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Sales Battlecards 101: The Ultimate Guide (2022)


Sales battlecards (also known as competitive battlecards, or simply as battlecards) give your sellers the facts, tactics, and materials they need to win competitive deals. Sales Enablement

Intelligence Node Speaks : Employee Spotlight Series : Meet Priya Gaikwad – An OG INodian


Meet Priya Gaikwad – An OG INodian and AVP Admin. Priya is one of the original five at Intelligence Node and has been with the company for nine years.


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A Pragmatic Approach to AI in the Enterprise


Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) adoption continues to surge in the wake of the pandemic. According to IDC, the AI solutions market is on track to break the $500 billion mark in 2024 – a significant jump from $341.8 billion in 2021. At the same time, the ROI on AI initiatives is quite low.

Social conversations reflect how past Breakthrough Brands continue to shape their space


On June 21, Interbrand published their Breakthrough Brands 2022 – a report celebrating top companies that challenge categorical and cultural norms, innovate to meet new challenges, and demonstrate a deep understanding of human truths.

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

The ultimate guide to launch and scale a field intelligence program


It’s not uncommon for Sales reps to have the most up-to-date and valuable insights about competitors and customers. Unfortunately, that information is not shared in a timely or consistent manner. But what if all that changed?

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The Voice of your Customer: Powering Go-to-Market Strategy

Primary Intelligecne

B2B product marketers are often tasked with creating a winning go-to-market strategy for their organization. But it can be more difficult than it sounds! If you want to know how to capture your buyers’ attention, who is the best person to ask? Your customers!

Win 104

Big Data Leads to the Possibility of a Cashless Society

Smart Data Collective

The financial sector is among the industries most affected by developments in big data. A study by Allied Market Research has found that the market for financial analytics services will be worth nearly $20 billion by 2030.

Top M&A Tools: A Complete Guide


Originally the domain of large corporations and close-knit circles of big-shot bankers, lawyers, and brokers, M&As have gone mainstream. Here’s how to uncover, track and take action on these lucrative opportunities.

How To Set Up a TikTok Live Stream Like a Pro


After establishing itself as one of the best outreach platforms around, TikTok continues to grow as a super convenient content-delivery machine. And while the social media app has become (in?)

A Complete Guide On How To Set Smart KPI Targets And Goals

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Are KPI Goals? 2) What Are KPI Targets. 3) Benefits Of Setting KPIs Targets & Goals. 4) How To Set KPIs Targets? 5) How To Implement A KPI System? 6) KPI Targets Examples.

KPI 55

Identify Where Your Information Is Vulnerable Using Data Flow Diagrams

IT Business Edge

Having a clear understanding of where your data is being consumed is a critical first step toward being able to secure and ultimately protect it. Using data flow diagrams, it is possible to know the flow of data through each of the systems and processes being used within your organization.

IT 52

Embedded BI Can Encourage Data Literacy!

Elegant BI

Technology research and consulting firm, Gartner, predicts that, ‘By 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs.’.

Clutch Names Weidert Group a Top Wisconsin B2B Service Provider

Weidert Group

APPLETON, WI, June 2022 — Clutch, a data-driven company that compiles reviews and other information to help bring businesses together, names Weidert Group a Top Wisconsin B2B Service Provider for 2022.

Caught some good content in NAILBA’s Perspectives magazine.

Wink Intel

I am catching-up on my hard copy reading today. I really appreciated Maureen James ‘ rundown on compliance. This is a MUST read. (I I didn’t know that RIAs could use customer testimonials when advertising now!). Plus, it was interesting reading Charles Arnold ‘s take on why VUL should be put back on the table. Great commentary from Stevan Mark Cohen, CLU, ChFC , Doug Winkler , Kurt Thomas, CFP®, CLU®, MSFS , and my good friend Chuck Anderson.

IT 40

Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Consistent Reporting

Splash BI

Upcoming Webinar. Aug 9, 2022 | 1 PM ET / 10 AM PST / 5 PM GMT. Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Consistent Reporting. Jump to abstract. Webinar Abstract.

Why ‘Offshoring’ Annuity Risk Is Wrong

Wink Intel

Any investor or adviser who relies on the products or services of the life insurance/annuity industry today should be aware that assessing the financial integrity of a company in that industry is more difficult now than in the past. Click HERE to read the full story via RIJ. Wink’s Note: Tom Gober spanks Athene in the latest issue of Retirement Income Journal.

You can’t ANALYZE what you don’t HARMONIZE

Splash BI

Upcoming Webinar. Aug 31, 2022 | 1 PM ET / 10 AM PST / 5 PM GMT. You can’t ANALYZE what you don’t HARMONIZE. Jump to abstract. Webinar Abstract.

Annuity Quick Reference Guide

Wink Intel

Many have never heard of annuities. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp the concept of annuities is to first discuss life insurance products. Life insurance is a contract that pays a benefit in the event you die unexpectedly. In turn, annuities are a contract that pay a benefit in the event you live too long. Annuities are a vehicle that is used to save for one’s retirement, just as some use certificates of deposit (CDs), 401(k)s, bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.

Queer Data: The LGBTQ+ Community in Tech


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Every June, we’re excited to celebrate Pride Month alongside the LGBTQ+ community here at TIBCO and abroad. But, PRIDE isn’t just a month-long event.

NAILBA Charitable Foundation

Wink Intel

The NAILBA Charitable Foundation is dedicated to building communities, helping build local charities striving to aid those in need – that’s our goal each year! The Foundation is now accepting grant applications through September 2, 2022! Please review the eligibility criteria and apply online today: [link]. The post NAILBA Charitable Foundation appeared first on Wink. Industry Articles