Wed.Dec 01, 2021

Getting Started with Knowledge360®


If you’re in the process of evaluating different Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) platforms, two of the most important variables to consider are what your implementation and rollout processes will involve.

Competitive Intelligence is Key to Effective Strategic Management


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses cannot survive without an objective or direction, nor can they remain viable without long-term goals , a recent article on Contify’s website said. Author Malay Mehrotra emphasized that any organization that wants to thrive will need planning and strategy.


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4 Unskippable Social Rituals for Remote Teams


Remote work has thrown up a lot of new challenges for teams. Before, office life was dominated by connecting in person and being physically present. This enabled work to get done and allowed an easy pathway to socialize.

Competitive Intelligence Can Support Businesses of All Sizes


ArchIntel™ -. Businesses have been allocating large budgets for competitive intelligence , information-gathering and analysis services to help them gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

Top 15 Social Media Tracker Tools for 2022


There are 4.55 billion social media users worldwide, and a sizable chunk of them could be your potential consumers. Tracking their movements, their loves and hates can be difficult to do, but social media trackers make it simple to design relevant messaging and more.

US Still Dominates Global AI Market, But Competitors Abound


ArchIntel™ -. The United States’ artificial intelligence market is forecasted to reach $28.9 billion by the end of 2021.

Top Mobile-First Design Tips to Apply to Your 2022 B2B Website

Weidert Group

Remember how we used to talk about responsive website design , and the need to consider mobile device users? Well, the internet is well past the point in time when more than half of us are using smartphones for access. According to Google, that’s been the case since 2016.

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How to Calculate Engagement Rate Effectively


When you hear anyone mention engagement rates , Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok usually immediately jump to mind. And you’re not wrong. These social media sites are known for analyzing how users interact with their favorite brands while putting a tangible number on it. .

Evalueserve Chile Celebrates 15 years


Evalueserve is celebrating its 15 th year of operations in Chile. To celebrate this incredible milestone, Evalueserve Chile begins a 15-day celebration today. We spoke with Evalueserve’s Chile Country Head Carolina Zamora to discuss what this milestone signifies.