May, 2022

How to Create a Business Case for Your CI Program


Things could be going better. You’re working hard to deliver on the competitive intelligence requests that come through your inbox, but as far as you can tell, very few people are consuming the insights and materials you produce. Competitive Intelligence Strategy

[Ready-to-use] Knowledge360® and competitive intelligence software business case presentation


As a competitive intelligence analyst , you know how difficult it is to be successful without the support of sophisticated technology. The amount of data you have to deal with on a daily basis is simply unfathomable and continues to grow at an ever-faster pace.


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Deloitte…Their Changes, Investments and Contract Wins…Oh My!


We last looked at Deloitte in January 2020 to gain insight into the Government & Public Services (GPS) practice, including its major wins and customer portfolio. Deloitte’s GPS business has experienced changes in its U.S. Government customer portfolio balance over the last two years.

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Keys to Winning More: Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast Round Up

Primary Intelligecne

Each week Ryan Cuellar sits down with thought leaders and industry experts to explore topics focused on helping sales and marketing leaders improve sales experience, increase win rates, and elevate sales enablement.

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6 Ways Data Analytics Can Improve Targeting with LinkedIn Ads

Smart Data Collective

Big data has become a very important part of modern marketing practices. More companies are using data analytics and AI to optimize their marketing strategies. This is especially true for companies using digital marketing practices, such as social media.

8 Irresistible Call to Action Examples for Digital Marketers


A well-executed call to action (CTA) is a key element of effective digital marketing. It compels viewers to take action and is the gateway to acquiring leads and converting them to potential customers. It’s the driving force behind lead generation , and it can make or break your sales funnel.

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What is a Buyer Persona? Do They Matter for B2B Industrial Marketing?

Weidert Group

The buyer persona is a foundational tool used by inbound marketers. These semi-fictional characters are composites of the individual people your sales team would love to meet more than anyone else.

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Wink Intel

Deferred Annuity Sales. Total 1Q2022 deferred annuity sales were $59,716 million, compared with sales of $58,395 million for the first quarter of 2021.

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Primary vs. Secondary Data Sources in Win-Loss Analysis

Primary Intelligecne

By Ron Sathoff , Director of Learning and Development at Primary Intelligence . In the classic 1950 film Rashomon , director Akira Kurosawa presents the details of a crime through the eyes of the various witnesses, all of whom have their own unique perspectives on what occurred.

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How AI Can Supercharge Your Ransomware Defense In 2022?

Smart Data Collective

Human-operated ransomware attacks have threat actors using certain methods to get into your devices. They depend on hands-on-keyboard activities to get into your network. AI can protect you in the event of these and other attacks.

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What I Learned At Gartner Data & Analytics 2022

Timo Elliot

I was at the Gartner Data & Analytics conference in London a couple of weeks ago and I’d like to share some thoughts on what I think was interesting, and what I think I learned…. First, data is by default, and by definition, a liability , because it costs money and has risks associated with it.

Crayon Customer Corner: How Mend Uses Crayon Integrations to Empower their Sales and Marketing Teams


In our third installment of the Crayon Customer Corner, we chatted with Geoffrey Gibson — Vice President of Sales at Mend and a three-time (!!) Crayon user.

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15 Social Media Visibility Tips to Boost Your Profile

Weidert Group

It’s no longer novel for a business to be on social networks — it’s practically a must. Social media is an easy place to share your company’s content, news, and culture — maybe even conduct customer service.

Calculating ROI For Instagram/Facebook Ads


You put a lot of effort into your social media campaigns. But, how would you know if it’s working? Well, you could try measuring your social media Return on Investment (ROI). But how will you measure social media ROI? Isn’t it too much work? Don’t worry. We will make it easier for you.

Demand Generation: 7 Tactics to Fuel Your Funnel


Done right, demand generation can supercharge growth. It’s how ConvertKit grew from $98K to $625K MRR and Morning Brew reached two million subscribers in just five years. Demand generation tactics address two of the biggest marketing challenges: raising brand awareness and generating leads.

8 Data-Driven Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

Smart Data Collective

Data-savvy companies are constantly exploring new ways to utilize big data to solve various challenges they encounter. A growing number of companies are using data analytics technology to improve customer engagement.

The Key to Lasting Results: Sales Team Participation

Primary Intelligecne

Running a win-loss program can be difficult, especially when sales rep engagement is low. Win-Loss Analysis creates game-changing coaching opportunities for sales teams, but your sales team must be a focus.

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It’s True, Your Market is Getting More Competitive


If it seems like your industry is getting more competitive, it probably is. Crayon Research

IT 325

SEO Expert Insights on Purpose-Driven Link Building — An Interview With Dale Bertrand

Weidert Group

An Interview with Experience Inbound Speaker, Dale Bertrand of Fire&Spark. Search engine optimization (SEO), like the technology used to implement it, is always evolving. With Google’s early algorithms, link building was a major component of getting the right traction for your website.

Best Practices for Using Stock Images


All blogs, social media profiles , and websites use visuals to bring out the best in their content. A majority of content creators use stock images if they can’t hire a photographer, but if you’ve never used them before, you may not know how to navigate the legality of their use. .

Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Integrating To Drive Growth


Bootstrapped startup Omnisend carved out a $19 million niche in an already saturated vertical. With a tactical understanding of two different marketing strategies: demand generation and lead generation.

How Data Analytics can Help you Bolster Your Career Performance?

Smart Data Collective

What is data analytics? One of the most buzzing terminologies of this decade has got to be “data analytics.” Companies generate unlimited data every day, and there is no end to the data collected over time.

13 Essential Data Visualization Techniques, Concepts & Methods To Improve Your Business – Fast

Datapine Blog

“By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes. A sort of information map. And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.” – David McCandless. Did you know? 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

To Create a Competitive Culture, You Need Role Models and Software


To create a competitive culture is to convince your colleagues that competitive intelligence is essential—to shift the perception of CI from nice-to-have to need-to-have. What does that mean?

Market Data: What It Means & How to Read It


Market data refers to all the intel available explaining the demand and supply of products and services within a business category.

IT 75

How to Conduct Personalized Sales Coaching that Actually Works

Primary Intelligecne

The buyer journey continues to shift to a digital experience. In fact, it is estimated that your rep’s only get 5% of that buyer’s journey.

Sales 104

What Does a Demand Generation Manager Do? (And How to Become One)


The average B2B buyer has 27 brand interactions before deciding. Very few, if any, of these interactions are with a sales rep. Instead, buyers are self-directed, gathering information from social media, websites, webinars, and online events.

Big Data Creates Many Great Opportunities With Sales Automation

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology is incredibly important in many aspects of modern business. The sales profession is one of the areas most affected by data. Companies spent $2.8 billion on marketing analytics in 2020 alone. That figure is growing substantially each year.

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12 Cloud Computing Risks & Challenges Businesses Are Facing In These Days

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is Cloud Computing? 2) The Challenges Of Cloud Computing. 3) Cloud Computing Benefits. 4) The Future Of Cloud Computing. Everywhere you turn these days, “the cloud” is being talked about.

Exceed Your Inbound Revenue Target With Crayon


You just lost a customer. Let’s call her Sarah. Activating Intel