July, 2022

Podcast Episode: Taking a Tiered Approach to Your Competitive Landscape


Another month is here and you know what that means — a brand new episode of Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast ! Crayon Updates

IT leaders get creative to fill data science gaps


For the past few years, IT leaders at a US financial services company have been struggling to hire data scientists to harness the increasing flood of incoming data that, if used properly, could improve customer experience and drive new products.


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Recap of wins and losses – July 2022 edition


Transferring into the latter half of FY2022, we look back at some of the major contract wins that jumpstarted 2022. Highlighting some of these wins can give insight into the implications for your current and future competitors. Figure 1 – A summary of major contract wins in 2022.

Loss 130

Custom Queries For “Detect Data Changes” In Power BI Incremental Refresh

Chris Webb BI

One feature of Power BI incremental refresh I’ve always been meaning to test out is the ability to create your own M queries to work with the “detect data changes” feature, and last week I finally had the chance to do it.

Sales 111

The State of Business Intelligence in 2022

Speaker: Howard Dresner & Chandrashekar (a.k.a. LSP)

In this session, Howard Dresner will examine the latest end-user trends surrounding the business intelligence and analytics market, cutting through the hype to focus on what's really happening and why it matters. This interactive session will cover BI drivers, targets, and success factors, as well as the increasing importance of data leadership.

5 Ways Data Analytics Helps Investors Maximize Stock Market Returns

Smart Data Collective

We have previously talked about the reasons that data analytics technology is changing the financial industry. One of the most significant changes has been in the field of stock market investing.

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The Key to Handling Competitive Objections and Landmines: “Why?”


An account executive on your sales team, Jen, is chatting with a prospect. The conversation is going well. The prospect doesn’t seem to be evaluating any other vendors. Sales Enablement

The new CIO playbook: 7 tips for success from day one


Congratulations, you’ve been promoted to CIO! Hopefully, you are well prepared for to succeed in making the leap, ready to lead your team, gain the trust of your peers, represent the IT team effectively to upper management, and be a star player at the next board meeting. None of this is easy, though.

Competitor highlights: Accenture…Wins, Acquisitions and Changes! Oh my!


We introduced Accenture Federal Services (AFS) in our November 2018 blog to examine its service offerings and noteworthy contracts that define the business. Since then, the company has experienced changes in its U.S.

Win 130

Power BI DirectQuery Best Practices For Snowflake And Other Databases

Chris Webb BI

Recently I collaborated with a number of people from Microsoft and Snowflake to write a blog post on best practices for using Power BI in DirectQuery mode on Snowflake. You can read it here: [link].

IT 102

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

AI-Driven SEO is Becoming Essential for Modern Marketing

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive forms of technology shaping the marketing profession since the dawn of the Internet.

Why Low-Code/No-Code is the Key to Faster Engineering

IT Business Edge

In traditional software development, everything has to be coded by hand. This makes software engineering a time-consuming process preserved for skilled programmers. It’s also often tricky to make changes once the software is in production.

IT 104

Slack + Crayon: Unlock Intel, Delight Your Peers, & Win More Deals


The last time I made an appearance on this blog, I showed you how to optimize your competitive intelligence program for both search mode and awareness mode.

Win 325

The secret to successful citizen data science programs: Good governance


What’s one way to get CIOs griping and venting about their data strategies? Ask them how successfully they get their business users to migrate off their mega spreadsheets and onto data visualization and other self-service business intelligence platforms.

10 Free Marketing Tools for E-commerce


Online shopping has experienced tremendous growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns worldwide made customers use online digital platforms for online shopping, which increased e-commerce in the United States by $183 billion. The e-commerce industry is incredibly profitable for sellers.

Yet Another Power BI (And Synapse) Book Roundup

Chris Webb BI

I like free stuff and I like books, so of course I like free books – and it seems that the more I provide free publicity for relevant books here the more free books I get sent.

Can Predictive Analytics Help Traders Navigate Bitcoin’s Volatility?

Smart Data Collective

Bitcoin has experienced tremendous price volatility in recent months. Traders are struggling to make sense of these patterns. Fortunately, new predictive analytics algorithms can make this easier. The financial industry is becoming more dependent on machine learning technology with each passing day.

What’s New With Google Vertex AI?

IT Business Edge

Sundar Pichai introduced Vertex AI to the world during the Google I/O 2021 conference last year, placing it against managed AI platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure in the global AI market.

IT 98

How to Write a Better Battlecard: Follow the ABCs


If you’re working with a sales team actively involved in competitive deals, you’re probably familiar with battlecards. Battlecards are a fundamental resource to help your sales team win more deals when frequently faced with familiar competitors. Activating Intel

How organizational learning can unlock more business value from machine learning


We routinely underestimate the effects that new technology has in the long run while also overestimating its impact in the short term.

The Best CRM Software for Every Type of Business


Keeping track of customer demands and communications is becoming an increasingly complex discipline.

Webinar Best Practices That You Need to Know for 2022


What Are the Keys to Great Webinars? When it comes to real-time engagement, few tools are as proficient as webinars. According to a survey by ON24, they’re a crucial part of marketing efforts for 95% of respondents and critical to digital communications for 38%.

Predictive Analytics Improves Trading Decisions as Euro Rebounds

Smart Data Collective

Modern investors have a difficult time retaining a competitive edge without having the latest technology at their fingertips. Predictive analytics technology has become essential for traders looking to find the best investing opportunities.

Call To Action In Writing: 7 Powerful Examples


Careful attention to CTA (call to action) copywriting is the difference between brands that drive conversions and those that only drive traffic. Brands that slap a “Buy Now” button on a page and call it a day wonder why their campaigns fail to convert.

I Used Google Alerts to Collect Intel for a Month. Here Are 5 Things I Missed.


When I was in 4th grade, my elementary school did an invention convention. Each student had to identify a problem in their everyday life and come up with a solution. Gathering Intel


How CIOs can unite sustainability and technology


As technology continues to take a larger role in corporate sustainability practices, CIOs can play a key role in driving both business value and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Cartoon: Innovation Acceptance Challenges!

Timo Elliot

It often seems like some folks will do anything to avoid adopting innovation… which caption works better, do you think? Cartoons

What is Audience Segmentation? How Can Audience Segmentation Enhance Your Inbound Marketing Efforts?

Weidert Group

“If you build it, they will come.”. That may work in the movies (thank you, Field of Dreams), but to get the attention of today’s online buyer, marketers need to wisely attract and engage them.

Win 87

Aiding Architecture & Engineering Firms with Data-Driven Learning

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics is incredibly valuable for helping people. learn. More institutions are recognizing this, so the market for data analytics in education is projected to be worth over $57 billion by 2030. We have previously talked about the many ways that big data is disrupting education.

5 Top VCs For Data Startups

IT Business Edge

It seems that the boom times for venture capital are over. This is not just the sentiment of the media or analysts. Keep in mind that a variety of venture capitalists agree that the slowdown is real – and could last a few years. Just look at Sequoia.