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Positioning vs. Messaging: An Easy Guide


We’ve all found ourselves lured by the siren song of some irresistible silver bullet. Positioning and Messaging


Are You Using Email to Manage Third Party CI Vendors?


For decades, email has been central to the way we work and communicate. Professionals all over the world use email to share updates, schedule meetings, consume information, and much, much more. It’s no stretch to say that for many of us, working without using email would be close to impossible.


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Good UX Design Principles Must Be Predicated on Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Meta Description: Having a website and/or mobile app is important for your business success. That is why you have to know the good UX design principles. Continue to read this blog post for more important details.

Top 6 B2B Marketing Skills You Need to Master for 2022 Success

Weidert Group

The world isn’t what it used to be. No kidding, right?! Yet, even before these pandemic days, marketing was evolving at a skyrocketing rate.

Are the Special Forces losing their “special” designation?


Enhancing US Army SOF Transitions During Unconventional Warfare By Leonard Casiple, PSYOP/SF, Gary Harrington, USMC/SF/CIA and Benjamin Gilad, PhD. Introduction.

Breaking Down the Pricing Models of CI Software


If you’re in the process of selecting the right Competitive Intelligence (CI) software for your organization, you know there are many variables to consider.

4 Ways To Grow Your Business With Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Decision making is a big part of running a business, and in today’s world, big data drives that decision making. The power of big data has become more available than ever before. Big data has been highly beneficial to business.

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Using Win Loss Analysis: Customer Experience

Primary Intelligecne

Most often when people think of win loss analysis, they think of the sales process. But win loss analysis has tremendous benefits on the customer success side of a buyer’s journey. It is not uncommon for the sense of urgency to dip once the deal is done.

Loss 104

Dyson’s AI Success Story: A New DTC Playbook for Consumer Brands


Data Technology Trends That Will Reshape the Future of Accounting

Smart Data Collective

It’s no secret that big data technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives — and that’s especially true in business, which has become more tech-driven and sophisticated than ever. The financial and accounting sector has been particularly impacted by these developments.

What Social Listening Insights Reveal About the Most Popular Brands Like Spotify, the NFL, and More


The top brands in the world build their authority and social clout online. The Spotifys, Etsys, and Apples of the world are the envy of every company because they have billions of people talking about them everywhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a person on Earth who doesn’t know these names.

Global Healthcare Industry – M&A and Capital Market Landscape Update


Global Healthcare Market – 2021. It’s been over 16 months since the start of the pandemic, and we are still fighting against the deadly coronavirus. Economic recovery across regions has been diverse due to differences in the pace of vaccine rollouts and policy support.

15 Examples of Creative B2B Content Marketing Done Right


It’s hard to be original. The B2B marketplace demands innovation, but when it comes to content marketing meeting deadlines can be counter-productive to creativity.

AI has Driving Innovation in the Flooring Industry

Smart Data Collective

A number of industries have been affected by artificial intelligence technology. It is no surprise that more businesses are using AI as they discover the benefits it has to offer. The benefits of AI is more obvious to some businesses than others.


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Non-Variable UL. Sales for the third quarter of 2021 were $724 million, compared with sales of $624 million for the third quarter of 2020. Third quarter non-variable life sales were down more than 5% when compared to the previous quarter and up nearly 16% as compared to the same period last year.

Building Client Trust - It’s Essential


When your customer trusts your business, you are going to get a loyal customer, you will also get client advocacy, brand loyalty, and customer engagement.

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What is a Growth Engine?


Consistent growth is what allows a company to move from startup to top market competitor and operate on a global scale.

A 2022 Guide to Zero Trust for Data Protection

Smart Data Collective

Data breaches have become far more common in recent years. There were nearly 1,300 data breaches between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. This was nearly 20% higher than all of 2020, when data breaches already became higher than ever due to so many people staying at home.


Wink Intel

Non-Variable UL. Sales for the third quarter of 2021 were $724 million, compared with sales of $624 million for the third quarter of 2020. Third quarter non-variable life sales were down more than 5% when compared to the previous quarter and up nearly 16% as compared to the same period last year.

6 Market Research Myths That Harm Your Organization


The post 6 Market Research Myths That Harm Your Organization appeared first on Contify Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform - Blog. Competitive Intelligence

Enterprise Marketing: What, When, How, and Why


What is enterprise marketing, exactly

Data Security Considerations Pertaining to HIPAA Fax

Smart Data Collective

Data security is very important in any industry. You have to take all possible measures to make sure data is properly encrypted and secured. However, data protection is even more important in the healthcare sector.

December 8th, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates Wish you had x-ray vision when it comes to your investment strategy? The private equity industry is on an unprecedented spending spree. Savvy PE investors leverage alternative data to improve their dealflow and make better investment decisions.

Tis the Season: The Holiday Digital Advertising Playbook


Following a record-breaking year for eCommerce, retailers are itching to get consumers to shop more than ever ahead of the holiday sale season.

My, How Annuities Have Changed!

Wink Intel

By the time that you read this, variable annuities will be older than my mother, indexed annuities will be the same age that I was when I had my third child, and fixed annuities will be older than anyone in my lineage, per

Vaccines, Scams & Mobberies Top Consumer Conversations


Monitoring online buzz this holiday season reveals a population talking about shopping safety in its many varieties.

September 22nd, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates Introducing Shareholder Data to Thinknum’s Platform Thinknum now tracks shareholder information across all public companies on our platform. Select a company to view its institutional shareholders, and track how those stakes have changed over time.

How to Check Website Ranking--For Any Point in Time


Google's tools are helpful for checking current rankings on your own site, but if you want more options--including past website rankings--that's where 3rd party tools come in.

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Life insurance sales fell backwards

Wink Intel

Life insurance sales fell backwards, as all lines of life insurance products experienced sales declines over the prior quarter, and some over the prior year. . 3Q2021 LIFE SALES Sales / % Chng Last Qtr / % Chng Last Yr. Non-Variable Universal Life: $724.40 M / -5.32%% / 15.91%. –Indexed Life: $609.38 M / -2.16% / 21.02%. –Fixed Universal Life: $115.30 M / -19.09% / -5.29%. –Whole life: $1.09 B / -6.01% / 3.93%. The post Life insurance sales fell backwards appeared first on Wink.

Sales 40

Performance Benchmarking: 8 Keys for Success


Performance benchmarking involves tracking a series of metrics that connect back to a brand’s goals for the month, quarter or even the year.

October 28th, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates The Role of Education: Alternative Data Adoption in Finance - Register for Webinar on November 5th We're excited to announce the launch of the Alternative Data Academy – the world’s first alt data capacity building program aimed at working professionals in the finance industry.

Improve Your Business on Instagram with AI Tools

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has become an invaluable part of modern marketing. A growing number of companies are using AI technology to better understand their customers, personalize content and develop more targeted and engaging content.

Pacific Life Launches Industry-First Advisory Fixed Annuity with No Withdrawal Charges

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December 01, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–( –( BUSINESS WIRE )–Taking another step to becoming the annuity company of choice for registered investment advisors (RIAs) and their fee-only advisors, Pacific Life today announced the launch of Pacific Harbor, a new multi-year guaranteed fixed annuity with no withdrawal charges.

Global Consumer Insight Analytics Report


What are consumers interested in worldwide – and how are marketers aggregating, analyzing and taking action around these interests?

November 3rd, 2021 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Product Updates Alternative Data for Retail and Commercial Banks Commercial banks need real-time information to understand and grow their customer base, stay ahead of market trends, and gain an edge over competitors.

Understanding the Great Resignation


There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the Great Resignation , a term that is used to describe the ongoing trend of people quitting their jobs starting around the beginning of this year. People are talking about it because it’s a movement no one has really seen before.

Life Insurance Outlook Is Stable For 2022 As Recovery Continues

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The 2022 outlook for the U.S. life insurance sector is stable, reflecting the ongoing, although slower pace of recovery for the economy, Moody’s Investors Service said in a new report. However, while persistent inflation, supply chain issues, and new COVID-19 variants are risks, the still-solid level of growth supports a continuing stable outlook. COVID-19’s highly contagious delta variant, together with supply chain disruptions in goods and services, slowed the pace of the U.S.