Mon.Jan 10, 2022

SAP Industry Insights Podcast Highlights of 2021 with Host Tom Raftery

Timo Elliot

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Raftery , host of the SAP Industry Insights Podcast (among others!) to discuss some of the highlights and common themes in last year’s episodes.

How can organisations use content curation in client portals to drive success?


How advanced, and more importantly, how effective is your law firm’s tech? How do you keep driving its implementation and success? It is rare for law firms not to have a growing network of interdepartmental innovators to encourage, champion and unify strategies to future-proof your legal business.


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Moving from traditional, out-of-the-box data and analytics tools to a modern BI platform not only allows you to get better reports and dashboards, but gain a new competitive advantage. That’s one major property development company’s belief, at least.

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Now Hiring: Amazon's digital recruiting strategy in 2020 & 2021


Encouraging employees to quit sounds counterintuitive, but it's exactly what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has done.

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The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide


. Consumer behavior is a mystery at best sometimes, however savvy brands globally are harnessing the power of consumer behavior analysis to guide them in complex decision making. More specifically, they tend to focus on: Filling Knowledge Gaps. Identifying Emerging Trends.

Tax Code Changes Should Buoy Life Sales: OneAmerica’s Dennis Martin

Wink Intel

Dennis Martin is president of individual life and financial services at OneAmerica. He’s in charge of the Indianapolis-based company’s efforts to help individual clients and families protect themselves against mortality and longevity risk, and to use permanent life insurance in long-term financial planning arrangements. The University of Manitoba alumnus has a bachelor’s degree in statistics and actuarial science. He is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

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The End of Competitive Advantage


We talk with Rita McGrath about new ways of tracking weak signals, and the intelligence implications. New SCIP IntelliCast Episode. The End of Competitive Advantage: Tips for CI to Thrive.

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Engage3, which helps retailers and brands profitably grow revenue and drive store trips by tracking and optimizing their Price Image, today announced it has been named as a leader in the Price Optimization & Management category in Retail CIO Radar 2022.

Competitive Intelligence: 5 Tips to Distribute CI Effectively


The world today is more dynamic and faster than ever. With information changing and updating every minute, there’s no secret that knowledge is critical for business. The trend applies to every industry, niche, business, and sector.

9 Types of Risks in Banking


“With great risks comes great reward,” especially in banking. Banks are in the business of taking on financial risk to generate profit. However, the stakes are high, and the downside potential is huge. This includes legal repercussions, which have increased steadily since the 2008 financial crisis.