December, 2021

Recapping the Society of Insurance Research Annual Conference 2021


This fall, the Society of Insurance Research (SIR) hosted their 51st annual conference, bringing together leaders from across the insurance industry. And as we approach winter, we’re still making our way through all the valuable content presented at the conference.

A CI Pro's Guide to Helping Content Teams Thrive In 2022


Blogs. E-books. White papers. Reports. The list goes on and on. Activating Intel


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Competitor Highlight: Sev1Tech


You may have noticed Sev1Tech ’s recent M&A fueled evolution in utilizing funding from private equity owners. This blog provides a short overview into the Sev1Tech’s latest key hires, acquisitions, and new customer footprint.

Misleading Statistics Examples – Discover The Potential For Misuse of Statistics & Data In The Digital Age

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is A Misleading Statistic? 2) Are Statistics Reliable? 3) Misleading Statistics Examples In Real Life. 4) How Can Statistics Be Misleading. 5) How To Avoid & Identify The Misuse Of Statistics?

Startups Must Take Advantage of Big Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

Smart Data Collective

Startups need to take advantage of the latest technology in order to remain competitive. Big data technology is one of the most important forms of technology that new startups must use to gain a competitive edge.

Competitive Intelligence is Key to Effective Strategic Management


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses cannot survive without an objective or direction, nor can they remain viable without long-term goals , a recent article on Contify’s website said. Author Malay Mehrotra emphasized that any organization that wants to thrive will need planning and strategy.

Getting Started with Knowledge360®


If you’re in the process of evaluating different Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) platforms, two of the most important variables to consider are what your implementation and rollout processes will involve.

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How to Conduct a Brand Visual Audit of Your Website


Fine feathers make fine birds , says an old proverb, and it applies to many more aspects than a human look. Just think about your website – it’s like a business card. You want your potential clients to perceive it as neat, well-organized, and elegant.


Inbound Marketing Analytics: 4 Steps to Determine Your Reporting Needs

Weidert Group

When you’re leading a complex business like manufacturing, the number of metaphorical plates you’re spinning all at once can be daunting.

4 Wonderful Ways to Use Big Data in Local SEO Marketing

Smart Data Collective

Big data has become a very important part of modern business. Companies are using big data technology to improve their human resources, financial management and marketing strategies. Digital marketing , in particular, is very dependent on big data.

Competitive Intelligence Can Support Businesses of All Sizes


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses have been allocating large budgets for competitive intelligence , information-gathering and analysis services to help them gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

The State of Competitive Intelligence: Q3 2021


Welcome to the State of Competitive Intelligence Update, a quarterly report from the team at Cipher. Today, we’re discussing the latest insights from the world of Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI), and sharing how leading organizations around the world are using the Knowledge360 ?

Positioning vs. Messaging: An Easy Guide


We’ve all found ourselves lured by the siren song of some irresistible silver bullet. Positioning and Messaging



Wink Intel

— FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE. . WINK, INC. NAMES NEW PRESIDENT. Victoria Grossman takes the helm at Wink, Inc. . Des Moines, Iowa. December 2, 2021 – Wink, Inc.,

2022 Top Content Marketing Tips: Best Content Promotion Strategies

Weidert Group

“You had my curiosity. But, now, you have my attention.”. Inbound Marketing Content Marketing

How To Use Data For Smarter Business Decisions

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has become an invaluable asset to so many organizations around the world. There are a lot of benefits of utilizing data technology, such as improving financial reporting, forecasting marketing trends and efficient human resource allocation.

US Still Dominates Global AI Market, But Competitors Abound


ArchIntel™ -. The United States’ artificial intelligence market is forecasted to reach $28.9 billion by the end of 2021.

Are You Using Email to Manage Third Party CI Vendors?


For decades, email has been central to the way we work and communicate. Professionals all over the world use email to share updates, schedule meetings, consume information, and much, much more. It’s no stretch to say that for many of us, working without using email would be close to impossible.

Are the Special Forces losing their “special” designation?


Enhancing US Army SOF Transitions During Unconventional Warfare By Leonard Casiple, PSYOP/SF, Gary Harrington, USMC/SF/CIA and Benjamin Gilad, PhD. Introduction.

The Importance of Video Content in Days of Uncertainty


Whatever misgivings people had about video content integrations in our daily lives before the pandemic, we can safely say they are long gone now. As many of us were compelled to find out, video content can help simplify and improve our lives in many ways.

Top 6 B2B Marketing Skills You Need to Master for 2022 Success

Weidert Group

The world isn’t what it used to be. No kidding, right?! Yet, even before these pandemic days, marketing was evolving at a skyrocketing rate.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies to Supercharge eCommerce Businesses

Smart Data Collective

Big data has become a highly invaluable aspect of modern business. More companies are using sophisticated data analytics and AI tools to overhaul their business models. Some industries have become more dependent on big data than others.

PPC Landing Pages -- Best Practices to Maximize Conversions


PPC landing pages are the first things your leads see after they click on your PPC ad. If they’re poorly created (or just links to your homepage), those leads are likely to bounce, costing you two missed opportunities: You’ve lost the chance to convert a potential customer.

Breaking Down the Pricing Models of CI Software


If you’re in the process of selecting the right Competitive Intelligence (CI) software for your organization, you know there are many variables to consider.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Product

Primary Intelligecne

As a product developer, knowing the needs and desires of your buyers can mean everything to making and keeping your product relevant in your marketplace. If your internal vision deviates from the needs of the market, eventually your product will be surpassed by competitors may drift into irrelevancy.

Loss 104

Dyson’s AI Success Story: A New DTC Playbook for Consumer Brands


Web Development Cheatsheet: 7 Tools to Assist Your Website Creation and Analysis

Weidert Group

A good website is a must. Everyone expects to dig out their phone and visit a site without any trouble. Your company’s website needs to deliver a smooth experience; if it doesn’t, your customers will look elsewhere.

Python for Business: Optimize Pre-Processing Data for Decision-Making

Smart Data Collective

The rise of machine learning and the use of Artificial Intelligence gradually increases the requirement of data processing.

Embrace change and empower your decision making resolutions before the New Year


How has COVID-19 impacted our collective and independent decision making processes? In this piece, I want to highlight some recent academic research which suggests that COVID may have affected people's attitude to decision making.

4 Unskippable Social Rituals for Remote Teams


Remote work has thrown up a lot of new challenges for teams. Before, office life was dominated by connecting in person and being physically present. This enabled work to get done and allowed an easy pathway to socialize.

Using Win Loss Analysis: Customer Experience

Primary Intelligecne

Most often when people think of win loss analysis, they think of the sales process. But win loss analysis has tremendous benefits on the customer success side of a buyer’s journey. It is not uncommon for the sense of urgency to dip once the deal is done.

Loss 104

PPC Campaign Management: 11 Important Things to Do


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is simple and effective. While a lot of more affordable marketing strategies have emerged over the years, nothing can replace a good old PPC campaign.

Using LinkedIn Career Pages in Your Company Recruitment Marketing

Weidert Group

The employment landscape has changed dramatically throughout the pandemic, and even before then, as technology and social media have revolutionized communication between businesses and prospective talent.

Data-Driven SEO Strategies Are Essential for Your Small Business

Smart Data Collective

Big data has become invaluable to many businesses around the country. A growing number of business owners are investing in data-driven marketing strategies. One of the biggest ways that big data can help your business reach more customers is through SEO.

7 noteworthy current awareness blog posts you might have missed in 2021


Another tumultuous year is drawing to a close - congratulations, we made it! Looking back on the year's events, I’m irresistibly reminded of Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire”, which if you’re interested, has recently undergone an update. What happened in the library world in 2021?

How To Use Zoom Backgrounds Effectively: 7 Best Practices


Your Zoom background creates a strong impression of you. This can be professional or otherwise depending on your choice of real or virtual background. With the right background, you’ll feel a lot more confident while broadcasting from your home or office.

How a Refined Sales Process Will Help Your Drive More Sales


What is a Sales Process? A robust sales process is the roadmap for converting prospective leads into longtime customers and enables sales teams to efficiently close deals. The sales process is the standardized practice for researching, approaching, and closing potential customers.

Sales 63