brand Reputation


“People mention a good brand experience to an average of nine people, but will talk about a bad experience to 16 people.”. Digital Marketing Social Listening Consumer Insights social media Social Media Management Marketing Strategies

Stockouts and Over-Stocking Affecting Your Revenue? Here’s the Solution


Inventory Optimization Techniques to Avoid Out-of-Stocks & Excess Inventory Costs Content Summary : What are Stockouts and Overstocking and Why Monitor Them?

Top 15 Consumer Trends in 2021 and Beyond


There are many new consumer trends taking shape over the past 18 months – some were inevitable, and others were accelerated by COVID. But which consumer trends are the most crucial to monitor as you map out marketing campaigns to round out 2021 and beyond?

Cyber Insurance Could Keep Your SMB Afloat Post Cyber Attack

Smart Data Collective

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, cybercrime is skyrocketing to unprecedented levels and daily ransomware attacks increased by 50% in 2020. The cause of this rise is largely due to the massive increase in American employees working from home.

What Modern BI Can Do for Startups: An Expert’s Take


The total economic impact of Domo on organizations is well documented. Over the last several years, Forrester Consulting has conducted numerous studies on how Domo affects businesses’ bottom lines.

Beginners Guide: What Is PPC Keyword Research and Why Is It Important?


A penny saved is a penny earned. This saying rings in my ear as I think about how best to cut into the core of PPC keyword research. Before getting into all that, let’s back up. . PPC , or Pay Per Click, is a type of advertising in digital marketing.

How & Why to Monitor Keyword Rankings for Content Marketing Insights

Weidert Group

As Google and other search engines continuously adjust ranking signals to align search results with searcher intent, it’s only natural to expect your keyword positions to be in constant flux. And it’s not just the search engines that change.

5 Tips to Stay Competitive as AI Technology Evolves

Smart Data Collective

The market for AI technology is growing remarkably. Businesses around the world spent over $60 billion on artificial intelligence last year alone and the demand is expected to continue to rise. Businesses spend a lot of time and resources on marketing to stand out from their competition.

Mom’s Spaghetti Shows Consumer Understanding in Action


Navigating trends and consumer behavior can often feel like running an obstacle course. However, rapper Eminem seems to have hit the sweet spot with diners when he opened his Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in his hometown of Detroit at the end of September.

A Sellers Market: Analyzing Real Estate Digital Spend in a Pandemic World


Buying a home is considered the American dream, but during a pandemic, that dream swiftly vanished, especially for real estate brands trying to advertise to consumers who, ironically, were stuck in their homes.

Building a Culture of Competitive Intelligence In Your Organization


The post Building a Culture of Competitive Intelligence In Your Organization appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog. Competitive Intelligence

Why Investing in Data Is Crucial for Business Growth In 2022

Smart Data Collective

There’s no denying that data is everywhere in life. The rate at which information is being collected is growing exponentially, with approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes (that’s 2,5000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000!) of data being produced every day.

Digital Consumer Intelligence


The post Digital Consumer Intelligence appeared first on NetBase Quid

5 Fixes for Challenging B2B Lead Generation Problems

Weidert Group

Let's face it; if you don't have a robust B2B lead generation process , you won't attract potential prospects that have true conversion potential.

IT 52

Retailer’s Top 3 Digital Advertisers


Retail advertisers’ creative messaging has shifted during the Covid-19 pandemic as they continued to meet consumers changing needs. Top creatives in 2020 and 2021 were meaningful promotions highlighting new job opportunities, being present for the community, and even convenient pick-up options.

How to Get Started as a Data Engineer

Smart Data Collective

If you enjoy working with data, or if you’re just interested in a career with a lot of potential upward trajectory, you might consider a career as a data engineer. But what exactly does a data engineer do, and how can you begin your career in this niche? What Is a Data Engineer?

Avoiding Consumer Intelligence Pitfalls That Can Sink Your Business


There are so many potential consumer intelligence pitfalls that can sink your business – and in this post, we’ll share seven to watch out for!

Predicting the future of Competitive Intelligence


The post Predicting the future of Competitive Intelligence appeared first on Fuld + Co

Wink, Inc. Releases Second Quarter, 2021 Life Sales Results

Wink Intel

— FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE. . WHOLE LIFE SALES DOMINATE SECOND QUARTER. Wink, Inc. Releases Second Quarter, 2021 Life Sales Results. Des Moines, Iowa. October 5, 2021 – Wink, Inc.

What is the Best AI-Driven App for Video Conferencing?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence is helping facilitate many aspects of business. Many companies have been forced to lean more heavily on AI technology than ever during the pandemic, because they had to find new ways to encourage social distancing.

I Want Candy! Halloween season kicks off digital spending for candy brands


During a difficult year when everyone was seeking simple comforts and a sense of tradition, candy has been a go-to, feel-good fix for many consumers.


How to Get Backlinks: 14 Easy Ways to Create a Backlink Profile


It’s a well-known fact that if you build backlinks (quality ones, that is), they help you boost your authority and search engine rankings. Perhaps you’ve even engaged in link building strategies that involve submitting guest posts and requesting backlinks.