Wed.May 11, 2022

Exceed Your Inbound Revenue Target With Crayon


You just lost a customer. Let’s call her Sarah. Activating Intel


Calculating ROI For Instagram/Facebook Ads


You put a lot of effort into your social media campaigns. But, how would you know if it’s working? Well, you could try measuring your social media Return on Investment (ROI). But how will you measure social media ROI? Isn’t it too much work? Don’t worry. We will make it easier for you.


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13 Essential Data Visualization Techniques, Concepts & Methods To Improve Your Business – Fast

Datapine Blog

“By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes. A sort of information map. And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.” – David McCandless. Did you know? 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Join us! Vable to present at SLA-NY Vendor Showcase


Company announcements


Thinknum responds to recent media reports: We’ve placed one co-founder on leave and continue to service our clients


This is a copy of our press release issued earlier today: (New York City, May 11th, 2022) Thinknum Alternative Data, a leading alternative data solutions provider for investors and corporations, has placed co-founder Justin Zhen on leave.

Snapchat’s Top 10 Advertisers Reached Nearly 31 Billion Impressions So Far in 2022


Snapchat started as a messaging app for close friends and has now evolved into a hub for influencers and brands. According to Snap Inc., approximately 332 million people use the social media app every day. Much like TikTok’s audience, 75 percent of Snapchat’s users are Gen Z and millennials


A guide to interviewing a UGC content manager (with examples)


As the experts on all things UGC ( user-generated content ), if we do say so ourselves, our clients often ask us for a specific piece of advice: How to hire for a UGC content manager.