November, 2021

Product Story: 3 Keys to Success (+ Examples)


Regardless of industry or available resources, brand is the north star for product teams the world over. Positioning and Messaging


How to Build Your Competitive Intelligence Function


If you’re setting out to build your own Competitive Intelligence (CI) function, it can be difficult to know where to start. But with so much complexity to navigate in almost every industry, having a high-performing CI team is one of the keys to success. Building a CI Function


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GSA FEDSIM…who’s winning their contracts?


In last month’s blog , we explored what FEDSIM is and what federal customers use FEDSIM as a mode for procurement. This month, we delve into what contractors are winning FEDSIM bids and with what federal customers. Who are the major winners at FEDSIM?

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How to Utilize Artificial Intelligence in Your eCommerce SEO Strategy

Smart Data Collective

If you have not lived under a rock for several years, you have undoubtedly heard about artificial intelligence (AI). However, how might artificial intelligence be used in e-commerce operations? Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to fill every facet of our daily lives.

Business Success Amid COVID-19 Depends on Addressing Human Factors


ArchIntel™ -. The challenges entrepreneurs are experiencing amid a continuing pandemic is spotlighted in an article proposing that the way to success in the current landscape is to substitute “business” for “human.”

Instagram Link Stickers are now for everyone (that means you!)


It’s official: Instagram is making its new Link Stickers available to everyone. That’s right, everyone—10,000 followers NOT required. You might have heard by now that Instagram has removed the swipe-up feature and replaced it with Link Stickers.

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Product Marketing Spotlight Series: Sophia Chang


Spotlight Series

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Competitor highlight: General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)…the update!


We last examined GDIT in 2019, examining their top customers, M&A history, and their movement of personnel post CSRA-acquisition. In this blog, we examine the company’s changing mix of customers and major wins and losses over the past two years. How has GDIT’s customer portfolio changed?

Why Is Data Consulting Essential For A New Business?

Smart Data Collective

More companies than ever are being driven by data. They use a number of important data analytics tools to help implement their functions more efficiently. Unfortunately, big data can be mysterious for many companies.

Dentsu Uses UiPath's Automation Offerings to Streamline Operations, Improve Human Performance


ArchIntel™ -. “The Global Logistics Automation Market size is expected to reach $82. 3 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 12. 4% CAGR during the forecast period.” ” — ReportLinker.

SEO Title Tags: 4 Easy Rules (+Examples to Learn From)


Even before a reader clicks on a link, the blog post’s title is what catches their attention.

Product Marketing Interview Questions


Product marketing interviews are tricky—it’s inevitable, given the interdisciplinary nature of the role. If you’re a hiring manager, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down the list of potential questions.

Best Practices for Reaching Gen-Z on TikTok, Snapchat, and More


Born after 1996, Gen-Z users are technology savants who use social media to get entertainment, find inspiration, and make their voices heard.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Marketing

Primary Intelligecne

Win loss analysis has helped many marketers better understand their buyers. Through first-hand buyer feedback, marketers are able to discover what their buyers truly care about, how to speak to their buyers based on persona, and what value propositions will be most effective.

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5 Ways Machine Learning Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Smart Data Collective

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s often at the forefront of the latest online technologies. It doesn’t get any more cutting-edge at the moment than machine learning, and it’s not only large companies that have already started to take advantage.

Starting Out as an Open-Source Researcher


ArchIntel™ -. In an article for investigative journalism website Bellingcat, investigator Giancarlo Fiorella offered recommendations on how aspiring open-source researchers can develop their skills and eventually assist in important research work.

A 15-Step SEO Audit Checklist to Boost Your Rankings in 2022


Follow this 16-step SEO Audit checklist to find SEO errors and boost your Google rankings. For 2021 the ugly days of keyword stuffing your way up the SERPs are far away in the rearview mirror. Google’s algorithm now has over 200 ranking factors, and they seem to be adding more every month.

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8 Rival Companies We Can All Learn From


Time and time again, companies’ yearning desire to be the best gives way to fierce rivalries. Competitive Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Marketing in 2021


Amazon’s global ad revenue is set to reach $26.1 billion this year. The eCommerce mammoth is constantly expanding its ads service portfolio and giving advertising tech giants like Google and Facebook a run for their money.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Sales

Primary Intelligecne

As a sales leader, win loss analysis is key to hitting revenue goals and increasing win rates for your team. Through win loss analysis, you are able to tap into your buyer feedback to get an unbiased look into why your reps win and lose.

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How to Use Audience Data to Inform Marketing Programs & Campaigns

Smart Data Collective

According to the 2021 CMO Spend Survey by Gartner, budget allocation for marketing analytics failed to make the top 3 in priority falling behind digital commerce, marketing operations and brand strategy.

Ceridian Hiring Senior CI Marketing Manager


ArchIntel™ -. Florida-based intelligence company Ceridian is hiring a competitive intelligence marketing senior manager. The job is available as a remote work setup and the company will accept applicants who are living in the U.S. or Canada.

Google Ads Training: 14 PPC Course Options


You’ve heard the stories ( small businesses spending more on digital advertising ), you’ve seen the case studies ( 19X return on ad spend ), and now you’re ready to get started with PPC advertising yourself. But where to begin?

How can I achieve better search results using the full power of Google?


This Google themed post was inspired by a tweet. A librarian and client had an email exchange and the librarian tweeted the following: Technology Productivity

Top Business Intelligence Features To Boost Your Business Performance

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) Benefits Of Business Intelligence Software. 2) Top Business Intelligence Features. a) Data Connectors Features. b) Analytics Features. c) Dashboard Features. d) Reporting Features.

An Interview With a Veteran

Wink Intel

The Wink officers are closed on Thursday, November 11th to honor Veterans Day. We want to say THANK YOU, we are proud of the military and war veterans who have served! . We would like to take a moment to re-feature a very special veteran in our extended Wink family, Sheryl Moore’s father, Kurt S. Sundberg, CTRCM, U.S. Navy Retired. Living in Des Moines, Iowa at the time, Sundberg wanted to serve our country and to earn GI Bill benefits.

How to Make the Most of Big Data in the Fitness Industry

Smart Data Collective

Big data has been a powerful force of change in the fitness industry. More fitness companies are using data analytics, AI and other technology to better understand their customers, improve their operating margins and make other changes to adapt to new trends.

How OSINT Can Help Guide Potential Mergers and Acquisitions


ArchIntel™ -. Open-source intelligence can help companies understand integration problems that may arise from potential mergers and acquisitions , according to Adeeb Rashid , a security strategy, risk and compliance consultant at IBM.

Should You Move Your Affiliate Marketing Away From Amazon Associates?


Ever since Amazon made changes to the commission structure of its affiliate program in 2020, a lot of affiliate marketers have been considering whether or not to move away from the Amazon Associates program.

Think before you automate: What should I do before implementing new technology?


In a previous post , Vable’s Head of Client Success, Emily Baldwin explained how to create and nurture successful client/vendor relationships.

7 Benefits of Social Listening for Your Marketing Agency


The emergence of COVID-19 has affected the marketing landscape greatly. Today, most companies and consumers are using the Internet to take a more meaningful part in shaping the world. Brands and marketers who understand how to listen to these digital voices have a significant competitive advantage.

Bounce Rate Explained: Everything You Need to Achieve Growth


We’ve all been there – that moment you notice your traffic and engagement metrics are dipping. Visitors are arriving at your website, but they’re leaving at an alarmingly high (and fast) rate.

3 Strategies Employed by the Leading Enterprise Cybersecurity Platforms

Smart Data Collective

Much has changed since the time when organizations only knew of antiviruses and simple firewalls as the tools, they need to protect their computers. To address newer challenges, security providers have developed new technologies and strategies to combat evolving threats.

Macy's Posts Job Vacancy for New York-Based CI Specialist


ArchIntel™ -. Macy’s is in search of a full-time competitive intelligence specialist to work on-site in New York City.

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How to Measure Brand Sentiment in 2022


How consumers perceive and interact with brands has changed a good bit in recent years. The ongoing digital transformation has spurred that change, and shoppers are heavily invested in ecommerce at this point – particularly since the pandemic started.

How to increase sales on Instagram: The ultimate guide


How to increase sales on Instagram. This is the question on every marketer’s lips. As more and more consumers browse Instagram looking for things to buy , brands need to think about how to optimize their social commerce strategy.

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Hitting the slopes - How digital strategy is shaping up for ski & mountain resorts


Ski and snowboard resorts were one of the first business categories to take a major hit during the first wave of COVID lockdown orders in March 2020. Now, in 2021, industry demand has slowly but surely recovered as domestic travel edges back up to pre-pandemic levels.