March, 2022

How to Effectively Analyze Competitive Intelligence: 5 Questions with Affinity’s Carolyn Klinger


In our first installment of the Crayon Customer Corner, we sat down with Carolyn Klinger, Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence at Affinity. Carolyn recently purchased Crayon for the second time , but that’s not the primary reason we wanted to chat with her.

Exploring the Market Research Process in 2022


While no two market research projects are exactly the same, virtually every successful initiative will follow a similar structure.


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Can you spot your Achilles’ heel in your next pursuit?


This article is featured in Washington Technology in March 2022. It was written by Brian Lindholm , Managing Principal. Over the last 10 years in business, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze many contract pursuits before and after award decisions are made.

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Why Buyer Feedback is a Crucial Source of Sales Intelligence

Primary Intelligecne

Sales intelligence is a hot topic right now for B2B organizations. Many providers promise to collect valuable sales intelligence data to help empower your reps throughout the sales process and empower your marketers to optimize the buyer’s journey.

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Big Data Makes Smart Buildings the Norm in the 21st Century

Smart Data Collective

You have probably heard a lot talk about the Internet of Things (IoT). It is one of the biggest trends driven by big data. It is popular because billions of devices will be connected in the future. The IoT sector is predicted to generate over £7.5 trillion across the world.

Wink, Inc. Releases Fourth Quarter, 2021 Life Sales Results

Wink Intel

— FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE. . INDEXED LIFE SALES BRING ANOTHER RECORD-SETTING YEAR! Wink, Inc. Releases Fourth Quarter, 2021 Life Sales Results. Des Moines, Iowa. March 3rd, 2022 – Wink, Inc.

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Free competitor analysis template for 2022 (+ best practices)


Many of the world’s top-performing companies share one thing in common: they closely track the activities of their rivals by conducting competitor analysis exercises regularly.

Deadly Sins in Proposals: The Hits Keep Coming


Oh the mistakes that are made leading to some very expensive losses are ever so avoidable. Bear these in mind so you can avoid spending bid and proposal funds on losing proposals and then more on legal fees for a losing protest. Sin #5: You don’t understand the evaluation tendencies of the agency.

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What Is The Difference Between Business Intelligence And Analytics?

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is Business Intelligence And Analytics? 2) BI vs BA As Seen Through Football. 3) BI And BA Main Differences. 4) How Do BI And BA Apply To Business? 5) BI And BA Use-Case Scenarios. 6) BI And BA Examples.

Data Analytics and Social Media: Twin Pillars in the Evolution of Business

Smart Data Collective

META: We’re breaking down the ways social media has changed businesses and how you can use these changes to get ahead. Digital technology is unquestionably changing the future of business.

Consumers Adopt & Drop Fads, But Stay True to Trends


Trends offer powerful, and often viral, ways to connect with consumers and enhance their emotional connection to a brand. And then there are fads. Consumers adopt and drop fads rapidly, and they may view a brand clinging to yesterday’s fad as “out of touch.”

Analysis: Marketing In the Supply Chain Solutions Industry In 2021


There’s no denying that 2021 was a troubling year for the supply chain (2022 hasn’t been much better). Catastrophic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Suez Canal blockage disrupted supply chains around the world.

7 best competitor analysis tools (updated for 2022)


Best competitor analysis tools. Crunchbase. FactSet. Visualping. SEMRush. LexisNexis. PowerBI. Knowledge360 ?. Competitor analysis plays a vital role in the strategies of many of the world’s leading firms, acting as an important input into key strategic decisions.

More Deadly Sins In Proposals


We continue our journey into the land of deadly sins in proposals with two sins involving the bidder’s failure to connect content and concepts in their proposal to ensure credibility of their proposal. Sin #3: You cut staffing levels without an effective rationalization.

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Digital Trend Foresights: Listening to Signals Left Behind by Shoppers & Competitors


Long gone are the days when the fashion executive could set her product lines seasons in advance of a debut with shoppers. The trend towards individual expression fueled by social media combined with a couple of decades of priming by fast fashion brands has led us to a ravenous appetite for dynamism.

Serverless Kubernetes Has Become Invaluable to Data Scientists

Smart Data Collective

Data science is a growing profession. While it involves more opportunities than ever, it also has a lot more complications. Standards and expectations are rapidly changing, especially in regards to the types of technology used to create data science projects.

3 Ways To Successfully Create An Instagram Reel Ad Campaign That Converts


You may have heard by now that Instagram has added an Instagram Reel Ad feature. And with it, your Reel Ads will be placed in the most popular places for Reels content.

Penetration Pricing: What It Is, What It Isn't, & How It Works


Your product team has spent the last 18 months cookin’ up something shiny. Prospects are going to love it. There’s just one problem: You’re entering a saturated market. There’s the old guard. The scrappy upstarts. How do you capture market share at this critical juncture?

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Types of market research (examples + tips)


Types of market research. Exploratory market research is geared toward uncovering new ideas and testing assumptions. Primary market research is when you use various techniques to directly collect data from a large number of participants.

2022 Social Media Monitoring Pro Tips: Making the Most of a Real-time Dashboard


So many brands are finding their voice, and clientele, online – but many more are finding themselves suddenly displaced at the speed of social. Real-time dashboards that make social media monitoring accessible to all are a must.

A Guide To Starting A Career In Business Intelligence & The BI Skills You Need

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) Why Shift To A BI Career? 2) Top 10 Necessary BI Skills. 3) What Are the First Steps To Getting Started? 4) Business Intelligence Job Roles. 5) Main Challenges Of A BI Career. 6) Main Players In The BI Industry. Does data excite, inspire, or even amaze you?

AI Advances Lead To Improvements in E-Signatures

Smart Data Collective

With the advancement of digital technology, electronic signatures (e-signatures) have gained massive acceptance in the business world, where artificial intelligence (AI) further leads its improvements. What Are E-Signatures?

Measuring ROI of Customer Reviews: Are They Worth Adding to Your Marketing Strategy in 2022?


When buying anything online or offline, one of the first things that we’re conditioned to do is to search online and find reviews about that particular item. If what we’re looking for has favorable reviews, then we wouldn’t bat an eye and immediately initiate a purchase.

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Product Marketing Spotlight Series: Alison Hayter


Crayon's Product Marketing Spotlight is a video interview series where we chat with product marketers to get a glimpse into their careers and gain unique insight into product marketing strategy. In this edition of the Product Marketing Spotlight Series, we shine the light on Alison Hayter of Loopio.

How To Do Market Research for a Startup


Market research plays an important role in defining the strategies of all organizations, and startups are no different. For many growth-stage companies, market research is a vital input into decisions that could make or break the entire business.

Top 51 Instagram Stats You Need to Know in 2022


Leveraging social media means being where your audience is – and for almost every brand or business in 2022, that means Instagram.

Build a Sales Intelligence Bridge. Win more deals.

Primary Intelligecne

Written by Trent Whatcott , VP of Marketing at Primary Intelligence. Buyer feedback is a crucial source of sales intelligence that helps you reach your customers and win more deals.

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Best AI Twitter Automation Tools Marketers Should Use in 2022

Smart Data Collective

AI technology is changing many aspects of modern business. More companies are using AI technology to automate their social media marketing strategies. We previously mentioned the benefits of using data analytics to make the most of social media marketing. However, AI is arguably even more important.

AALL and Vable panel event reveals how to successfully implement a new library and information resource


Emily Baldwin, Vable’s Head of Client Success, joined a panel of experts at a recent AALL event. It was designed to bring together information people and business partners to discuss how to successfully implement a new or updated library tool.

Here’s What CI Practitioners Are Struggling With—And What Experts Recommend [New Data]


Read the 2022 State of Competitive Intelligence Report and you’ll find tons of encouraging insights: 33% of CI teams are making time for win/loss analysis on a monthly basis. 66% of growing CI teams plan to increase their investments in technology.

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