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4 ways to create better customer experiences with data


Most organizations realize that using data to better understand customer needs and preferences is vital to creating consistently great customer experiences. The challenge many face is how to put all of the data they’re collecting to work toward that goal. .

Conducting Market Research: Template and How-To Guide


Understanding a market means having specific insight around a customer base, trends, and competitors. And this is all essential intel to capture, as a strategy that’s not rooted in this knowledge is riddled with assumptions and destined to fail.


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5 forces shaping the future IT workforce


Concerns about a looming recession have not derailed the booming IT job market. In the first half of this year, 115,000 new IT jobs were added, according to consulting firm Janco Associates.

The Machine Economy Is Here – The Digital Transformation Era Is Over


The age of digital transformation is over. It’s too late to be debating whether you should digitally transform your organization. The world has already digitally transformed. Everything is already digital-first, totally connected, in the cloud, and powered by data, everywhere, all the time.

A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program.

NLP helps Eli Lilly work at a global scale


With more than 30,000 employees spread across more than 60 affiliate locations and 14 manufacturing sites around the world, pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly operates at a truly global scale.

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Lack of IT alignment hampers migration to SAP S/4HANA, report says


Only a minority of companies who are either current SAP customers, or plan to become SAP ERP users, have completed their migration to the company’s S/4HANA system, even though support for its ECC on-premises suite will end in 2030, according to a report from digital transformation services provider LeanIX.

Establishing Connections and Putting an End to Data Silos


The global pandemic and the move to remote and hybrid workplaces have highlighted the importance of connections in an increasingly disconnected world. While the traditional office setting has become dispersed, business leaders must still connect everyone and everything within their organization.

Is Your Vision on Supply Chain Resilience Being Realized?


A recent North Carolina State University (NCSU) study finds surprising misalignments between supply chain and procurement executives on top business priorities and resiliency.

Algorithmic Trading Communities Show the Benefits of AI

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has led to some pivotal changes in the financial sector. Fintech companies are projected to spend over $12 billion on AI this year. A growing number of traders are taking advantage of AI technology to make more informed trading decisions.

Partnering on Strategies for Data-First Modernization


As companies lean into data-first modernization to deliver best-in-class experiences and drive innovation, protecting and managing data at scale become core challenges. Given the diversity of data and range of data-inspired use cases, it’s important to align with a robust partner ecosystem.

Ep. 562 – Intergenerational Views on the Job Market

Happy Market

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How FLO Cut Customer Refund Time from Weeks to Seconds


It’s the 1960s, and you live in Turkey. You just bought a pair of beautiful shoes — the latest pair from one of the finest shoemakers in Turkey. But for some reason, the shoes are not quite right. Such things happen even with the best products. A problem with one of the heels , you think.

How to get your competitors pricing - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE


Pricing strategy is a key contributor to product adoption and overall market competitiveness. But basing your pricing strategy on a rumor can be a dangerous game, that is why we have created this ultimate guide to help monitor your competitors' pricing

How Aster DM Healthcare used federated learning to better secure AI analysis of sensitive data


For the healthcare sector, siloed data comes across as a major bottleneck in the way of innovative use cases such as drug discovery, clinical trials, and predictive healthcare.

Web Scraping with Pandas: How to Scrape Monkeypox data

Data Hut

When extracting web data, there are cases when you need to extract tabular information from websites. The usual way to go is to write a web scraper using Python Beautifulsoup, Selenium, Scrapy, or something else.

Getting a business grip on security frameworks


Trying to explain secure access service edge (SASE pronounced ‘sassy’) and zero trust can be exasperating when you’re making the case for business leaders to invest in new products and infrastructure.

Northwestern Mutual: Should Student Loan Borrowers Also Get Life Insurance?

Wink Intel

NEW YORK, July 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With student loan debt in the United States currently estimated to total $1.762 trillion , the price of higher education is quickly taking its toll on many households. Borrowers may be wondering if they need to consider their student loans when purchasing life insurance coverage. The answer to this depends on what type of loan the borrower has and who signed for it. Who is Responsible for Paying the Debt? .

Turning Data Science into a Team Sport with TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® ModelOps


Reading Time: 3 minutes. Like wine and friends, or peanut butter and chocolate, TIBCO Spotfire ® and the newly-released TIBCO ® ModelOps are even better together. Because together, they fuse the power of data science, visual analytics , artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) models.